FORT MYERS (CBS) – Josh Beckett and Jon Lester spoke to the media at length for the first time since last September’s historic collapse by the Red Sox, with Beckett admitting to some “lapses in judgment.”

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“We made mistakes in the clubhouse and that’s about as far as I’ll go talking about the clubhouse,” Beckett said Sunday. “I’m upset with myself for the lapses in judgement.”

The team finished 7-20 in September and missed the playoffs despite holding a nine-game lead on the Tampa Bay Rays on Sept. 1.

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Reports after the season indicated the team’s best pitchers, including Beckett and Lester, sometimes drank beer and ate fried chicken during games in the clubhouse.

“I’m not saying that we didn’t make mistakes because we did make mistakes in the clubhouse,” said Beckett.

“We both know we need to do a better job of being on the field and being around these guys more and instilling in these young guys that we do work hard and we do take this seriously, and we care,” Lester said. “I think that’s the biggest thing, is that we do care and we want to win.”

The reported clubhouse antics led to questions about the team’s conditioning.

“I put on a little bit of weight. I don’t have a reason for it, but it happened. I’m looking forward… to going forward from here,” said Beckett.

Beckett actually had one of his best years in a Red Sox uniform in 2011 (13-7, 2.89 ERA, 175 Ks), but his September performance left a lot to be desired, and played a big role in the team’s terrible finish.

In four September starts, Beckett went 1-2 with a 5.48 ERA and could not defeat the last-place Baltimore Orioles in each of his final two outings.

“I didn’t pitch well. That was the bottom line. The last two starts against Baltimore, they weren’t good,” Beckett said Sunday.

Beckett also admitted he was a bit distracted during season’s final month, and that may have played a role in his performance.

lesterweb Beckett, Lester Moving On From Last Years Lapses In Judgment

Jon Lester spoke to the media on Sunday.

“I had things going and I got distracted and I think that was the biggest thing for me, going forward, that I would change, just not to be distracted,” Beckett said.

Beckett did not elaborate on that distraction, but he and his wife did have a baby just four months ago.

Lester, meanwhile, didn’t pitch much better than his teammate in the final month, going 1-3 with a 5.40 ERA.

“I had one good start and one decent start (in September),” said Lester. “That’s not good out of five in a month. It weighed on me pretty good this offseason. I think it’s going to help me this year.”

Comments (9)
  1. Martin says:

    Josh, you had a few beers and some chicken on nights you weren’t pitching, it’s not really a big deal and we kinda wish you would drop it. You should just go see “The Vow” and get ready to think postive about the season. Good review about The Vow at

  2. carla says:

    the longest journey begins with a single step. this is a step in the right direction. now drop & give me 20, not being able to hear your interview, i’ll give you a mulligan for the act of contrition. now condition hard, practice hard, play hard, and no snacks until after games. the mantra this season should be dan fogelberg’s “centerfield,” “put me in coach, i’m ready to play ….” from all of us at “carla’s place,” cheers!

  3. don says:

    bunch off has beens comeing from a sox fan

  4. Haydn says:

    Sports Casters ON TV want them all to say “I’m Sorry I’m Sorry. ” No frankly move on, talk about something else. Who cares. It is water under the bridge. If they learned from it all, fine. That really is all you can expect.

  5. Bruce says:

    good point…it was on their days off. now let’s move on. Carla, sorry but “Center FIeld” was John Fogarty from CCR not Folgolberg

    1. blackbear1 says:

      Not a good point Bruce!! “Move on” means accepting things and saying it is OK.. No way dude!!.. These were not days off. They were days they were not pitching. Still at work!!! Are you allowed to drink at work?? They must have non pitching day routines and duties. True what occurs in the clubhouse, stays in the clubhouse. However, that would seem to apply more to team dynamics, etc. Teachers can’t drink beer in the teachers room/lounge. Ok guys, don’t apologize, we can’t make you, but you need to feel a red dot lazer target aimed at you and please do not display a cavalier attitude. I know last year is gone, but expectations were very high and I hope you feel that this is one that got away and you can never get it back. You had best really bring it on this year, because ownership did not do much this off season.
      OK Bruce you move on!

  6. Jbird says:

    It’s obvious that Beckett still thinks he did nothing wrong and that’s OK. He addressed it and now it’s time to concentrate this year. Lester admitted mistakes and now it’s time to concentrate on this year. They both addressed the issue so let it go. Beckett is no longer the ‘Leader’ in the clubhouse and Lester has more to worry about when he’s on the mound. When the opposition puts up a couple of hits on him early he turns into a real head case. He needs to work on that and not let his head affect his throwing.

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