Keller @ Large: My Super Bowl Prediction

BOSTON (CBS) – I realize there are some people who have overdosed on all the Super Bowl hype, but not me.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

I’ve been watching, listening and reading it all carefully.

I’ve digested all the expert analysis, the player profiles, the matchup breakdowns and the breakup matchdowns.

I’ve spent sleepless nights reliving the last Pats-Giants Super Bowl, and just to maintain my psychological balance, I’ve re-watched the highlights of the 2004 Red Sox-Yankees series.

And after careful consideration, contemplation, cogitation, deliberation, meditation, reflection, rumination and, of course, reverie, I have come to some hard, fast and, I’m sure you’ll agree, profound conclusions about the big game on Sunday.

First of all, consider the comparison between the two cities.

New York is an international capital of finance, communications, design, and hubris.

Boston is the 21st century capital of sports championships.

Edge: Boston.

New York’s team is the Giants. You know, like the giant British army under the command of Lt. Col. Francis Smith that marched on Lexington.

Our team is the Patriots. We all know what the Patriots did to the Giants in 1775. It’s only 237 years later.

Edge: Patriots.

And in case you missed it, Madonna, who will inexplicably be the halftime entertainment on Sunday, said yesterday that if she had to choose who to hang out with Saturday night, she would choose Eli Manning over Tom Brady.

Edge: Patriots.

But now, to the game itself.

The Giants are a good team, well-coached, and on a roll.

But so are the Patriots.

The Giants have already exceeded their expectations by getting to the Super Bowl.

Under Coach Belichick, anything less than the title is failure.

And this morning, I told Buddy the Lab that if she thought the Pats would win, she should eat all her dog food.

That bowl is empty.

Pats win, 31 to 24.

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