Marc Bertrand and Damon Amendolara opened the day talking about the Boston Bruins and their 4-2 win over the Blues in St. Louis last night. The guys discussed the positives of scoring early, the play of Tim Thomas, and who the pressure falls on to get the Bruins out of their offensive slump.

DA noted how last year the Bruins were good, but Thomas made them great. While Wednesday night’s win over the Blues was a good start, it might be elite goaltending that the Bruins need in order to stop this skid for good.

“Goaltending, goaltending, goaltending is the great equalizer in this game,” DA said. “Timmy and Tuukka [Rask] from what I saw, we all saw earlier in the season, have the potential to put a team on their back for a little bit. … I am asking for those two guys to say, ‘You know what? Let’s get back to where we were a couple of months ago and make sure that if our goal total is more than two, we win every single one of these games.’

DA and Beetle also wondered whether the Bruins expect to pick anything up via trade, and if not, who on the team has to step up? DA and Beetle also discuss the delicate balance of playing both Thomas and Tuukka in goal. How will the Bruins allocate their playing time down the stretch — are they comfortable giving Rask more starts?

Later in the segment, the guys raise the possibility of this being the last year for Thomas in Boston, and whether he could be on the trading block in the future.

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