BOSTON (AP) — House Speaker Robert DeLeo is estimating that the state faces a budget gap of between $500 million and $1 billion in the next fiscal year, but he’s sticking to his no-new-tax pledge.

Speaking to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, DeLeo repeated his pledge that the House’s spending plan for the fiscal year starting July 1 will not contain new taxes. Gov. Deval Patrick has proposed hiking the tobacco tax and making candy and soda subject to the state’s sales tax.

DeLeo said the House budget would likely call for additional spending cuts and what he called “alternative” ways of raising more revenue.

The speaker told business leaders the best way to narrow the budget gap is through jobs creation. He said House leaders would introduce a jobs bill later this year.

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Comments (4)
  1. gramps says:

    Speaker DeLeo: Mass. Budget Gap At $500K to $1B

    So that’s a $999,500,000…..GAP?

    Public School.


  2. Pete says:

    Could be that much. Knowing these idiots it most likely is. How can they not be able to come closer to an estimated budget than that?
    A billion dollars off?
    Soiunds like they want to leave room for favorite causes.
    Like raises, etc

    1. Rob Cleary says:

      Deval an Obama had the same math teacher. Probably another affirmative action clown not qualified to teach first grade. I’m amazed you can get into Harvard without knowing how to add or subtract.

  3. decol says:

    The first cuts should start in the legislature—remove their per diem GRAVY–no
    other workers in this state get paid to commute.Next take away their ability to give themselves raises and all the other CRAP they conjure up to fatten their
    wallets.STRICT TERM LIMITS! Make them spend more than 100 days a year at
    their job. Finally—VOTE THEM ALL OUT.Start over with candidates that want to
    help the people of Massachsetts—

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