Deadly Twisters Create Frightening Deja Vu For Mass. Tornado Victims

MONSON (CBS) – With all eyes on the deadly tornadoes that hit the south and central parts of the United States this week, survivors of a June 2011 tornado that devastated parts of Western and Central Massachusetts say their thoughts are with the victims.

Madeleine Uliana, still recovering nine months after the June tornado tore her house apart in Monson, held her breath this week as she watched the line of severe weather move toward her brother’s hometown in Kentucky.

“They just barely missed the tornado,” she said. “He called and said everything had just passed by. So were happy to hear that, but it certainly brings back memories; a lot of scary memories.”

Monson residents Geri and Michael LaFerriere are still cleaning up from the twister that hit their hillside home in Monson. Watching news coverage of this week’s tornados, they too are now suffering from a traumatizing case of deja vu.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

“It just brought back memories all over again, just sitting at the tv last night watching it. It kind of brought tears,” Geri told WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

This past week’s tornadoes have killed at least 38 people. For anyone wishing to donate to the relief effort, CBS News has information on its website.

  • Brian

    I was wondering. Has a deadly increase of Tornados and ones hitting near home last June really be causes from human selfishness to the globel envirement? With global warming on the rise and less forest as more and more houses being built this is maybe why. I hope devolopers stop cutting anymore trees down, thats enough. New studies too that if wev keep living on fossal fuels we face deadly earthquakes and tsanamis? Global warming is causing all kinds of new problems to come. Human population is way out of control. I hope new laws will pass how we limit on foswel fuels, having babies and cutting more trees down. This is why a bterrible price is coming folks. Now my own chances of my own home being razed now in the next 10 years is now up 15% or more now unless we fix the tornado problem now. We are sick and tired of enough bad news. Lets make changes and go green please. It too saves lives.

    • David White

      Go Green, I’m with you Brian!

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    […] Middlesex County in MA, it was the biggest storm of the season exceeding the pre-Halloween event.Deadly Twisters Create Frightening Deja Vu For Mass. Tornado VictimsWith all eyes on the deadly tornados that hit the south and central parts of the United States this […]

  • David White

    Last summer we had a strong La Nina. This summer ENSO is forecasted to be more neutral possibly segueing into a weak El Nino. Could this help lessen the chances for severe Tornados, and especially severe weather in New England?

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