Felger and Massarotti discuss the bounty scandal in New Orleans and the repercussions it might have for the NFL. Mazz believes it is very serious for the league, calling it a “public relations disaster.” Felger adds that the scandal will be a huge legal issue for the NFL as well: what happens when a player that has gotten hurt against the Saints goes to court? How will it affect a league that is already going through litigation due to head injuries?

But is the reaction to the scandal overblown? The guys compare the bounty system to the Patriots’ “Spygate” scandal from 2007. Which is worse? Marc Bertrand joins the discussion, saying that Spygate was a bigger scandal because it “attacks the competitive balance of the games being played on the field.” Mazz agrees, adding that the bounty system is not cheating, but is dirty.

At the end of the segment, Felger and Mazz discuss the potential consequences for some of the players and coaches involved. Might there be suspensions for Saints head coach Sean Payton or linebacker Jonathan Vilma? Does anybody deserve to be kicked out of the league?


  1. check42 says:

    Spygate’s enforcement was based on a memo.

    Bounties are non-contract bonuses that violate NFL Constitution and Bylaws and the CBA

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