WELLFLEET, Mass. (AP) — Animal rescuers say they have successfully herded more than 50 common dolphins out of Wellfleet Harbor on Cape Cod to avoid strandings.

But the International Fund for Animal Welfare said Friday three more stranded dolphins died Thursday night on the Barnstable harbor side of Sandy Neck. Two found stranded in that area were rescued and released off Town Neck Beach in Sandwich.

The organization says it’s keeping an eye out for more dolphins in the Barnstable and Wellfleet areas.

The IFAW says 160 dolphins have stranded on Cape Cod since Jan. 12. Of those, 120 have died and 40 have been rescued.

That’s far more than the yearly average of 37 common dolphin strandings over the last 12 years. Scientists say geography, weather changes or behavior of the dolphins’ prey may explain the increase.
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  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Could it be that the promised 500 ft wall of tsunami wave evolving from falling volcanic rock on the small islands west of Spain are being sensed by the wonders of nature? The reality is that the scenario some scientists are telling us that just such an event could occure is little known and just maybe, though I doubt it, just maybe we should pay heed to a tsunami which could hit us and inundate us for look how oblivious we seem to be to allow both sides of the Congressional aisle to dupe us so in serving tehir own agenda and allowing this “Goldman Sachs” administarytoion and the likes of “Mr. Barney” – “Smug-smiled Pelosi” and “Good ‘ol Newt” as consultant to the tafesty of Freddie Mac…wake up, get involved and stop thise afilliations to party lines for that was for the old folks and yaers past…neaither party is far different than the other when we see such outragious behavior as none has placed our beloved Republci and Constitution to the forefront as its seems a berr on the White House lawn by the elitists makes government imposing on our steemed first responders ok..it does not!

    Vote ! Granb the “change” stripped from you and restore the dignity of our Constitution and heed the warnings of our forefathers and their insight making us aware that the threat may come from within…Keep your front porch flags like mine turned upside down depicting the distress We here on “Main Street USA” are in when we see candidates for the President of teh United Sattes preferring to talk down the other, rather than discuss the issues so quickly bringing demise to so many children now living with theoir parents and siblings in automobiles using hospital restrooms to change for school and Barry Obama – the Chicago community street organizer – spending and spending and standing tall with his “Goldman Sachs” riddled administration!

    By the way, what does your school superintendent earn annually and where are your school standings compared with others – and why are China and India leading the way? What is the average age of our US Air Force fighter plane and how old are our US Navy vessels and is it true that Great Britaion has not one aircraft carrier?

  2. James King says:

    Please, please stop interfering with evolution. This is either a matter of natural selection where the fittest survive. The dumb dolphins die, but the fittest are trying to evolve into land animals. They will possibly become a college professor of marine biology. Man needs to stop interfering with “Mother Nature” and allow our future land forming animals evolve unless they can be quizzed to see if they are potential terrorists. In that case maybe a politician can send someone else’s child to kill this terrorists so avoid another unconstitutional war.

    1. VG says:

      even if man interferes with mother nature,it will happen if it has to happen..and we must do what our conscience asks us to do..and we must not show the “I dont care” attitude..thts my opinion..

      1. James King says:

        This is the hypocrisy. Man is not an animal because he has a conscience. Animals do not feel guilty for abusive behavior. Animals don’t care in nature except for the natural instinct of a mother and its young, but that is simple preservation of the species. ALL evolutionists are hypocrites!

    2. VG says:

      naturally doing good things will make us feel good too. I hope they continue to make a difference. Sadly most people don’t consider it worth the effort, so the world depends on those who do. we r given a conscience to decide good from bad..but sometimes we wonder are we really listening to our conscience..man,animals and plants are interdependent on each other..

    3. Harold4 says:

      I’m not sure all people have a “self conscience”. At least I’m pretty sure many feel no guilt for their abusive behavior. You don’t have to be a historian to realize that.

  3. VG says:

    Everyone does have a conscience. Some people dont care and dont listen to it.Some just ignore it.It depends on a person’s understanding of what is right and wrong.

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