WBZ-TV‘s Dan Roche was down in Fort Myers for the first week of Red Sox Spring Training, and before he left he spoke with Toucher & Rich.

Rich learned that during Roche’s interview with Jon Lester owner Tom Werner yelled to Roche about discussing the collapse in 2011.

“I was asking him about last year and about being sorry and Beckett and Terry Francona. All of a sudden we hear from up above, ‘Hey 2011 is over. It’s time for 2012,’ and we both look up and it’s John Henry and Tom Werner.”

The guys discussed how Josh Beckett’s pitching during spring training without Jason Varitek catching him.

“He looked real good yesterday.”

Jacoby Ellsbury was a topic of discussion between the guys as well. Does Rochie think that with Ellsbury’s performance last year that Bobby Valentine might consider moving him down in the lineup?

“Bobby Valentine made a point to say that he won’t do it if a guy doesn’t feel comfortable there. Why should he if he put up such good numbers in that one hole, why do anything to make him feel the least bit comfortable and have to think when he goes to the plate?”



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