Paul’s TV gave Toucher & Rich some more flat screen TVs to give away so they decided to play a little game called “I Rule!”

Each member of the show picked a certain trivia specialty, Rich picked action movies post 1985, Fred picked Hip-Hop from 1983 to 1995, Wallach picked the Boston Celtics post 1957 and Adolfo picked 1900s U.S. History.

One contestant has to try to answer more questions correctly than the show member in order to win. If they can’t the listener the member of the show is playing for wins. Today Rich was chosen to do battle.

How many questions do you think he got? Listen and find out.


  1. Rex Montana says:

    It had six wheels; it looked like a tank, and you could program it with a keypad. It was 1979. What am I talking about?

    I don’t deserve a TV. None of us deserve a TV — a fate worse than trivia. A mind full of nonsense.

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