TYNGSBORO (CBS) – Girl Scout cookies are very popular this time of year, and it turns out some people will do anything they can to get them.

A Girl Scout in Tyngsboro recently stopped by a local TD Bank to turn in money her troop made from selling cookies and found that she received $80 from four counterfeit $20 bills.

“This is a very unfortunate situation that someone would do this at all, especially for the Girl Scouts,” said Allison Rubin, the media and public relations manager for the Girls Scouts of Eastern Mass.

The troop was selling the cookies to support a hiking trip to Rowley in May and a Cape Cod gathering.

“We really want to appreciate and say thank you to everyone. We are not soliciting outside funding, but we really appreciate their support.

“I know, on behalf of Troop 60916, they really appreciate the support of the public during this time and throughout the whole cookie season,” said Rubin.

Comments (4)
  1. daisymay says:

    Its so sad that we live in a world with adults that take advantage of lil girls working so hard to raise money for there troops , i hope they catch this moron who did this to them girls and the punishment should be
    1.) make them pay for the girl scouts trip for stealing from them
    2.) put there faces on every news cast and paper
    I am so ashamed that we have people like this that go around stealing from kids like that , i hope they catch these thieves and punish them good once in for all .

  2. Mark says:

    Has it been established that the people KNEW that the money they gave the girls was really counterfeit? Several years ago I cashed a check at my bank, I was a college student and it was my only source for receiving $20 bills. A store refused to take 2 of them as they were bogus $20’s. The bank reluctantly replaced the bogus bills with real ones after reviewing my withdrawal history. Mistakes can happen, unfortunate for the girls. But let us make sure that the cookie buyers were aware that they were scamming the kids before we string them up. Need more info before I convict anyone.

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