After two delays the Daytona 500 racers finally were able to race Monday night.

With 40 laps left driver Juan Pablo Montoya lost control of his car during a caution and slammed into the back of an emergency jet dryer full of fuel. The crash destroyed Montoya’s car and ignited the fuel that spilled from the truck.

Thankfully no one was severely injured as Montoya got out unharmed. The driver of the jet dryer had to be helped out of his truck. Take a look at the video to see what 200 gallons of jet fuel on fire looks like. Click here to see the video.

  1. 1stackmack says:

    l watched the whole race and l’m still tired.l was a great race,the speeds were up over 200 again,pack racing was back,its was good race to watch in prime time on a monday.lf montoya’s car didn’t brake at that particular time with only 40 to go.the race would have been finished around 11.the funniest part though was during the red flag situation,all the drivers stang around just shoot the bull on the track.brad kaslowski even had his iphone tweeting with all the drivers looking over his crew chief even said brad’s twiter account just blow up with the amount of followers .so congratulations to the fenway group,its probably the biggest victory of the year.l don’t see the red sox being better than a .500 season this year.

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