‘Oil Can’ Boyd Admits To Pitching Under Influence Of Cocaine

BOSTON (CBS) – Former Red Sox pitcher Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd admitted on Wednesday that two-thirds of the time he was on the mound, he was under the influence of cocaine.

“Oh yeah, at every ballpark. There wasn’t one ballpark that I probably didn’t stay up all night, until four or five in the morning, and the same thing is still in your system,” Boyd told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jonny Miller in Fort Myers, Fla. “It’s not like you have time to go do it while in the game, which I had done that.

“Some of the best games I’ve ever, ever pitched in the major leagues I stayed up all night; I’d say two-thirds of them,” said Boyd,  who spent eight of his 10 major league seasons with the Red Sox. “If I had went to bed, I would have won 150 ballgames in the time span that I played. I feel like my career was cut short for a lot of reasons, but I wasn’t doing anything that hundreds of ball players weren’t doing at the time; because that’s how I learned it.”

Hear the Interview:

Despite that, Boyd said he has no regrets in his career that spanned from 1982 t0 1991.

“It was something that I had to deal with personally and I succumbed,” he said. “I lived through my life and I feel good about myself. I have no regrets about what I did or said about anything that I said or did. I’m a stand-up person and I came from a quality background of people.”

Boyd, who went 78-77 with 799 career strikeouts with the Red Sox, Expos and Rangers, said he received support from some teammates, but not all.

“All of them didn’t rally around me,” he explained. “All of them knew and the ones that cared came to me. The Dwight Evans and Bill Buckners… It was the veteran ball players. Some guys lived it… They knew what you were doing, and the only way they knew was they had to have tried it too.”

Boyd explained why he believes he got a worse reputation than some others.

“The reason I caught the deep end to it is because I’m black. The bottom line is the game carries a lot of bigotry, and that was an easy way for them to do it,” Boyd said. “If I wasn’t outspoken and a so-called ‘proud black man,’ maybe I would have gotten the empathy and sympathy like other ballplayers got that I didn’t get; like Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Steve Howe. I can name 50 people that got third and fourth chances all because they weren’t outspoken black individuals.”

Boyd said he was never asked to take a drug test during his playing days.

“I never had a drug test as long as I played baseball,” he said. “I was told that, yeah, if you don’t stop doing this we’re going to put you into rehab, and I told them (expletive) that (expletive).  I’m going to do what I have to do, I have to win ball games. We’ll talk about that in the offseason, right now I have to win ball games.”

The retired Red Sox pitcher has been busy as of late. His autobiography, “They Call Me Oil Can,” is scheduled for publication in June. In May, he will be filming his role as pitcher Satchel Paige in a major motion picture about Jackie Robinson, starring Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey, Richard Gere and Chadwick Boseman as Robinson.

  • Cap Curmudgeon

    i read to the point he played the race card.

    See ya!

    • otbotrc


      • James D

        I read only the first few lines, and then scanned the rest, looking for a key piece of information: WHEN did this guy play? From what year, to what year?

        I’m not a big baseball fan, and I have no idea. Odds are, most of the readers don’t know either, and if I had been writing this story, that important information would have been in there somewhere.

        It should have been in there. The reporter should know better. This is basic stuff.

        Also, though, the crap about being black and outspoken was some serious nonsense. Nobody cares about that, especially when it comes to sports these days. His race is entirely irrelevant to anything (except in his mind–and probably the minds of some liberal academics and politicians)

      • the optometrist

        Despite that, Boyd said he has no regrets in his career that spanned from 1982 t0 1991.

        -very plain to see, open your eyes James D

      • steve

        yup. that’s when I stop reading every article. The race card is bogus.

      • Jerk from NY

        So typical. Yea its so rough for a professional athlete black guy. I don’t do cocaine before I go to work because I care about my family and I had a dad that didn’t leave me. Congrats on black parenting its so awesome, Dad leaves, Mom’s lazy and everyone blames the white people! Where is my 40 acres and my muel!

        Get fully prepared for doomsday or a major apocalyptic disaster for under $50 bucks!

      • Never heard of oilcan

        I guess all that cocaine made him a legend in his own mind.

      • Deniz Bber


        Does he even realize that two of three names he gave of players getting a second chance…..were black?????

        Good grief. This man is unintelligent.

        Why is someone writing a column about him? He is dumb and doesn’t say anything interesting.

      • SeanR64

        Me too. As soon as I read, “because I’m black” I quit reading and like that (snaps fingers) my interest in your story was gone.

      • Jimmy Burns

        Boyd was a real deal red sox player, was drug use a real part of the game at the time, unfortunately yes. Could he have been a better player if he had kept a healthy body, most likely. But to say that the game was the same as it is today is just wrong. Keep in mind Bill “Spaceman” Lee pitched a perfect game high as hell once, that could never happen today.

    • Oil Can Henry

      Yup, that’s when I scrolled down to read the comments! I’m so sick of players saying they have it bad because of race. It’s 2012 folks!

      • Lo

        But he wasn’t playing Baseball in 2012, was he? Derp.

      • Yourna Mehere

        OK Lo, I guess those cotton plantations were going strong in the 1980’s. Oil Can is just another low life druggie who blames his problems on everybody else. Kind of like Obuma.

    • Bob-Salem

      race card ended story

      • Branch Rickey

        There is no such thing as a “race card”. There is no such thing as a “blame game”. There is only truth and lies. This guy lived his life, unless you were there and saw something else going on, state some facts otherwise. Leave the right wing denial quotes for Fox “news”.

      • TheTruth

        “Branch Rickey” is a typical apologist, always driveling on in circles and such. Go marry this rusted “Oil can” clown if you love him so much. The same goes for Tron5000 and anyone else who wishes to politely carry this fools tote around.

      • Ron

        Exactly. As soon as I read “The reason I caught the deep end to it is because I’m black. The bottom line is the game carries a lot of bigotry, and that was an easy way for them to do it,” , I audibly muttered, “oh STFU….” and checked out.

    • Joseph Allen Kozuh

      Most Blacks who are murdered in the uSA are murdered by … other Blacks … !!!!!

    • beingakneegrow

      I was waiting for it and it came.

      • Rich in Cali


      • chris

        that’s what she said.

    • proudnot2bliberal

      Yup just like obomie the comie if you say anything against him its because your a racist? Sorry folks but this is why the AA community is a majority in the ghettos & prisons because of teh race huckster like sharpton, jackson, farrcon etc who claim everything is because of race. Maybe its because your an ahole or a moron. gee maybe I can claim everytime someone doesnt agree with me or give me something its because of my ancestory? NO my ancestors got over it by trying harder & working thier way out not depending upon someone (the gov) for evevrything

      • yamstar1

        Your rant loses a lot of its steam when we realize, by your spelling and grammar, that you didn’t pass 5th grade english.

      • Anglo-Saxon

        yamstart – Your rant loses a lot of steam when we realize that you don’t know how to spell “English” correctly. Capitalize it, dude!

      • Steve Garcia

        It’s refreshing to see someone that hasn’t depended upon the government for everything. Including an education. Learn to spell and punctuate. It would make your incoherent ramblings easier to understand. As for the venemous misinformation you spew, do yourself a favor, and get another news source besides FOX News, Rush and Matt Drudge.Loser.

      • Read Jefferson

        But Steve, those are the only places to get real news.

      • yamass

        Yamstar1 is a typical liberal..can’t compete in arena of ideas, so they attack someone’s casual typing skills. In that case, according to well read Yamass, we should never take anything blacks say because they can neither write or speak well.

    • Tom Palermo

      Same here…. But addicts will make any excuse they can for their addiction. They keeping making excuses until they come clean. Only then can they begin their recovery, although they will always be an addict. Boyd hasn’t accepted his addiction or begun to recover. He first has to stop making excuses, look in the mirror, and accept the responsibility for being an addict! I pray for him……

      • Thugdog Nasty

        “He first has to stop making excuses, look in the mirror, and accept the responsibility for being an addict! I pray for him……”

        Mighty judgmental for a person with an invisible friend.

    • sdfdf

      i stopped reading at…”because I’m black”

    • dam

      I read to the point that I realized it wasn’t a story about Sam Malone.

    • John

      Ditto…what a loser…look at me, I’m a victim…yeah, right, a victim of stupidity and ignorance. Get a life. I know Sachel Paige, I worked with Sachel Paige, you, oiled can, are no Sachel Paige!

    • Daisy

      Drugs have a way of making people delusional. As does racism. This guy is dependent on drugs and he’s a racist. Double loser.

    • Paul B

      that race card is like a ACE in the pocket. No answer for it, and it can be pulled out anywhere at anytime, and the moment you challenge it’s use, you are labeled a racist.

      • Jas Aub

        It’s how Barry got elected.

    • Andrew

      Yep. It’s said so much it no longer has any meaning.

    • sd8

      I was born a poe black child too ! Maybe i should come up with a life of misery and write an article to sell some books so i can throw all my peeps unda da bus !

    • Peter Schwartz

      Me Too!!

    • brian

      same,,,,typical african-african (american ?) come back !!! my great great great great great grand-daddy was sold by HIS people for a few bucks and sent off to the new world !!! what a mistake that was !!! now we are stuck with that west african scurge !!!! way to go early americans !!! couldnt we have gotten slaves somewhere else ??? damn,,,now they are going to ruin this country !!!

    • CJ48

      It’s not an excuse to do drugs, but do you guys really think he didn’t have to deal with racism?
      It might be 2012 now, but it wasn’t back then.
      Jackie Robinson could tell you some great stories of coming off the field at the end of the game, then tossing his jersey into the same laundry pile as every other player and having the guy who did the cleaning pick up Jackie’s shirt with a stick and tell him “I don’t clean n***grs clothes….or how his own teammates taunted him in the club house.
      I know Boyd played a little later in time, but don’t act like this stuff wasn’t happening.

      • Heywood U Buzzoff

        Oil Can was an angry, argumentative jerk in the club house. He bad mouthed fellow players, coaches, and staff when he was not sneaking off to get high. Talk to the folks who played with him and against him or had to work around. he was a jerk who loved being a jerk and the only reason he did not get his second o third ‘chance’ was that he was a jerk

    • Gman521

      This idiot once said that the reason that there was so much FOG at the Cleveland Indians home field during one of outings is that they “built it too close to the ocean.”

    • david


    • Dave Pallero

      No shortage of orchestrated news today. This story really blows. Big brother has taken over the media and has 90% or more of the comments on all media sites creating the perception of public opinion.

      Learn what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the Pentagon’s take over of our government.


    • Rev Jackson

      Same here. He’s a dirtbag.

    • steve5150

      He did the same thing when he was playing for the Red Sox. All his screw ups and break downs were because he is black and the Red Sox were racists.
      Now all these years later we find out that what the Red Sox were blaming him for (wild inconcistency in his pitching and half crazy emotional out bursts) were not because the Red Sox management was racist it was because this numb nuts was high as a kite just like the Sox management said at the time.

    • Rev Right

      I guess being a legless fall-down drunk just wasn’t enough.

    • geo


    • rmiller

      Hear! Hear! Once again it is not the black guys fault he was an ass. It is societies and he should be compensated for it. Face he is a loser!

    • Saw U play and U Sucked

      No Mr. Boyd, it wasn’t because you were black and outspoken, it was because you were a loser. You had no talent, you never won agamein a critical situation, plainly put, you had NOTHING to offer but trouble. Gooden, and the others that got 2, 3, 4 chance all were superstars with upside potential if they could be straightend out. To compare yourself with Gooden is just plain rediculous!

  • Moe

    The reason I caught the deep end to it is because I’m black

    You did freaking drugs, sickening. Enough with the race card, it has been played.

  • MadCharles

    Pro sports is such a sewer anymore. It hasn’t been right since Caminiti.
    Oh yeah, They’ll jump up and say not any more !! but come on. Shut up & cover up for access is still the world wide leaders of sport news motto. No shame.

    • onewhodidnt

      not sure what you ,mean. caminiti was also a roid freak late in his career. i know cause i played. the attitude is “if you arent cheating, you arent trying hard enough to win”. imk not judging, thats just the truth.

  • Jim Turner

    Shove your freaking race card right up your oil can, buddy and STFU!

    • John

      Jim: You and Ernest hemmingway are the titans of short but incredibly informative sentences.

  • Ricks Friend

    As my good friend Rick James used to say. That Cocaine is a hellava Drug

    • BS Detector

      Yeah, but happy pills last longer and are cheaper.

  • Duff McSnuff

    Wasn’t there a player that would slide into base head first so he wouldn’t crush the coke vial in his back pocket? Anyone remember that?

    • Midge Martin

      Raines’s performance dipped in 1982,[6] as he hit .277 with a .353 on base percentage.[7] At the end of the season, Raines entered treatment for substance abuse, having spent an estimated $40,000 that year on cocaine.[6] To avoid leaving the drug in his locker, Raines carried it in his hip pocket, and slid headfirst when running the bases.[8] He used cocaine before games, in his car, after games, and on some occasions, between innings in the clubhouse.[9] Raines would later testify at the infamous Pittsburgh drug trials, in September, 1985.


    • Ervie

      Vince Coleman slid head first.

  • james shitkowski

    Ditto. The ‘I been wronged’ black man routine is where I stopped reading. Fortunately, baseball is purging those types. It is all corporate now and they wont tolerate losers and whiners like this guy. He wasn’t even that good, so he’s also deluding himself. No regrets….and he’s a dumb dufus on top of it all.

  • rwcx

    This is why if quit watching Football,Basketball and Baseball. It’s all a bunch of crap.

  • brad

    Explains why the Red Sox did not reach the World Series for years.

    • zimriel

      Yeah, this.

      Or, you know, racism.

  • Kris Boregard

    I hope the movie tanks!

  • greg6363

    Tell us something we don’t know.

  • Oh God not again....

    RACE CARD. He musta learned that from Obama andHolder.

    • gramps

      America has become ‘The Picture of ‘Dorian Gray’…..!

      ‘Ole Oil Can’, you’re another ‘victim’ of the likes of Tavis Smiley, MSNBC, Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Dyson, West, Jackson et al, They all make their $$ by telling the Folks/people that they’re allegedly trying to help…..they’re ‘victims’…..Creating a ‘poor me’, us against them, downtrodden, give me more, mindset!…..

      The ‘R’ card no longer carries the weight, it once had.

      The ‘Racism’ of the past is well on the wane/gone, those people mentioned have become the ‘racists’ of ‘today’, dividing & destroying America….

      “to prove”:…….Here’s a ‘window view’, front row seat, ‘reality’ driven, picture of ‘America’ today….One only has to watch C-SPANS’ ‘National Journal’ (7 to 10am) for a few weeks to see how ‘totally’ polarized, angry, disturbingly uninformed, screwed up & demographically divided this country is…..Regardless of which side wins in November, the other will feel ‘totally alone, scared & disenfranchised’, they’ve done their job well…..

      America’s current condition is the unintended result of Lyndon Johnsons ‘UNFUNDED’ ‘Great Society’…..(the debt limit has been raised ’70+ times’ since 1965, to sustain it)…..

      She’s now ‘BANKRUPT’!…..Yet the people mentioned ‘above’…. want more & more.



      If ‘Oil Can’ Obama wins,the uninformed, reality challenged, ‘Lemmings of the Left’ will continue ‘dragging’ America with them, as they flock to the sea.

  • David

    Seeing how his career flamed out so quickly and his erratic behavior I must say that I am completely shocked and stunned by this totally unforeseen development.


    Just as I was shocked when Paul McCartney finally admitted several years ago that the Beatles were high on drugs including LSD throughout the recording of Sgt Peppers.

  • Dirts

    Taking the mound on cocaine? Classic.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      Reminds me of a joke about Dwight Gooden from many years ago. The guy had to be a pitcher. They tried him in the field but he kept trying to snort up the foul lines.

  • Bob Stanson

    The reason they got 3rd, 4th and 5th chances is because they were nice and people went out of their way to help them. What this “gentleman” doesnt seem to grasp is that what you called being “outspoken” the rest of the world (white, black, asian etc etc) called being a Dbag. Grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. Be a man and stop blaming everyone else.

    • BobH

      Well said.

  • Brent

    This is a piece of human debris. He ha the talent to play a game that 99% of the American male population would give their right testical to play, and he throws it away. He is a junkie, and on top of that, A BIGOTED RECIST JUNKIE. You sir may rot in hell forever. I will never read or even buy your book, and will never see anything you are associated with. You are filth in my opinion and if you were in front of me I would spit in your face and then kick your recist backside for the mockery you placed on a game that many of us love.

  • Billy Bob

    Did anyone else have this entire page surround by Valvoline Oil Change ads?

    • rreactor

      Product placement fail

  • Pat

    Did this idiot just say he didn’t get sympathy because he was black, but Daryll Strawberry and Dwight Gooden did?
    He needs to go crawl back under his ‘rock’.

  • been banned

    YOu’re saying Billy Buck, Dwight, Yaz, Nomar, all the vets did what you did? They got something to say about any of this? How dare they allow this racist liar to play the role of Jackie Robinson. Shame on you Harrison Ford-you blind liberal fool. You hear what this nutbag said? He’s dangerous and so are you for supporting him in the film.

    • rwilliam

      are you on cocaine… he’s playing Satchel Paige, not Jackie Robinson. It is so amazing how easily people judge others and can make comments. According to old ball players, players in the 60’s and 70’s took uppers like they were candy. The 80’s was filled with cocaine users. He hs a book coming out, he’s trying to sell it so he is going to give out some wild detaiils. It is great that the internet is full of perfect people who have so much free time to sit and judge the life of others.

    • mike

      He’s playing the role of Satchel Paige I believe…

  • cageysea

    There it is… it’s all because I’m black. What a sad, sad, little man.

  • RicardoCabeza

    A shocking revelation that shocked absolutely no one Oil Can Boyd admits to being a junkie and blames whitey for being a junkie.

  • DigitalBob

    Hey Mr Oil Can…NO ONE likes ANYONE with an attitude. Being black has nothing to do with it.

  • Blowthemandown

    I played against Oil Can. I owned him.

  • rob mlakar

    of course he did coke it was the 70’s an early 80’s everyone an their grandmoters did coke………… com on Shelly!!

  • http://www.insignificantthoughts.com/2012/02/09/oil-can-spent-most-of-his-mound-time-loaded/ Oil Can Spent Most Of His Mound Time Loaded » insignificant thoughts

    […] Despite that, Boyd said he has no regrets. via boston.cbslocal.com […]

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