BOSTON (CBS) – After losing Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants on Sunday evening, many Patriots appeared absolutely miserable while talking with the media.

Wes Welker, who dropped what could have been a game-clinching catch, held back tears as he recalled the moment. Tom Brady sat alone at his locker for the better part of an hour before even moving. Brandon Spikes tweeted about “Suicidal Thoughts.” Bill Belichick was even more terse than usual.

It was a depressing scene, but amid it all, tight end Rob Gronkowski and left tackle Matt Light were getting ready to party.

In photographs making their way around the Internet, Gronkowski and Light appear on stage during a performance by the group LMFAO.

Glenn Gronkowski, the tight end’s younger brother who will play football at Kansas State this year, tweeted during the performance, “Legit party rocking with @lmfao right now ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”

Gordie Gronkowski also tweeted, “Unbelievable night on stage w @LMFAO. Anytime all the bros are together its a great time! @Chrisgronkowski @DGronko @ggronko @RobGronkowski”

Check out a photo of a shirtless Gronkowski here, via Twitter. The photo of Gronkowski and Light is here, via Deadspin.

Comments (18)
  1. my 2 cents says:

    it’s not the end of the world a’ holes …. life goes on ……

  2. Tony Dela Cruz says:

    Seriously, the season’s over, they are off the clock, who cares what they do (after losing the biggest game of their lives LOL)

  3. Dawn Marie Coston-earnednotstolen says:

    thats a old picture from while ago..seen it months ago..why would you try and make a new scandal with an old picture?? should be able to expect more from wbz!! disappointed and may get my news elsewhere if this is what you do

    1. Bryan Patriots Examiner Ellis says:

      WBZ is trying to point out that there was no controversy with him being shirtless and partying with a band, so the controversy with him in the earlier photo with BiBi Jones was just pure stupidity. They even captioned that the photo shown with the article was from the bye week. You need to click the links in the article to see the current photos they are referring to.

  4. oleg says:

    So what hwo cares now

    1. dan says:

      who is spelt like this

  5. go patriots says:

    stay strong through the loss, boston 4 life

  6. Steeler Nation says:

    It must suc to see the Patsys pile up all those personal records during the season just to see them get beat like dogs by a real TEAM when the play in the only game that matters

    1. PAT says:

      Steeler, Have fun being 3rd in your division behind the Ravens and Bengals, your old ass team is done, Ryan Clark and James Harrison can stay on their couches. Tim Tebow sends his love.

      1. Ghost of Weeb says:

        Yeah, like the Jets and the Billls are going to stay on the couch? The Steelers are 6-2 in Superbowls, the Pats 3-4 , the idea is to win, not to get schooled by Peytons little brother

  7. CMAN1962 says:

    Good for him! Party on Gronk!

  8. Obb says:

    The boys all go out to blow off steam after every win or loss, having been a local bartender, I can tell you this firsthand. These guys work their tails off and win or lose, they deserve some down time and the privacy to enjoy . Let’s also remember, they made it to the Super Bowl and that is an accomplishment and after all the pressure, letting some of it out is not something they should be tortured and exposed over. They are just people like you and I, let them be human.

  9. ThatGuyOverThereWhoSaidThat says:

    This just in: Some football players not crippled emotionally by losing. Mental health professionals rejoice.

  10. Doog says:

    They have crappy taste in music

  11. alnga says:

    You all could have it a lot worse off. You could be here in Georgia rooting for the Falcons and fall to the Giants. That is real punishment. We played so bad we made them look great.

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