MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – Charges against a taxi driver accused of raping a passenger have been dropped.

A New Hampshire judge ruled there’s not enough evidence to put Ayad Al-Dulaimi on trial. Police in Manchester arrested the 24-year-old last month after a young woman told officers he drove her to his apartment and attacked her.

Al-Dulaimi was supposed to take the woman from the nightclub Drynk to her apartment in Concord. He claims he couldn’t find it, so instead he took her to his place in downtown Manchester. That’s where he allegedly sexually assaulted the victim twice.

Al-Dulaimi admits taking her to his place, but claims they had consensual sex.

According to police, the woman was told to leave the bar because she was too intoxicated and vomited several times in the taxi.

Comments (2)
  1. Truthmom says:

    If she was so intoxicated that she was kicked out of the bar and sent home in a taxi it sounds to be like she was so intoxicated she couldn’t have possibly given consent (considering consentual sex requires 2 SOBER adults). Charges dropped though? Funny…

  2. Duttykaitlyn says:

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