A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Really cracked me up the other day when I read a story on the CBS Boston website about a scam artist on the North Shore.  The story was warning folks about a scam being attempted throughout the North Shore for chimney cleaning services.  Apparently some people had already been lured in and had paid hundreds, in a couple of cases thousands of dollars to have their chimney’s cleaned and in some cases repaired and up-graded with unnecessary services.   I live part of the year North of Boston and the story caught my interest.

     Honest  to God it wasn’t 20-minutes after reading the story that my phone rang and a very sweet sounding woman said…”Hello Mr. LaPararerier, I’m calling from a chimney cleaning business on the North Shore and we’re contacting people who may have NOT had their chimney inspected and cleaned for 5-years or more.  How about your home Mr. LaParareirier, has your chimney been cleaned in the past five years?”   My first thought was….somebody’s putting me on here so I immediately replied…..”Yes Mame, I get my chimney cleaned at least every two weeks just as a precaution.”      There was a slight pause, and this seemingly sweet lady turned on me.   She said….”you Sir are a f^%&@%^#*^NG a__Hole……and she slammed the phone in my ear.     I felt violated..;-)  My goodness….I have to wonder if she kisses her mother with that same foul mouth.     Take it from good ole Mr. LaPararerier….”beware of the rude and nasty scam artist.”

     And yes…..totally unrelated, but enough already about Whitney Houston.  I’m right up to here…..yes here…with stories about this drugged-out entertainer.  A great singer yes, but a total loser in innumerable ways. It’s over, she’s in the ground, put the flags in New Jersey back to full mast (WHERE THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT ALL TIMES) big mistake Governor Christie, and let’s get on with much more important stuff.

  1. Jean Jacobson says:

    Mr. LaPierre,
    As the owner of a legitimate chimney company and a member of the Mass. Chimney Sweep Guild, I apologize that you had to witness first hand what we deal with everyday. There is currently no licensing in this state for sweeping, so anyone can do it, and that is a sad thing. You need a license to cut my hair and paint my nails (neither of which can kill you), but any joe smoe with a brush and a vacuum cleaner can partake in this industry which can kill someone if done improperly.
    Again, from all legitimate sweeps….sorry!

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