Woman Who Brutally Attacked Man On Red Line Apologizes

By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – The woman who brutally attacked a man on a Red Line train is telling her side of the story. She says she is sorry for what happened as another passenger recorded the relentless beating on a cell phone.

Her name is Melissa Cote and she says there’s a lot more to what happened Thursday night than what was shown on that video. She wanted to come forward not only to apologize but also to set the record straight.

“It’s horrible and I do feel sorry,” she says, for furiously punching the passenger, stopping only when someone stepped in.

cote Woman Who Brutally Attacked Man On Red Line Apologizes

Melissa Cote apologized for attacking a man on the Red Line.

But Melissa says the camera started rolling after another confrontation with the victim, “He touched my leg… and I told him a few select words.” She says it’s what he did next that really set her off, “He started shoving my dog that was laying there not doing anything with her muzzle on. Just because I told him to stop touching me he got so upset that he had to take his male aggression out on my dog?”

In the video, Melissa can be heard referring to that shoving, repeatedly asking the victim, “you put your shoe on my dog?”

Watch Video Here (Warning: explicit language)

The victim apologized saying, “I didn’t mean to.”

Now she says she knows she was wrong but admits she was drunk and lost control. She says her life has been tough these days, “My house got condemned I became recently homeless, I haven’t been working.”

Unfortunately for Cote, that isn’t quelling strangers’ strong reaction to the beating. One woman interrupted our interview to share her feelings, “Anybody who hits someone else the way you did is a bad person. You need to learn to control yourself.”

Melissa says she is ready to move past the incident and would like to personally apologize to the victim, “Hopefully I can eventually meet this guy and give him a hug and a big, fat, wet kiss on the cheek and say sorry.”

Transit Police questioned Melissa and will charge her with assault and battery and disorderly conduct. The victim has changed his mind and will press charges now.

  • Italo

    Apart from the obviously primary importance of the reporting of this serious incident, I’d like to ask who wrote this story? Why are there so many grammar mistakes, for an article on the Website of a major local Boston TV station like WBZ? Unbelievable.

    • markthatcher

      I completely agree. It looks like it was written at a 8th grade level. Split infinitives, sloppy sentence construction, extremely limited vocabulary (i.e. “she says, she says, she says, she says”. these aren’t typos but the markings of someone who doesn’t write very well. Damn CBS, start paying your interns.

    • denise

      She is lying…..I was on the train and she is soo lying,…..

      I’ve never heard someone say the f word so many times in my life…
      It was so unecessary what she did….no reason……and if I was the guy I would have reported her….


      • lynn

        No one has yet to mention, that after she left the red line train, she then got on the commuter rail and verbally abused the female conductor on the train and also threw her dog into the floor.

        So what’s her story for the scenario? No one touched her or her dog! That conductor should press charges also!!!!!

    • BG

      Tell you what…apply for a job and be sure to send your writing samples, since your writing is clearly so much better. Hopefully your resume’ doesn’t include that awkwardly-worded first sentence. “Apart from the obviously primary importance of the reporting of this serious incident”…could you sound any more pretentious?

    • Peg

      You Graduated from Harvard Or some god forsaken place we never heard of! TYPO”s HAPPEN-fact of life! Woman’s act was way outrageous, Something pushed her over the line! We just watched on tv or UTube (wrong)! The guy should be arrested for trying to instiagate a riot! How many hits on Utube! Wrong-wrong wrong! Laws need to catch up with society! They both will have their day in court!

      • brian

        you’re an embarassment.

        the punk chick is 100% in the wrong, it’s not even debatable. she’s lucky the guy didn’t lay her out. if i saw some beast like that coming towards me on the T, i wouldn’t think twice about one-punching her.

      • Kevin

        You sound like one of the least intelligent people I’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across.

      • bosmonkey

        No, typos don’t happen! If you are paying attention and doing your job correctly that is. The person that wrote this obviously sucks at their job. They write for a living! Are you kidding me?

        As for the woman: “Now she says she knows she was wrong but admits she was drunk and lost control.” NO EXCUSE! BE RESPONSIBLE! Everyone thinks they are a freakin’ victim of something and never take responsibility.

  • Eve

    “Unfortunately that isn’t quelling strangers’ strong reaction to the beating.”
    Aren’t journalists supposed to keep their personal feelings out of the news they report? Perhaps rethink using the word “unfortunately” in your stories. Otherwise, what makes 4 any different than 7, minus the alliteration?
    Experience is hard-earned. I can’t remember the last time I heard any of the seasoned WBZ reporters/correspondents use the word “unfortunately” in one of their reports.

    • P

      “Unfortunately for Cote”. There’s no personal feelings there. Simmer down.

  • PBKingman

    This woman is a POS.

    • RalphSchmalph

      Homeless Obama voter thug.

  • miley

    so your claiming that he was touching you inappropriately and then hit your dog and now you want to give him a big fat wet kiss? Sounds like a bunch of BS to me and you just want to save your sorry ass form all the negative attention. Also since your homeless maybe you should spend your money on dog food and finding a place to live rather than out getting drunk

    • bosmonkey


    • XY

      All a woman has to do is accuse a man of being a sexual predator, not prove, just accuse, and instantly she is the victim and he is the criminal.

      I’m sure many women are convinced that this guy deserved it based on the obvious lie that “he touched my leg.”

    • Edward Ellis

      @ miley, Well said.

    • norm

      not working, homeless, violent, and drunk! Yup, Massachuetts finest!

  • boston professor

    I think I’d rather have her whack me then have to deal with the folks who wrote the aforementioned.

    • Cat fight

      Go cook some meth

  • femmenazi

    So he got a second look at her and NOW he wants to press charges? Men….

    • Michael Mills

      He should have knocked her out. But you only like to be treated equally when it suits you. The life boats on the Titanic would have been full of femmenazi’s.

      • Kevin

        Haha that Titanic line is gold and couldn’t be more true. Just because the scumbag attacker was a woman femmenazi feels obligated to defend her. In her warped world view women can do no wrong and every problem with society is entirely the fault of men. Regardless of the reason the victim pressed charges, this woman deserves to be punished. The ironic thing is that the historically influential women’s rights proponents would be ashamed by the neo-feminist agenda. The fact that women are equal for all practical purposes these days is not enough–they now demand superiority (which in many instances they have i.e. child support without choice or proof of paternity, the status quo of the woman taking the house and the kids, etc…) Disgusting.

    • Edward Ellis

      @femenazie, Yeah, it’s the Big Bad Men. Again. Grow up, kid.

  • p2boston

    I am happy that the guy wants to press criminal charges against her after all. He should also file a civil lawsuit against her. Make her pay for telling some stupid story making him sound like a perv.



    • Linda

      Where do you live, this marvelous place where everyone writes in capital letters and run on sentences?

  • Cal

    Cote. Just be thankful it wasn’t me. You wouldn’t have any teeth left!

    • Edward Ellis

      @ Cal, With you there !

  • DoverDavid

    Hey Melissa, you should have punched the person who did that to your eyebrows!!

  • Edward Ellis

    If she’s homeless, has and substance abuse issue, and obviously is a violent drunk. I really feel she needs to be held accountable for her assaultive behavior. Also, the health and condition of her dog should be examined! Should someone that irresponsible and sick (alcoholism is a disease) have a dog !? That angers me as much as her whacking that guy. At least he had the option of swinging back. Just sayin’.

    • wissler

      There is no way that man could have defended himself without being arrested.

      • Thank You Soldiers

        I respectfully disagree. Just with eye witnesses alone he could have either pushed her down or probably even got one good shot to the nose and not have been charged. She was drunk and with even a single witness attesting to him getting attacked by the woman the police would most likely take that into consideration. If they didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt and charged him for assault the DA would then look into it and with the video surfacing most definitely drop any charges.

        The problem with the guy protecting himself in any way he opens himself up to more issues. He could try and subdue her and she would probably scream victim all of a sudden and undoubtedly bite him. If he chose to punch her square in the nose it might get her to back down but once again I can see her screaming victim and the how can you hit a woman speech she would surely be singing. As funny as it sounds he did the right thing.

        The DB filming the altercation on his phone who got a good laugh out of it would probably be the first dumb ass telling him how it isn’t cool to hit her or subdue her. I wish the last thing that guy filmed was the victims fist coming through the phone at him. Getting beat on is bad enough, but having some sissy standing there having the time of his life while filming it would upset me as much if not more than the initial attack.

    • XY

      If he had swung back in defense that man would be in prison right now and she would be congratulated for attacking a “woman-beater.”

      This is the new equality.

    • Yaknow

      Swinging Back? Yeah, then SHE would sue his ass….So help me understand this, here is a girl that is out of work, homeless, a drinker, and what that gives her the right to beat the crap outta someone. Like it is everyone’s elses fault. She’s the victim….WOW…

  • paul

    She embodies everything that’s wrong with society

  • Dave_D

    What a lovely girl!

    Any truth to the rumor that her dog is seeking a divorce?

  • emom

    Go figure, HOMELESS & OUT OF WORK. REALLYYY and she has a dog, hopped on the T and was drunk. Gee maybe she is looking for some kind of sympathy. NOT BUYING IT, She wants to give him a big wet kiss. Seems like she is trying to avoid charges, Seems both should be charged with disorderly conduct, Where is she living, and with a dog no less, How could she afford the MBTA, it cost a few bucks just one way , How can she afford booze, Wait, HHHMMMM have to wonder about that. And I did not think the MBTA allowed animals on the trains, unless they were aid dogs, YUP another fine citizen of Boston, Our youth of AMERICA , homeless, drunk & out of control. How wonderful.

    • dan

      this is her 15mins. of fame

  • Steve Smith

  • Steve Smith

    • David DeIuliis

      Do you know her? I’d love to meet her!

  • Rob Cleary

    She should be ordered to work as a urinal at South Station for a couple of months.

    • David D

      id love to be her urinal

    • bosmonkey

      Nice. LOL :D

  • emom

    She should keep her day job… OH WAIT she has no job.. never mind.

  • response

    her response to the women who interrupted the interview was deplorable. Has she looked in the mirror herself?

    if she’s out of work, here’s a suggestion, she should hook up with the python lady that left her snake on the train and they can do an act together.

  • XY

    All that she has to claim is that “He touched my leg” and “my life has been tough these days” and she is excused any violent behavior? Now she wants to give this guy “a big fat wet kiss”?

    This is another flagrant example of men being treated like second-class citizens by a society with little to no female accountability. It is a guarantee that she will serve a lighter sentence than a man would if he had hit someone (especially a woman) in the same manner.

    When are women going to grow up and demand that other women take full accountability for their actions? Female violence towards men has become off-hand, commonplace, and casually excused on a regular basis. You should all be ashamed of yourselves at the example you are setting for our youth through your complacency, blatant disregard, and in fact encouragement of gendered violence towards men.

    • web

      The only reason she is apoligizing now is she knows it was all taped. If it wasn’t, that guy would have been arrested and she would have been ‘defending herself’. If a man did what she did and then wanted to kiss his victim and make it all better, he would be in jail.

      • sk

        You hit the nail on the head

      • XY

        Spot on, web.

    • K.D.

      You have great points until your last paragraph. “When are women going to grow up?” The real question is when are YOU going to grow up and realize that it is unfair to paint about half of the human population one thing? I (as a woman) do not accept her behavior whatsoever. I think what she did was deplorable, but for you to cry sexism followed by an immediate insult to ALL women makes you sound not very credible. Furthermore, saying that “you should all be ashamed of yourselves” is downright inflammatory. That’s like me saying all men should be ashamed of themselves for your idiotic and ignorant statement. No… only YOU should be ashamed of yourself.

      • XY

        BTW your argument is referred to as NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That)

        It’s patronizing garbage because the system IS like that, a system YOU benefit from, and a system YOU are not trying to change in any way shape or form.

        Save the lip service for your fellow women, men aren’t buying it.

      • XY

        The fact that you “don’t accept it” doesn’t mean anything if the only place you are willing to express that sentiment is online. Unless you are vocalizing your disapproval publicly encouraging other women to think likewise and voting for much needed changes in a judicial system that is so heavily skewed in favor of women, then you are just another Good German. You amount to nothing more than a sheep whispering that she can see the writing on the wall. You are complacent in the subjugation of men in our society and you demonstrate that complacency through your inaction. .

        I repeat, you should indeed be ashamed of yourself.

      • XY

        Furthermore, can you honestly say that you wholeheartedly believe women should serve equally harsh sentences as men for similar crimes? Can you honestly say that equal governement funding should be appropriated to running battered men’s shelters? Can you honestly say that VAWA should be repealed and that in cases of domestic assault women should be considered just as guilty as men and should be forcibly evicted fully 50% of the time? Can you honestly say that when you see a woman hitting a man you feel the same rage as when you see a man hitting a woman?

        I don’t think you can honestly say any of those things. It is you who are ignorant and an idiot to boot, ma’am. Don’t bother to express your “disapproval,” we don’t need your half-hearted support.

  • Rob Cleary

    I’ll bet she can suck a basketball through a garden hose.

    • dan

      come on now..that is full metal jacket….but it still fits

  • sloppjohnB2

    Nobody in their right mind would want to touch your leg. You are pathetic!

  • Mea

    My heart goes out to this poor girl. She has had a rough go of it. However, it’s no excuse to hit/hurt another human being. -Mea http://www.hertrainstories.blogspot.com

    • Lynnie

      So we are just supposed to feel bad for her? Never mind that she was drunk while this all happened.

  • Otter

    If this was a drunk man hitting a woman on a train several things would be different. First, someone would have stopped him from threatening her. He would have been stopped from leaving. Most relevant to this article, he would never have been allowed to get his excuses into a video or newspaper article. I am so disgusted in this author’s victim blaming.

  • Gerard

    Looks like she hasn’t missed many meals even though she claims hard times are upon her! I see way too much of this kind of person representing our youth today. We can only hope for every Melissa there is a quality young person to offset all these piercing/tattoo types who show no responsibility, can’t hold jobs, look like freaks etc.

    • crostitcher

      Your comment is very offensive. I have tattoos and a piercing. I work 40+ hours a week, we keep a clean house and observe the laws. My husband and I raised 3 kids. David Ettlinger pics do not show any piercings or tattoos, but he is a child preditor. Is this your “picture” of a quality person.

    • steve

      How dare you! You want to pass judgement on her for her actions go right ahead. But to sit there and so openly announce your bigotry…. How can you make a statement like this? So every person that has piercings or tattoos don’t have any responsibilities, can’t hold a job, look like a “freak”…. You make statements like this and the people with tattoos and piercings are the problem? I don’t anymore, but at one time had a piercing, and I have tattoos. Yet I have a great job that pays me over a $100K/year, I also have a wife and a baby at home which I provide for and take care of. Don’t make statements like this again, it only shows your ignorance.

      • bartman

        No. He said “all these piercing/tattoo types who show no responsibility, can’t hold jobs, look like freaks etc.” are the problem, not “all those piercing types” are the problem.

        If he said, “all those women who beat on men without reason”, would you read it as simply “all women”?

        “A” piercing and tattoos? It doesn’t sound like you (or crostitcher, who seems equally outraged what with the personal anecdote and admission to having only “a” piercing) are the “piercing/tattoo type” he’s talking about.

        As for your personal anecdote, that is like me saying, “I drink and drive all the time and never had a problem, thereby proving that drinking and driving isn’t as harmful as people say.”

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