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     I’ve often wondered how long it would take for Rush Limbaugh to step over the line.   He’s long had the power to do and say whatever he wants and get away with it, but sooner or later, that power puts a short-circuit between the mouth and the brain and invariably, the fool inside comes out…….and it ain’t pretty.   I’ve seen and heard it a number of times when talk-show folks start believing their own press clippings and the next thing you know, they’re selling used cars.     Rush will never have to sell used cars for sure, but his inflated, and I do mean INFLATED opinion of himself, has proven him to be……..(careful Gary…be careful)….“AN IDIOT!!!!”

     When a character of his stature resorts to calling a naive college girl a “prostitute and a slut” because she wants us taxpayers to buy her contraceptives…..and then compounds his grievous rant by asking her to take pictures when she’s having sex and mail them to him…..he is one sick dude.   Yes I know he apologized over the weekend, but too late jerk.   You’re smarter than this, you’re better than this and if none of your sponsors forgive you, that would be fine with me as well.

     Meantime, back to the Law School student who complains to Congress that in order for her to have sex regularly while she’s in school, it would cost her about $3,000, which she can’t afford, and she believes “we” should pay for her protected sex life through coverage in her subsidized health insurance plan.   I’m not sure how accurate it is, but somebody calculated that in order for contraception to cost $3,000 while she’s in Law School, she’d have to be having sex three times a day, every day, for the next three years.

     Why are we even having this conversation?   Why?  I don’t get it.   Why do we have Presidential campaign advisors offering this sage advice to women..”the best contraception or birth control device is an aspirin held tightly between your knees?”   This is nonsense. If an insurance company wants to offer it….good luck to ’em….but as far as I’m concerned, we shouldn’t be paying for anybody’s contraceptives, anymore than we should be paying for anybody’s Viagara.

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  1. alan flood says:

    Gary, why do you stoop to Rush’s level by calling him an idiot – no even better yet a bold and capitlized idiot – any sane normal intelligencel human will know that Rush on many occasions engages mouth before he engages his brain and because of that I do not listen to him nor put much faith in what he has to say – sometimes it is best to not give him his stage and just ignore his rantings.

    As far as the young lady (if that is a correct naming of her) it just reflects the sense of entitlement that the socialist movement seems to espouse. I am disabled (profoundly hearing impaired ) and within the past two years had my hearing aid slowly fail in its function, yet my ssdi did not provide enough to buy one nor does medicare offer any assistance. In order to keep hearing with my one still working ear, I had to find a part time job to earn enough for both the aid and new glasses which I did – it is a very physical job and leaves my legs in bad shape after I complete each day of work. But the point is if I need more than what my lifetime earned benefits provide, then I must find a way to take care of myself. Unfortunately many people in society feel that government must meet their needs. Seems to me that the root of the problem is people need to learn to take care of some of their problems. Any way that is my 2 cents on the subject.

  2. blackbear1 says:

    I know it is many days after your post on this subject( please, step up to the plate more often), but you rant often and I usually agree w/you. Rush ticks off the left, which makes me happy. we would not be having this discussion were it not for this college girl(?), 31 yoa, fyi and her ridiculous scripted, well planned attempt at social bribery. Also, left wing media members are using all sorts of foul descriptions aimed at Laura Ingrahm, Michelle Malkin etc w/ no apology forethcoming. How come?? For whatever Rush is, he is not the problem. Problems have a beginning, a root, a source not just a middle or an end.
    Thanks Gary, and please try to get in some more at bats.

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