FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – Students at Framingham State University now have to undergo a bag search when they enter a residence hall. Students are calling the searches humiliating and annoying, but their college calls it crucial. It’s an aggressive step to try to bring campus drinking under control.

Dean of Students Melinda Stoops instituted the 24 hour bag check for each of its seven dorms after a spike in alcohol related incidences.

Students found with alcohol would be kicked off campus for a week. Commuters found with alcohol would get restrictive visitation.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Framingham State is a dry campus but students still try and sneak alcohol in. Now it will be tougher.

“It’s got good intentions,” says student Bill Levitski. “We had some silly freshman who sent themselves to the hospital in terms of not knowing what their limits are.”

This is not the first time the school has done the 24 hour bag checks. The checks will remain in effect until further notice.

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  1. 1stackmack says:

    kids today have it easy,in my day we use to lug 50 60 lbs of ice up 3 flights of stairs..

  2. Woodstock says:

    Nazi thugs

  3. Residence Life says:

    The President of the University, Timothy Flanagan, mandated the 24 hour bag checks. There was an increase in students on campus which lead to an increase in alcohol and drug violations.

    1. RealisticStudent says:

      Framingham State has taken some disappointing and damaging backward steps in the recent decades. We USED to have a great bar on campus where kids could socialize, break out of their shells, listen to live music, and be in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT on campus without fear of being kicked out of the dorms for a week for having a few drinks. That has since been demolished and replaced with a pointless grill and a dry campus policy. “Hey, what can we do for fun around here?” “Oh! We have this great grill where we can go spend 10 bucks, eat some food for 20 minutes, and then leave! Doesn’t that sound like fun??!!” This school has absolutely NOTHING to offer for social life. Kids are forced off campus to drink, at potentially unsafe houses or environments, even if they’re of legal age, and then have to walk back or drive back or pay for an expensive cab when they’re intoxicated – putting them on the road with other drunk drivers in the early hours of the morning. The school claims they are trying to promote academic success by instituting a dry campus policy, but if you get caught enjoying a few drinks after a long week of school, you get kicked out of housing for A WEEK! Students who live long distances from the school like myself are forced to rent a hotel room or commute every morning to the tune of $50 in gas everyday. And somehow that situation doesn’t affect academic success more than just having a drink or two? And the marijuana policy…if you’re caught with any amount, you’re kicked out of housing for A MONTH, even though in MA it is less of an offense for having marijuana than having alcohol underage. What have these policies resulted in? A high transfer rate, dropout rate, and an incredibly low graduation rate. Student moral on campus is at an all time low, as most students are inclined to just go home every weekend so they can have some fun – FSU turns into a literal ghost town from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. The school has stopped doing their “Black and Gold Weekends” which used to offer *sometimes* fun activities, and they have made it clear that all they care about is getting their $$ out of your pocket every semester. What happened to the age of personal responsibility? If I drink or smoke too much and fail out of my classes, then that’s MY FAULT! It doesn’t affect anybody else but me! And it’s my money I’m putting down to go to the school, not anybody else’s. Well here’s a little thorn in the side of the administration’s mentality: I responsibly smoke marijuana several times a week, drink occasionally as well, and I am a straight A honors student with a cumulative GPA of 3.83. I’d love to be able to do a “room check” on Flanagan’s house which is on campus…a DRY campus mind you…he better not have any alcohol.

      1. resident student says:

        i completly agree with you on every aspect you touched on. what happened to collage students being adults and having personal responsibility. these rules treat the students like they are 15 year old living at their parents house. i shouldnt have to sneak alcohol into my place of living as an of age adult or have to try to act sober when i come back to the dorms in fear of not being able to sleep in my safe bed that night. they are wasting their time and energy and getting a bad reputation as a school by being a dry campus. college kids and people in general are never going to stop drinking, why try to fight something that will never change. its a lost cause! i would never recamend anyone to go here. mostly because of the stupid dry campus thing, not enough parking and nothing is open on the weekends for the people who actually do stay on the weekend. hey we gotta eat too! and the staff are not unhelpful.

  4. Carlos says:

    FSU doesn’t have to entertain you. Get your education and move on. Go off campus for your alcohol and drugs.

    1. resident student says:

      a collage should have things to entertain their students. people go to collage for an education but wouldnt it be nice to get a fun experience there too?

      1. Resident says:


  5. Resident says:

    I think I’ve had my bag checked a total of four times this semester…

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