I had always thought one should avoid New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Now, having experienced Mardi Gras, I find that it is the best time to go.
It is not just the drunken mess I thought it would be. It is a rich cultural bonanza, and the parades are a big part of it. They are fabulous. You have got to see to believe. Just click play to see this years parades and you will want to go experience them yourself. But book your trip early. Madri Gras 2013 is going to be wild.
Original music soundtrack by Bradley Jay.bradley hdshot 134 twkd w sm brd 420 x316 Jay Talking Takes You To New Orleans. Episode 2: The Parades

  1. barton says:

    Where is the Videos of the marching bands that you where talking about would like to see them.Your stuff is good! Thanks,Barton

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