The NFL Network’s Bert Breer came in for his final weekly visit of the football season.

The non-catch by Wes Welker in the fourth quarter has been debated all week. Some say the throw from Tom Brady could have been better and others say Welker should have caught it.

The question this offseason is will that catch come back to haunt him in free agency?

Gresh, Zo and Bert debated whether Wes Welker deserves to come back as a top paid receiver in New England. Is he worth it is as a possession receiver?

“Remember, Bill Belichick was in New York with Wayne Chrebet, and saw how quickly that fell apart. He saw Troy Brown, who was great and found ways to contribute afterwards, but saw Troy Brown go from a 100-catch receiver to ‘hanging on.’ It happens fast with those guys,” said Breer.

“Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski are going to be up after the 2013 season. When they’re thinking about a Welker deal, they’re thinking about ‘what are we putting in 2014 2015;’ they have to account for the fact that at that point, in 2014 and 2015,  when Welker’s production may have fallen off a cliff — because you don’t know what the shelf-life is with those guys — they’re going to have to account for the fact that maybe we don’t just have that number on the books, but then we might have an enormous number for Rob Gronkowski at that point.'”

They also hit on Welker’s overall impact to the team.


Comments (6)
  1. Robert says:

    Yes they should!!! Dump Chad Ochosrinko!!!

  2. Ruff Ryder says:

    Since Brady can no longer throw the ball accurately down field (why do ya think they don’t have a legit wide-out ???), they need to keep all the intermediate receivers that they have have.

  3. Jocko says:

    He’s to short and he cost the Pats the superbowl….dump him on Cleveland

  4. R L says:

    Me thinks Fans are still frustrated after the the loss on last Sunday. Welker’s an all pro.slot receiver and dropped a catchable ball..
    You people sound like NY fans calling for Couglin’s head every time he loses a couple of ballgames in a row.
    Snap out of it . sign him.

  5. mike says:

    they should keep him. you all catch that throw and then see if you still feel the same o wait you wont catch it cause your not out there playing and trying. this is a all pro slot receiver not an all pro couch sitter like all the doubters saying cut him. its easy to say cut someone when your the one not on topic, easier to make this comment about a ball he should have caught, when you’re not even close to playing in the NFL. woodhead,welker,gronk and branch are keepers. pats all day.

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