Parent Tossed From High School Hockey Game For Aiming Laser Pointer At Goalie

WINTHROP (CBS) — Medway-Ashland’s girls high school hockey team lost their appeal of their playoff loss Friday, after a parent was tossed from the game for aiming a laser pointer into the eyes of their goalie.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Rod Fritz reports

Winthrop beat Medway-Ashland 3-1 on Wednesday at Larsen Rink.

The score was tied 1-1 in the third period when the father of a Winthrop player was caught pointing the laser at the Medway-Ashland goalie.

It’s kind of like when you look at the sun and then you look away you see that spot and you can’t see for a couple of seconds. You shake your head and try to get it out of the system and just keep focusing, but it’s difficult,” Medway-Ashland goalie Kathryn Hamer told WBZ-TV.

Winthrop assistant superintendent Lisa Howard went into the stands and ordered the parent out of the arena.

Parents of the Medway-Ashland players asked that the third period be replayed.

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association spokesman Paul Wetzel told WBZ the appeal was rejected Friday afternoon.

Web Exclusive: Read The Appeal Rejection Letter (.pdf)

Winthrop will play Braintree as scheduled Saturday.

Winthrop superintendent John Macero said the father has been barred from all events involving Winthrop High School.

“I don’t know what the person was thinking,” Macero told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Friday.

“Why would you do that to both teams? Both teams, they’ve earned the right, Medway girls, the Winthrop girls, to have this opportunity to perform in a game and for someone to come in and do that inappropriate action was uncalled for.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

“I think it’s important for Medway to understand that we are just as upset at this situation too, because it kind of puts a black eye on Winthrop and those kids don’t deserve that, neither does Medway.”

Macero said he may explore the possibility of criminal charges against the man.

  • fred

    Another unfit parent. What a loser. He deserves a good beating.

    • bigbill

      I’ll hold ’em u hit ’em

      what a loser is right

      how would u like to be his little girl this week?

      Hockey dads, most never played hockey themselves

    • Nute Rockne

      ricado, I assure you, I am no liberal and I want this man arrested, fined, and put on trial for his actions. He is a dispicable human being, who if he has so little regard for this girl, what and how does he treat his family? LOCK HIM UP.

      • Sue

        I agree that he should be held accountable for his actions 100 & 10 %
        I feel sorry for his daughter I am assuming she was on the other team. How does this poor girl feel knowing what her father has done to another player?
        Its crazy.

      • Truth Monger

        Why waste time with arrests and trials……point an industrial laser at his nutz and turn it on for a minute…………………

    • Rog

      Typical hockey parent from what I can tell. I deal with these a-holes all the time when they stay at our hotel for tournaments. Drunken, undisicplined, ‘more dollars than sense’ people-with-children (not real parents-they don’t deserve that tag). I hope he gets what is coming to him, because he will deserve it.

      • DJ

        Your description doesn’t fit the “typical hockey parent” I’ve known over the years, although I have seen this in baseball leagues. I hope the disrespect you show online doesn’t carry over into real life and cause your employers business. I know I wouldn’t hire you.

      • Rog

        …and yes, while it may be a generalization-it sure as hell doesn’t make it any less true.

    • SovereignMary

      We’ve got some really sick examples of parenting by knuckle-dragging mental amoeba’s. This idiot could have permanently blinded the goalie.

    • Hockeydad

      That parent should have been arrested for assault.

    • Uomo Del Ghiaccio

      Why interject politics? Regardless of politics the laser toting Dad is a moron and should be banned from High School Sports.

      • Scott

        GFM is clearly a republican, and ALSO a moron. Whaddya know? They exist on both sides!

      • GFM

        Why interject politics? The guy was a moron, ergo a liberal.

    • gibson45

      The movie Idiocracy comes to mind..

    • Nancy McCarthy

      Shame on the MIAA for the stand they chose not to take. The Parent with the Laser should be banned from High School sports. This should not be considered a win for Winthrop, it is a black eye in their otherwise noteworthy athletic history.

    • George Washington

      The White House has issued calls to all journalists, to report on meaningless issues, like this, to deflect attention away from the failed Obama presidency.

      This story proves it.

      • Mike0oSS

        HaHa! Nice one, this is “local” news. The rest of the country didn’t need the info.

    • taunt the goalie

      Fair game to taunt the players. It’s just bread and circuses, and you liberal, neo-conservative losers are too drunk and stoopid to know it.

    • Mel

      This guy should have been litterally thrown from the top of the stands. Moron.

    • kettlecorn

      Leroy, you sound like sound ignorant inbred hick. Learn to spell you Obama teabagging moron.

      • bigbill

        LMFAO u tell ’em

    • Leroy Jenkins

      Sounjds moree like a republicon parent, they are pedophiles too.

      • david5300

        more likly to be a libatard

      • bigbill

        easy with the words

      • Sandra Johnson

        You must be this man’s son.

      • TMA1

        Leroy – Pedophilia is supported by you Lib/Commies – you may want to learn to pay attentiuon to who you are supporting and who you are against. Your pointing your finger to the wrong people. It is ALWAYS Lib/Commie/Dem Judges and Representatives who defend Pedophilia NOT Conservatives.
        I can give you a list a mile long of these supporters starting with BO himself followed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried. Now if you liuke I can lead you to the proof. Also, take a look at who Nambla is giving thier money to. OH NO! It’s gont to the Lib/Commie/Dems – thats you! You can not name even one Conservative or Republican that does support it.

      • george

        I have heard most NAMBLA money is given by Rush to Catholic Church for relocation fund.

    • James

      well it would be funny if it weren’t so true.

      otherwise the guy should be have one eye laz’d until blind. Moron buttwipe

    • Thinker

      Why hasn’t this “parent” arrested? What he did was obviously worse than running out on to the ice to disrupt play.

      “Winthrop assistant superintendent Lisa Howard went into the stands and ordered the parent out of the arena.”

      This is seemingly criminal vandalism. This damage impacts students chances at scholarships. This was much worse and more financially damaging than busting windows.

      In any case, the entire team can probably file a class action civil suit and sue this “parent” for everything he is worth.

      • Koedo

        This parent should be charged with assault. Laser pointers have a wavelength in the red spectrum, about 690 nm. This wavelength at low power can temporarily blind a person. This no different than actually putting his hands on her which is battery. He used the laser to extend his reach and interfere.

      • Joel D. Mrosek

        I give the Asst. Superintendent a lot of credit to go into the stands and confront this loser. It is far too common for those in authority to shrink away due to the abundance of violence allowed on people in authority. I am guessing in the old days this would never happen because the crowd wouldn’t allow violence against someone in authority. I applaud your conviction to restoring order in society, Ms. Howard. You set a fine example for everyone in attendance!

      • david5300

        There are 2 yypes of lazers, the common red , there is also the green lazer that will cause perminate eye injury

      • Sandra Livermore

        After the coup and cover up much of the daily news is orchestrated by unelected officials who took over Washington and the media. Disqus commenting systems were knocked out today to prevent the truth from spreading.

        We have no president, no democracy, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      • Hector

        “…and for someone to come in and do that inappropriate action was uncalled for.”

        Inappropriate action?

        Hockeydad is right: the man should be in jail. The sick quote above shows the pathetic mindset that’s taken over schools. Inappropriate action. Farting in public is inappropriate. Attempting to blind a minor child is a crime. He’s not a meanie. He’s a felon.

        But at least we have the answer to Hockeydad’s implicit question. He’s not in jail because educators and school officials have lost their judgments and collective minds.

      • p3orion

        C’mon Ricado, this isn’t a political question. I agree that the suggestion of a class-action suit is probably over-the-top, because losing a game is simply not a big deal as far as “damages” go.

        But hell yes the guy deserves more than simply being ejected from a game, and it’s not just liberals who would think so. I’m one of the most conservative people I know, and I think the man is clearly guilty of assault and should be criminally charged as such.

        What’s more, if it were MY kid he was blinding with a laser pointer, you can bet that I would be up on assault charges too!

      • ricado

        sue, sue, sue…you must be an ambulance chaser lawyer. look the guy screwed up was humiliated. let it go. get a life.
        oh, i forgot you also want him arrested. yes, first sue, then have someone arrested. shows the typical lib mentality.

      • Thinker

        A class action is possible since everyone of the Medway-Ashland hockey team were impacted by the malice of this parent. The loss of potential to make it to state championship is highly valuable to the potential for scholarships. They also are entitled to restitution for emotional damage. This goes well beyond the goalie specifically because it was perpetrated during a game situation: All those that were impacted (including members of the Winthrop team) deserve financial revenge in substitution for the untampered game play they deserved.

      • Jeff

        Not sure what a class-action has to do with anything, or how it fits here. But the goalie could certainly sue for battery, and would likely win. Shining a laser light into someone eyes, no matter what the purpose, should be good for both civil and criminal charges–and the fact he did it with intent to win a hockey game should make punitive damages available in a civil action and enhanced a criminal one. Hope they do both.

      • Justin Haines

        They could but they certainly wouldn’t win anything.

      • krp

        This isn’t criminal vandalism. This should be assault, or willful endangerment. This person blinded the goalie, so she could have been seriously injured.

        The parent should not have been ordered out of the arena. What is offensive is that he was still able to leave the arena under his own power. The laser pointer should have been physically removed from his possession and returned to him via his anal cavity, and then he should have had his kneecaps broken. Then and only then should be have been removed from the premises – in handcuffs – and into a police car.

      • Thinker

        “*Placing, dropping, tossing or hurling any substance or object in Yankee Stadium is a crime punishable by fine and/or imprisonment as well as a civil penalty of up to $5,000. Entering the playing field, disrupting a game and/or attempting any physical contact with a sports or event participant is a crime punishable by fine and/or imprisonment as well as a civil penalty of up to $25,000.

      • Thinker

        The assault was on the goalie- and would apply independent of whether a game was occurring or not. The game has tangible valuable. Most people here seem to be missing that fact. If the game has tangible value- based on the costs of facilitating it and based on the potential consequences for the students that are playing it- Anyone maliciously attacking by intentionally unbalancing the fairness of game- which this “father” is alleged to have been doing- is legally subject to law suits seeking restitution.

        My view is that assault and vandalism both probably occurred and can be pursued in criminal and civil courts. But the vandalism probably could lead to greater judgments, especially if there is no medical proof of damage to the eyes due to this incident.

        I am not a lawyer, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. ;)

      • Thinker

        In Defense of Sports: The Difference between “Sports Law”
        and “Entertainment Law” – And Why It Matters
        By Alan S. Goldberger

        Those attorneys involved in defending claims arising out of
        college, scholastic, youth and recreational sports programs often
        face a vastly different universe of legal issues than counsel for
        professional athletes, team and leagues. While pro sports and
        nonprofessional sports both have their share of labor law, I. P.,
        negligence, and contract issues, amateur sports presents
        markedly different legal challenges for defense counsel.
        These challenges are highlighted by the now ubiquitous presence
        of a panoply of state statutes relating specifically to educational,
        government sponsored and proprietary entity sponsored sport
        programs and activities. While professional sports has seen the
        enactment of sports agent legislation in about two-thirds of the
        states, the nonprofessional sports segment has witnessed the
        proliferation of codified law in any number of substantive areas,
        including at least the following:
        • Tort: federal and state volunteer immunity legislation, immunity
        legislation for coaches and certain volunteer officials, state
        volunteer tort immunity statutes for licensed sports officials;
        • Administrative: mandated criminal background checks for
        coaches, officials and volunteers; statutorily authorized athletic
        code of conduct legislation and regulations; athletic trainer
        • Criminal: statutes providing for enhanced criminal penalties for
        assaults on officials and coaches, anti-hazing legislation, and
        penal sanctions for those disrupting sports events.

      • OCMichael

        Vandalism? It’s ASSAULT! He could have caused permanent eye damage. Someone should make a pinata out of the SOB.

      • Steve K.

        What Are girls doing playing hockey anyway/ Hasn’t womwn’s basketball been a big enough insult to sports?

      • Thinker

        I’m a libertarian, not a liberal. The game is not just a game…It has consequences to the students- games cost substantial money to set up. If the ice had melted in the third period due to an accident, they would have replayed the third period at some future time and the town/government would have picked up the bill. If someone had vandalized rink freezing machine, they would have been liable for the damage to the ice machine and the cost of facilitating the rink to replay the third period. Screwing up the third period with a laser pointer is no different than screwing with the ice machine: the vandal is liable for the damage and treble damages due to the malice.

      • don

        How would you split one laser pointer and a bottle of Bud.

    • blas

      Democrat parents – fixed it for you.

    • joe camel

      I can think of a good place to put that laser pointer

    • boston area

      What a cheat of a man, nothing but a coward. I thought fathers are the protectors of the young. I thought fathers are to set good examples for all to admire.

      Lasers are considered weapons. Look at what the police do to people who shine lasers at airplanes; helicopters; police cars; police helicopters; etc.

      Was he trying to burn the cornea of the girl’s eyes and blind her?

      Either way, it’s pre-meditated assault. With intent. The whole 9 yards.

      Many years in prison for that daddy along with 75,000 hours of community service.

      Have a nice day, bad father.

    • Hal

      It seems that many parents today have never grown up. They carry on as if they were still in junior high. —

    • danny

      Why don’t they name this fool of a father?

      • John_B

        I would guess it is because he is very well connected in the community somehow. But I agree, I am waiting to see his mug shot in an update.

  • dan


    • Mrs Gilbertson

      Dan, your cap lock is stuck.

      • mjazz

        And it’s “their”, not “there”.

    • Ginny Felch

      You mean “their” not “there.”

      • bigbill

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        get ova youself

      • bigbill

        GRow up or go home

      • david5300

        You will recieve dispensation if you were taught at a government school

      • Sandra

        Thank you. Incorrect punctuation bothers me, too.

      • Bunky

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    • TWC

      Not dan, though. It’s pretty clear he grew up.

      • greg

        cali, the going grey-market rate for that sort of spam is 5-20 cents per post.

      • caligula

        Mariah, how much do you stooges get paid to spam that pap all over internet boards?

      • Mariah Baker

        Just another dumb made up story after the coup and cover up. We have no democracy, no president, and freedom of press means the government dictates the daily news.

        Fact of the matter is our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      • david5300

        Mariaha : Dear you forgot to take your meds again!

      • baby

        Wow, I just looked at this ‘Mariah Baker’s’ website…and she’s mentally ill. I hope you have a good shrink.

      • Scocope

        It is not “Mariah Baker” who is posting this conspiracy crap. The poster’s name is a nutjob by the name of Aaron Fleszar. Google the name and notice how many times the word “crazy” is also concluded. The man needs some help and our prayers.

    • Gummint Skool Illiter8s


      Some products of government schools never achieve literacy. They demonstrate their illiteracy through their Internet comments.

      • GFM

        McSorley: The only way you could please a woman is by leaving the building. What a moronic comment.

      • Julie

        Some people use voice-recognition software because they are blind or can’t type with THEIR hands… I’ve seen many of them have caps lock stuck on too. Give a break people…

      • McSorley

        $20 says he has twice as much of a chance of “pleasing” a woman as you do.

      • krp

        In what way to please a woman? By keeping abortion legal, like Clinton did?

        There the woman who wrote in 2004 someone along the lines of “If a soldier is willing to die for his country in Iraq, then just imagine what he would do in the bedroom to please a woman.” To please a woman in THAT WAY requires a MAN, a REAL MAN. Not one of these wussified liberals.

  • Mary

    was this stunt really worth painting your kid, team, town and family as not good enough to compete; resorting to unsportsman like conduct and cheating ? i truly feel sorry for the kid – every accomplishment will now be looked on suspiciously, did she or didn’t she or parent cheat to make it happen. not to mention the distrust parent created in the relationship. it’s truly disgusting !

  • Joey

    who would do that? it is funny if it’s on The Simpsons but in a real life? come on! shame on you!

    • John_B

      Actually, no, it isn’t funny on the Simpson’s either. If you laughed then, you shouldn’t be bothered by this clown.

      Personally,I think he should be charged both criminally and civilly. His kid should be forced to sit out the season too. Society has gone so far down hill its time to make the children responsible for their parents behavior.

      • John_B

        You call someone names and I am the moron, I see you things work in your mind. Humor didn’t always dip to the lowest common denominator. The lowest common denominator just became the humorist is all.

      • caligula

        oh god. another moron who thinks cartoons are reality. you know when Bugs hit Elmer with the hammer, it didn’t really hurt him, right? he’s a drawing. and yes, it IS funny.

      • Scooby

        The kid should NOT be punished for the sins of the parent. That is like saying any kid who has a parent in jail should be looked on with suspiscion. That is not right and not fair to the child. It is a shame what this parent did. It is not the kids fault. I’m pretty sure this kid is as horified by what her parent did as is the rest of us.

  • Michael

    I completely agree Fred. What a freakin’ LOSER!

    I also feel badly for the kid, knowing that her father is such a loser. How embarressing for her to have to live with that. Talk about pushing your kid away and bad parenting…

  • Dave_D

    Forget about the forfeit or replay. But, prosecute the parent. The parent’s behavior was outrageous and very dangerous. Throw the book at him. I would think that a case could easily be made for a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

    Hockey is a dangerous enough of a sport. It is outrageous for someone to add to the danger by distracting or, worse, temporarily blinding players.

    • dave

      Yes, prosecute him! he deserves the death penalty! that goalie may never recover her health the rest of life! A deadly weapon? I guess you better prosecute every member of both teams too! wow, get a life people.

      • John_B

        Dave, did you know that you can blind a person with a laser? No? Maybe you should have payed better attention is school. If they were looking for someone with a laser in the crowd, he had to have used it on her more than once. If she were my kid I would be tempted to take her goalie stick to him but I’d settle for letting the courts decide.

      • Batman

        you must be the loser

      • richhenk

        Dave_D said nothing about the death penalty, he simply suggested they throw a book at him.Way to freak out about nothing though.

      • GFM

        My son and his friends were playing with a laser pointer in a mall – just shining it around, but a security guard grabbed him and arrested him (14 yo). Some pathetic liberal tried to claim he’d been temporarily “blinded.” I did plenty of medical and criminal research on this, believe me. It turns out that there is no way you could be blinded by commercially available laser devices; they have way too little power. The estimate was that you would have to hold it up to your eye and stare at it for 10 minutes before enough heat would be generated to do permanent damage. It was thoughtless, possibly malicious, but all you do is toss the guy. This instinctive desire to overwhelmingly punish someone for a simple transgression is a sickness. You want to sue him, arrest him, make him lose his job — it’s always liberals that are the most intolerant.

      • Charlie

        You do realize that shining a laser into anyone’s eyes is a criminal offense at the federal level, don’t you? This is an extremely damaging instrument when applied to the human eye.


      • Allah_speaking

        dave, you do understand it is a Federal offense to point a laser at an aircraft or it’s flight path?

        I’m just guessing that potential retinal damage is ok with you?
        dave, I have a suggestion, turn off your computer, and go slither back under a rock.
        You strike me as stupid as the person that actually pointed the laser in the first place.

  • NikW

    What is wrong with people. This guy should be disciplined severly and they should make the kids play over again.

    • NikW

      They shoudn’t let the guys kid play either.

      • NikW

        I really think it stinks the kid will need to suffer but the parent needs to apoligize to the child.

      • John_B

        I agree with you NikW. The kid suffers the parents behavior off of the ice, she should take partial responsibility for his actions. Maybe they will both learn something out of it (i doubt the dad will in any case). If she wants to defend her right to play, let her testify against the dad in court “he is always playing with that laser thing…”

      • tsalnew

        NikW………………..really? The sins of the father? Not so much

      • gramps

        The only why to stop these ‘helicopter parents’ is to toss their kid’s out of the progam!

        It’ll send a message the the rest of them…..

        Do you realize how fast a puck travels?

        This guy should be charged with attempted murder!


      • NikW

        NO but the father will have to explain why sad for the kid but that is the way it goes.

      • sullyinma

        And exactly why should the girl be banned from playing? She had nothing to do with what her father did.

        I would feel sorry for anyone that was on trial with you on the jury. You would probably sentence them to life in prision for speeding.

        Good lord, get a grip, will ya!

      • tomSERVO

        sullyinma [“I would feel sorry for anyone that was on trial with you on the jury. You would probably sentence them to life in prision for speeding.”

        — “Willful misconduct generally means a knowing violation of a reasonable and uniformly enforced rule or policy. It means intentionally doing that which should not be done or intentionally failing to do that which should be done, knowing that injury to a person will probably result or recklessly disregarding the possibility that injury to a person may result. ”

        — “Reckless endangerment is a crime consisting of acts that create a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person. The accused person isn’t required to intend the resulting or potential harm, but must have acted in a way that showed a disregard for the foreseeable consequences of the actions.”


        Pretty much both of those apply here and neither is anywhere near the trivial level of a speeding ticket. But then again I somehow tend to assume you are not all that well versed in legal matters.

      • tomSERVO

        I wouldn’t go as far as banning the child unless she was somehow involved, but I think a disqualification of the team in question should have been a no-brainer.

    • Reba

      In golf, the kid would be disqualified–tough on the kid, but it keeps the parents in line. Of course most youth golf events keep parents off the course entirely. The MIAA is way off base on this one. If the game isn’t an automatic forfeit by the team of the offending parent then it should be re-played or at minimum the 3rd period should be re-played. Even if this guy gets prosecuted and convicted, he has achieved his goal of his daughter’s team winning. What message is that sending?

  • mikey

    Hmm, tough call. I wouldn’t want to penalize the kids, but nail the parent. Criminal charges of endangerment of a child. I can just see the stink if a goalie was distracted and got hurt, and then said they were blinded by the pointer as they were slammed into.

    As to the game, there needs to be a careful assessment of the impact. Did the pointer affect play after it was used? Was there even a possibility that it might have? Or even if the goalie was ‘gun shy’ and off her game after the incident? If so, then the game should be replayed.

    If there were or are ANY indications players knew about this, then the game should be FORFEIT!

  • WesWelkerFan

    I don’t agree with NikW. You don’t punish the child for sins of the parents. The game should be replayed from the start of the third period. The girl should play unless she knew her father was going to do that and went along with it. If that’s the case, kick her off the team and whatever spring & fall team she plays on too.

    • Mike

      This is how people feel about immigration, why shouldn’t it apply here.

      • NikW

        Unfortunatly this guy will get a slap on the wrist and the other kids who could have won the game lost because of this jerk. The only way to punish him is to not let his kid play.

      • Ren

        So Mike, you want to make this a logical analogy here hmm?
        Well it isn’t, let’s demonstrate.
        For sake of argument let us say you are correct.
        That the sons and daughters of illegal immigrants shouldn’t be punished for ‘sins’ of their parents, just as here, the daughter of the laser pointer wielding jingoist should not be punished for his ‘sin’.
        Should then the daughter of the laser pointer jingoist receive the benefit of his said crime? Should the daughter revel in a victory caused by her father’s laser pointing/immigrating?

        Get back to me, I’m subscribing to the reply.

    • NikW

      I respect that. However, what could you charge the father with. I understand but not letting the daughter play unfortunatly may wake up the dad. This is NOT his first time.

      • tsalnew

        when did it get to the point where it was all right to use a child as punishment for a parent?

      • fred

        Don’t punish the child for the sins of the father.

      • SuzQ

        charge the father with reckless endangerment and post his photo along with what he did banner style on the front page of the newspaper. Perhaps the embarrassment will make him think. A day in the stocks couldn’t hurt…

  • brilliant

    They need to escalate Fines and Punishments for misuse of laser devices.
    Really put the hurt on those that do STUPID things with them.

    How in l the availability of these things even got to the point of being sold in gumball machines and now availability on Ebay with stronger output power. is begging for a non reversible accident BLINDING someone or cause moment blindness and yes DEATH.

    LASERS aren’t toys never were toys… I just started working for a company and a stock worker was screwing around in the warehouse of a Major electronic Co in Franklin with one. , good thing that beam never came in my direction.

    I have had two experiences myself with dimwits with lasers.

    Whats needed is to drop the hammer on these people big time. if anymore useless laws in this state could give ground for a common sense law of regulating the misuse of lasers..

    I like gizmo’s just like anyone else , but people need to stop being stupid with these things kids should have them at all.

    Miss Howard should have got his Name at least called the police and have him charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. this is so wrong this guy was not cuffed… but coming from “The Jock mentality” atmospheres, it Par for the coarse.

    • Ren

      If you apply your “lets make a law for it” analogy to say, dating, where someone may use their body and personality to harm someone else—it would totally follow!
      Does that make your logic correct?
      Your premise is incorrect.
      You don’t need a law for that.
      You need to figure out why ONE adult male ACTED like a child and used a laser pointer. You’ll waste so much money on frivolous lawsuits, for one, and two, you won’t stop the problem of adults acting like children.

      • tomSERVO

        You don’t need to make a law where a law already exists. Reckless endangerment and willful misconduct are already crimes that can run the gamut from misdemeanor to felony.

      • Trafalgar

        you Ren and stokes are classic examples of whats wrong with the world.

    • stokes

      Why don’t we create a trillion dollar government agency to regulate them. Lighten up. You sound kinda shrill.

      • Cat fight !

        When common sense fails this is a reasonable result … i would rather chop his hands off ..what sounds better? you ask the girl who’s face got struck with that beam.. your a dolt. .

    • Cat fight !

      (kids shouldn’t have them at all) got a bit glazed over as the censorship panic squad would not take my post for the sixth time.

  • emom

    Time to ban parents from their kids games, If they can not behave then they can not attend… What will it take to get through to these people,,, Plus a laser is dangerous what in the heck was he even thinking, Well there is another Fine mess a parent has caused…

  • jaygee

    Just when you think that the definition of MORON has reached it’s peak, a new entry into Idiot of the Year comes on the scene. I think that under the circumstances, his name should have been published. Now…..what would be the appropriate punishment for this clown of clowns? Any ideas?

    • tsalnew

      that;s a tough one but a great question. I thought of standing him on a street corner with a sign on his chest. Maybe cleaning locker room but that doesn’t seem enough. Let him walk around for a week with a blindfold. Too harsh?

      • tsalnew

        Or volunteer work at Perkins School for the Blind if they’d take him.

  • Rob Cleary

    Isn’t living in Winthrop punishment enough?

  • Steve

    I’m sure Bush is somehow at fault.

    • Cat fight !

      I hear that a lot…

  • John Wolf

    Simple, assault and battery. Should be both civil and criminal sanctions.

    This is dangerous and should not be tolerated.

  • Calvin Hobbes

    If one of my kids was on the ice, I would have pounded and stomped this guy into the ground!

    • jimbo

      Then you are an even bigger idiot than this guy.

      • tomSERVO

        If you had a kid and the guy permanently blinded him or her (which can happen with a laser pointer) so his kid’s team could score a goal past him or her, I’d hope for your kid’s sake you wouldn’t be satisfied with the guy just being tossed from the game.

        I’m as non-violent a person as you will ever find, but were it that moron doing that to my kid, “pounding and stomping” is not strong enough to describe what my reaction would be. More like the moron “praying for death but not getting it.”

        People need to wake up. There is good in this world and there is evil in this world, and there are times good has to bust out the “baseball bat of righteousness” and introduce it to evil via a quick swinging motion.

        A grown adult, and parent no less, willfully attempting to harm my child will not be eating solid food again for a very very long time.

  • Jeffrey Shultz

    This is a prime example of the value of bringing back stocks on the Boston Common. There is nothing more chastening than one’s entire community, including its children, passing by, pointing and laughing at the fool for his moronic behavior.

    Of course, the ACLU would instantly file for a “Cruel and Unusual” injunction thereby validating this method of punishment in the minds of (non-liberal) Americans.

    • Cat fight !

      or a just, sound beat down … eFF ACLU… their killing my country.

  • Joe

    How about charging the parent with assault?! Lasers can perminantly damage eyes, so his actions could have hurt the girl for life. He should have been lead out of the rink in handcuffs. I hope the girl has his name so that she can file a civil suit against him for any damage to her sight.

    What a complete lowlife. Hope his girl can’t get into a hockey college with his history.

    • jimbo

      What about terrorism? I’m sure that the Patriot Act can be expanded to include brandishing a high tech weapon like this. Send him to the Gulag at Gitmo. Then let’s water-board him until he confesses his sins.

      Joe, you are being a lunatic. He was at a girls hockey game. That is punishment enough.

      • tomSERVO

        Waterboarding is a ridiculous suggestion. I’d torture the guy instead.

        And I wouldn’t need to use the justice system at all, unless that is you count the vigilante justice system part of the criminal justice system.

        As far as criminal violations, this is a pretty obvious case of wreckless endangerment (likely misdemeanor but possibly a felony though felony is usually applied in lethal weapon situations), attempted assault, assault, and/or willful misconduct.

  • theJackal

    Typical liberals, win at all costs, even if it means hurting kids. Losers!

    • bigbill

      guys from Winthrop cant be liberals, they are not smart enuf to vote, wait maybe u r right

      any way, lasers can blind a child, what a way to win a kids hockey game. I bet this loser dresses up as a Marine on Memorial Day and Veterans Day with someone else’s uniform & Medals looking for free drinks

      Throw him in jail for assault on a child

  • Ken

    It would be charitable to call this guy a moron.

  • Tom

    What is this clown’s name ?

    Why is he being protected – and not prosecuted ?

  • brad

    The Winthrop father must be related to the Harding family. He should go to jail like those thugs did.

  • Steve

    I bet it was Karl Rove.

  • Cat fight !

    Years ago the lowly LASER was mostly around .5mw and certainly no less dangerous

    Now LASERS modules can be got so easy and far more powerful 10mw blue ray diode’s can burn material feet away .. stiff fines and jail time need to be applied to offenders before a catastrophe happens .. This is serious.
    this story need to be followed up.

    • Ren

      What power was his laser?

      • jimbo

        From all of the fussing going on here you would think it was a light saber

      • Trafalgar

        Thats’ irrelevant.

      • CommonCents

        This wavelength can cause permanent retinal damage regardless of ‘power’.

        It’s time for people to be severely prosecuted for endangering vision/health.

    • J. Random Dryveby

      Handheld laser pointers are usually Class II or Class III lasers. MOST of the laser pointers I’ve seen have been Class III.

      Class II lasers can do eye damage, but the flinch reflex will GENERALLY happen fast enough to prevent it. Class III lasers do eye damage BEFORE the flinch response has kicked in.

      The green laser pointers you see these days are all Class III lasers. I’ve watched sidewalk street vendors in Bangkok use them to put bright spots on the sides of buildings half a block away and 20 stories up, from vantage points a few blocks away.

      Daddy with the laser needs to spend some serious time in jail for felony assault.

      • Trafalgar

        Thanks ..was getting winded… the dolt onslaught is sickening.

  • WickedFunny

    It figures this would happen in and around Boston. People around there don’t know how to act when it comes to sports. Witness Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots fans.

    • Cat fight !

      No argument ..something in the genetic makeup of sports fans that brings out the scraped knuckle effect in our state. Vancouver and England . But we haven burned cars and buildings yet..just starting with retina’s i guess

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