BOSTON (CBS) – New Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said Sunday that the first day of spring training is a “fresh start” for everyone at camp.

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“This is 2012, this the year that could be the most special year of their life. That is definitely a message I want them to understand regardless of what happened last year whether they were in Korea, Boston or the National League West. I want them to think that this is a special year,” Valentine said.

A fresh start is exactly what the Red Sox players need. The team held a nine-game lead on the Tampa Bay Rays at the beginning of September, only to stumble to a 7-20 finish and miss the playoffs.

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As a result, Terry Francona lost his job, paving the way for Valentine to make his return to the major leagues.

It was easy to tell how excited Valentine is about getting spring training underway.

“That’s what spring is. It’s the new beginning. It’s a time for excitement, and not only in New England. It’s a time for excitement in every region of the country that has a Major League Baseball team,” said Valentine.

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  1. Arthur Worsh says:

    Apologize all day. You were wrong! You got hung up on “you” and not “team”. If you don’t understand that, you’ll never again see a World Series victory! Get over yourself!

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