BOSTON (CBS) – The NBA trade deadline is just over a week away, and with all the rumors swirling around the Boston Celtics, some would think the players are getting a little concerned.

But for one that has already been traded once in his career, it is something the players need to forget about and focus on the job they have to do on the court.

“As a player you don’t have to worry too much,” forward Mickael Pietrus said at Tuesday’s morning shoot-around. “I’ve been traded before, so I think it’s hard but at the same time you just try to enjoy with your teammates, because they’re part of your family.”

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“It’s part of the business to get traded; to get the team better and all that stuff,” said Pietrus, who was traded by the Orlando Magic to the Phoenix Suns in a six player trade in December 2010. “But as a team we’re not really worried about that, you just have to keep moving.”

Pietrus then put on a little skit, or “movie,” showing the members of the media gathered around him what it was like to be in that deal two years ago.

Pietrus Reenacts Getting Traded 

The Celtics are currently 19-17 and in the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. But Pietrus, who guaranteed a Celtics championship after their 107-94 win over the Nets on Friday, really likes where the team is right now.

“The Big 3 are going to give us a championship; I think we have a great team, a great coaching staff. We deserve to be one of the top teams in the NBA.”

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Entertaining may be one word for Pietrus, with others choosing another word (or two) to describe him. But one thing is certain, the man just likes to have fun.

“To me, basketball and life should be something fun. Because basketball is fun and you shouldn’t put any pressure on yourself just playing the game,” he said. “You should enjoy the moment, enjoy life, and enjoy being alive.”

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