The scouting combine has begun out in Indianapolis and it’s time to take a look at some guys in hopes of finding the next great steal of the NFL Draft.

James Christensen on called in to Toucher & Rich and spoke with Ryan Johnston & Mike Flynn, who were filling in, about the NFL Draft in April, how the Pats might use their picks and what positions they need to fill.

The Patriots have four of the top 63 picks, how many of them does Christensen think the Pats will actually use to draft players?

“In their original spots? I’d be pretty surprised if they used more than one or two. I do think though they’ll be able to take at least four guys in those top 63 picks, I doubt two of them come in the first round they’ve been know to trade down over the past couple of years.”

Is there any chance that New England actually trades up this year?

“I think there is. I think there’s a couple guys out there this year that warrant trading up if they start falling down a little bit.”

The guys discussed the issues the Patriots had in the secondary this season and who they could draft to sure things up a little. Where is the biggest need on the defensive side of the ball?



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