The Indianapolis Colts held a press conference this week to announce that they were releasing quarterback Peyton Manning.

Everyone is talking about where they think the quarterback will sign and will he be the Peyton Manning of seasons past.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin lives out in Indianapolis and he spoke with Toucher & Rich about how the city is reacting to the move, what fans are saying about Colts owner Jim Irsay and where the QB could end up.

What is the mood in the city of Indianapolis now that this decision has been made?

“These people here are distraught.”

“People in Indianapolis are really losing their minds.”

Has there been any public backlash toward Jim Irsay for this decision or do most people think as tough as it is to see Peyton go that it was the right move?

“I don’t do much paper reading, but I don’t hear a lot of people saying they’re upset with Jim Irsay.”

Colvin at one time was a free agent and knows what it’s like to have a number of teams interested in him. What other factors besides money did Colvin take into account when choosing where he would sign?

“It’s one opportunity for you to choose the best option not just for you as a player, but for your family as well and for me I considered all that.”

The guys also discussed where they think Manning will end up signing. Will he go to the NFC West or will he head over to the AFC East?


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