BOSTON (CBS) – The Phantom Gourmet recently purchased four cans of minestrone soup at a local supermarket for a taste test.

The contenders were Amy’s, Campbell’s, Progresso, and Wolfgang Puck.

Campbell’s finished in last place. This condensed soup just didn’t stand a chance. It was way too watery and completely flavorless. Maybe if Phantom ignored the directions and added way less water, this soup might have measured up.

Watch video:

A big step up from there was Progresso. This hefty can boasts a full serving of vegetables in every bowl, and with the biggest chunks in the bunch, it certainly delivers. The addition of spinach gives a rustic earthy feel, but in the end Progresso just tastes too canned.

The runner-up is Amy’s. This organic entry is rich and thick with tons of veggies and noodles in every spoonful. Unfortunately the pasta was mushy, and the broth was overwhelmed by so much onion flavor phantom could barely taste anything else.

At the top of the food chain is Wolfgang Puck. This celebrity chef is more than just a pretty face; he actually makes some seriously good soup. The broth was well balanced, tasting like it was slow-simmered for hours. And the pasta and beans stayed firm, giving this soup a wonderful contrast of textures.

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Comments (3)
  1. George Bush says:

    Not much good info here. Only 4 soups tested, no prices or overall value opinions given. The expensive soup is better than the real cheap stuff, never would have guessed…

  2. Edho says:

    The Boston Marathon, with or without wind aiidng it, is one of the toughest marathons out there with an elite field. If these guys would have ran in London or some other certified course that is known for producing fast times then we would be talking about the 2 hour mark almost being broken. The author of this article is entitled to their opionion but should have done their research.

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