There are certain announcers that you can’t help but love, whether it’s their great voice or original catch phrases. Every day this week T&R are going to take a look at guys that sit up in the booth calling games that we love.

First up today was former Chicago Cubs radio color commentator Ron Santo. He joined the WGN broadcast in 1990 and worked with play-by-play announcer Pat Hughes.

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Santo makes this list of great broadcaster because after years of doing the job he just stopped caring about what he said during a broadcast. At one game he yelled at fans that were standing and blocking the view of the field.

Next the guys listened to some calls from Tampa Bay Lightning radio play-by-play announcer Dave Mishkin.

Mishkin gets all jacked up and screams his head off when the Lightning score, but listen to his call when the Bruins beat them to head to the Stanley Cup Finals.



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