BOSTON (CBS) — As far as P.K. Subban is concerned, he should be free to elbow star center’s in the head and face no repercussions.

That’s what the Canadiens defenseman seemed to be saying to ESPN The Magazine this month when responding to criticism of his hit on David Krejci that led to the 6-foot, 212-pound Subban to crumple to the ice when immediately confronted by Andrew Ference.

“I didn’t even see [Ference] coming, really,” Subban told ESPN. “People who talk about me turtling don’t talk about him jumping me and not giving me a chance to get my gloves off. If people want to say I turtle, just look at how many career fights I’ve had in less than two years.”

A quick look at those fights (there are six of them) show Subban picking on smaller forwards not known for fighting, like Brad Marchand, Joffrey Lupul and Mark Letestu. The only real fighter on Subban’s fight card is Brian Sutherby.

Subban also didn’t have a problem with his own hit on Krejci, which included an elbow to Krejci’s head that drew a penalty.

“My job is to get a guy like Krejci off his game,” Subban explained. “Anybody I wouldn’t want to be fighting I wouldn’t even look at twice if he challenged me. When I do need to stick up for myself or my teammates, I will. I make that decision, not the other team.”

The play in question came midway through the third period of a game between the Bruins and Candiens on Jan. 12. Ference immediately went after Subban after the hit on Krejci, but Subban dropped to the ice and protected his face as Ference tried to lift him to his feet. After Ference dragged Subban around the ice, officials separated the two, and Subban skated to the penalty box with a smile on his face.

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  1. Bob says:

    I now have a pet turtle,can you guess what his name is?………..Thats right it’s P.K.!!

  2. Julie the Jarhead says:

    What a little (female dog).

  3. Craig says:

    There’s one way to wipe the smile off that face, it’s called reciprocity.
    Prepare for pain you grinning ass-hat!

  4. Craig says:

    People like him usually smile when they know they’ve gotten away with something wrong. That’s what happens when the rats start influencing the league officials.
    I think his laughter is more because of nervousness and he fears the Bruins coming after him, which he should. Subban doesn’t fight honorably and he clearly is a gutless, ass hat for not engaging Ference. P.K. will get his retribution, if it isn’t by the Bruins it’ll be by someone else in the league.

  5. blackbear1 says:

    Craig, I could not have stated it any clearer. What has happened to the once proud Montreal Canadiens? Their current style of play is “insipid”. The same holds true for Vancouver.

  6. shame says:

    What a riduclous way to start an article. Most bias thing I’ve read all year. Was it a dirty hit? Krejci himself told the media that it was a clean hit.
    Did Ference jump Subban? Absolutely. Subban did what any human would do, he protected himself from that sucker punch from Ference.
    You don’t have to write Boston(CBS) for us to realize this poetic piece of work was produced in Boston. RIDICULOUS, PARTISAN JOURNALISM.

    1. trnichols says:

      You must be one of those obnoxtious Canadien fans.Subban is a Claude LeMieux sriker!

  7. Ian says:

    I’m more embarrassed by the awful typo in the first sentence than its content.

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