There were no arrests in the city of Boston after the Patriots lost to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, but at UMass-Amherst it was a different story.

Hundreds of students gathered in the main residential part of campus after the loss. Police in riot gear and on horseback dispersed the crowd and made 14 arrests.

Read: 14 Arrested At UMass-Amherst After Super Bowl

Two girls up in their room grab their cell phone and start recording the action outside their window. Riots are never funny, but these two girls add their own commentary and it’s instant comedy.

Click here to watch the video, warning video contains adult language.

Listen to Toucher & Rich break it all down.

Comments (4)
  1. Rex Montana says:

    College is a prison with gift bags.

    1. Rex Montana says:

      If I’m the first person to say that, I’d like the credit. Never gotten it before, but I never asked for it.

      Gift bag.

  2. Rex Montana says:

    Bang Flash Bang Gang Grenade. OMG! Eww… seriously, so gross.


    (Actually, idea women. Let’s not be too sarcastic. Let’s not F this up.)

    1. Rex Montana says:

      Meant “ideal”. They probably wont let me post a correction. Let’s see. Fingers crossed.

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