BOSTON (CBS) — Dustin Pedroia is perhaps the most popular member of the Boston Red Sox, and fans would definitely love seeing him interact on Twitter.

They may soon be getting their wish, as Sox outfielder Darnell McDonald informed the world that Pedroia is thinking about joining the social media site.

“Pedrioa is thinking about getting on twitter,” McDonald wrote Thursday. “He wants to know what you think his name should be?”

The safest bet for Pedroia would probably be the boring route and going by @DustinPedroia, like teammates @DavidOrtiz and @JacobyEllsbury. He could also go with @TheMuddyChicken, a nickname McDonald used to refer to Pedroia one tweet earlier. Some other options could include @LaserShow or @Dusty2Sacks, or maybe the 28-year-old has something new up his sleeve.


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