The Bruins have really been struggling during the month of February going only 4 for 32 on the power play and getting shutout five times.

The most recent shutout came on Tuesday night at the hands of the Ottawa Senators.

Adolfo was outside the Garden talking to fans as the Bruins were back in town after a six game road trip.

The two guys he ran into were not happy with the recent play of defenseman Joe Corvo. They go so far as to wish something terrible happen to him.

Adolfo criticized the play of Tyler Seguin saying that he’s looking slow and his play has slipped. It becomes clear that these gentlemen do not have the same view.

They move on to discuss the Bruins and the playoffs. What does this team need to do to find success?

Then the guys voice their issues with some fans that attend games and the fact that some have issue with standing and cheering.



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