BROOKLINE (CBS) – Some taxi drivers in Brookline want limo drivers to be kept away from hotels in an ongoing dispute over fares.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

Officer John Canney with the Brookline Police Traffic and Hackney Divisions says the department will investigate complaints from several taxi drivers who frequent the town’s two hotels.

The drivers claim limo services that are not registered in town have been soliciting fares.

“If they are called to respond to a hotel, they are allowed to respond to telephone calls or appointments to pick up passengers. What they are not allowed to do is solicit in the lobbies of the hotels for fares,” said Canney.

Canney said limo drivers or the companies may be fined if they are caught in violation of the town bylaws.

He hopes to have the complaints resolved by Memorial Day.

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  1. Rob Cleary says:

    Celebrate Diversity! We don’t need no stinkin laws!

  2. 1stackmack says:

    sounds like a pay to play is the t’s ride in violation,thats a livery service to.or lets face it this is brookling.what about private car services for the rich snots there.also off the record,how cabs and limos pay almost triple the toll for the tunnels.truck l can see for more axles,but yellow painted old police cars???

  3.!/invite/tcmps Uber says:

    Has anyone heard of!/invite/tcmps this place? It’s more for ON-Demand limo services. This is great for affluent towns that want a quick ride, are able to pay more for services, and want more of an english speaking driver, with a cleaner car that’s a better ride. They pickup within 10 minutes of your reservation. On-Demand Limos! :) What a concept….

  4. Uber Cab user says:

    UBER is the best! Cabs are more disappointing by the moment. Smell mostly like smoke, littered with ads, poor driving habits, no courtesy, and illegal use of the phone while driving just to name a few. Of course people are willing to shell out 10 more dollars for a much better ride. Call a limo company, and compare prices, you might be surprised at the difference or lack thereof. Cabs are a dying breed because they have no pride, honor, and typically in Boston don’t provide service with a smile (like NY cabs sometimes do).

  5. Sacramento Taxi says:

    He hopes to have the complaints resolved by Memorial Day.
    Taxi Service

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