Fisherman Catches 27-Pound Lobster Off Maine Coast

babylobster Fisherman Catches 27 Pound Lobster Off Maine Coast

(Photo Credit: Maine State Aquarium on Facebook)

ROCKLAND, Maine (CBS) – A 27-pound lobster caught off the coast of Maine won’t be on anyone’s dinner plate any time soon.

The lobster was caught on Friday by fisherman Robert Malone.

Malone named it Rocky, because it was caught near Rockland, Maine.

He gave it to the Department of Marine Resources, which says it has never seen a lobster this big.

Rocky will soon be released back into the wild, where it will live a normal life.

  • gramps

    This guy could be over a 100years old….

    It takes 4 to 7 years for a lobster to grow to legal size.

    The largest lobster in captivity is at the Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor. The huge live lobster weighs over 24 pounds and is estimated to be almost 100 years old. The aquarium is also home to a blue lobster, which are quite rare, approximately 1 in 1 million.

  • fred

    It’s hard to judge from the angle in the picture but those claws maybe 2′ long. That is impressive

    • mark shlosberg

      Based on the seams of the floor tiles I would guess closer to a foot long each.

      • k

        what floor tiles???

  • 27-Pound Lobster Caught Off the Coast of Maine [Video]

    […] a shrimp fisherman, named the 27 pound lobster Rocky because it was found in the Rockland area. reports that Malone dropped the giant, 27 pound, 40 inch, lobster off at the Department of Marine Resources who […]

  • Franke

    i wonder if those rubber bands are really holding his claws together or if the lobster is not trying haha. HUGE one forsure!

    • mark shlosberg

      Those rubber band will hold the claws, much like an alligator’s jaws they have very little power to open, all the strength is concentrated in the closing muscles.

  • MmmmMmmm

    Would taste good with some melted butter!

  • DoverDavid

    Let this Big Boy live! To make it to be so large shows it’s a fighter and a crafty one for avioding capture, he needs to keep on breeding!

  • franko

    thats concrete my frend.

  • shot

    let the old man live free

  • 1stackmack

    going to need a hell of alot of butter.

  • Doug

    Unless they can return it to its original location.I cant see how it can continue to live without being caught again. It didn’t get that large without a good hiding place. It needs to be protected.

    • gramps

      This 27lb lobster is a Republican & used to making it’s own way…

      It’ll be fine once he’s released….


      As long as they remember to remove the rubber bands….!

      • George Bush

        Nah gramps, it lived down south in a trailer and was on welfare its whole life. Those Red states love their welfare. The poor republican lobster never finished school and had 40 lobster kids that run around the trailer park and smoke meth all day.



  • George Bush

    I have eaten a 24 pounder before, it was still tasty.

  • Heather

    That is a lot of meat.

  • emom

    Lobsters this big live deep in the ocean.. They rarely are seen because of there huge size and that they live near the deep parts of the ocean.. However, lobster fisherman and other fisherman,, are fishing in much deeper water these days so that’s one reason it could have been caught , another is spawning season.. they come up from the deep to mate .. But they are old and therefore needs to go back to live longer,, and it can grow even bigger,, they molt their shell every so often,, possibly every year… so I am willing to bet there are even bigger ones and much older ones.. But since they are closer to the ocean floor we usually don’t see them. this one is just under 3 feet and about 45 to 50 years old.. Chicken lobster that are about 1 1/2 pounds are already between 5 – 7 years old,,, so he is very old,,,

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