BOSTON (CBS) – National Grid is giving a little more leeway to customers struggling to pay their bills.

When it comes to shutting off power for non-payment, the company will extend its grace period for qualified customers to April 15th.

State regulations prohibit utility companies from turning off the power for non-payment between mid-November and mid-March.

Governor Patrick asked the states utilities to cut needy customers a break. National Grid says those customers should contact the utility to work out a payment plan.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin reports

Charlotte McCormack of National Grid says the extension will help customers who are facing hard times due to the poor economy.

“It’s helpful where there’s a financial hardship, helpful where there’s a financial hardship and a child under one year of age, a household under financial hardship that would be without heat if a utility service were to shut off their utilities, and households with a financial hardship in which all adults are 65 years of age or older and a child lives in that home,” McCormack said.


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