– By Colleen Mescall

Ireland is a majestic place. Green rolling hills, pastures that go on for days, and thick accents that immediately make you smile. It’s a place where you’re often stopped while driving because cows are crossing, a place where the smell of burning turf brings back happy memories, where a cup of vegetable soup and some brown bread can warm the soul on the dreariest of days.

And the music! It can have the happiest of melodies or the saddest of lyrics, but either way – Irish music is extremely expressive, fun and definitely engaging. You’ll want to do one of three things while enjoying their music: sing, clap, or drink. You might even want to do all three – just don’t do them all at once, please.

Since we’re not made of money, it might be hard to get over to the Emerald Isle for St. Patrick’s Day this year. But, fear not! The Saw Doctors will be here to take you to the homeland via an amazing show at the House of Blues on Friday, March 9th. Get your celebration started a week early with this lively Irish rock band who have had eighteen singles top the charts of Ireland, including three number one hits – ‘I Useta Love Her’ being their most successful. According to RTE (Ireland’s National Public Service Broadcaster), this song holds the record for Ireland’s biggest selling single of all time.

The Saw Doctors formed their band in Galway and saw a rise to fame in the late eighties/early nineties. Their first single was ‘N17’, a song about the road that connects their hometown of Tuam, to the city of Galway (western side of Ireland).  It’s one of their best and one I’m sure you’ll hear at the show, so practice the lyrics now – “And I wish I was on the N17. Stone walls and the grass is green!” – because before you know it you’ll be clinking your glass of Guinness with the stranger next to you, singing right along with the crowd. That’s what the craic* is all about.

The Saw Doctors are known for their cult following in the US, so get the lads together and grab tickets for this one before it’s sold out. And be sure to check out their latest single, a remake of the classic ‘Downtown’ featuring Petula Clark (the original artist) – it’s a good one!
Sláinte! Enjoy the show.

(*Craic is a Gaelic word with no exact English definition. “Good times” and “fun” are both pretty close though!)

Show details: Friday, 3/9 at 7:00 p.m.
Prices: Tickets, $29.50 –$45

Colleen Mescall is the Promotions Manager for a website in the Boston area and holds a special place in her heart for the Celtics. She writes about her love of all things New England over at her blog, the daily craic (catch her on Twitter @thedailycraic).


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