Jermaine Wiggins joined Felger and Massarotti to talk about Randy Moss and his potential return to the NFL.

Is there any chance Moss could return to the Pats? What kind of relationship does Wiggy have with Randy Moss?

Will any team be willing to buy into Moss? Is it a bad thing that players like having Randy on their team?

The Patriots do need a down field threat, but that answer isn’t Moss. Is it?


Comments (2)
  1. George Bush says:

    Moss is a cancer and a slug, he was never a winner even in his prime, it was all about Randy and his numbers.

  2. Neil Allen says:

    It could be attention, legacy (not spending the next 50 years hearing “you were one of the top 10 receivers of all time), or money (though he won’t get more than 1-2 million), but it sure isn’t a desire to play his ass off to win football games

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