By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – I realize there are some people who have overdosed on all the Super Bowl hype, but not me.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

I’ve been watching, listening and reading it all carefully.

I’ve digested all the expert analysis, the player profiles, the matchup breakdowns and the breakup matchdowns.

I’ve spent sleepless nights reliving the last Pats-Giants Super Bowl, and just to maintain my psychological balance, I’ve re-watched the highlights of the 2004 Red Sox-Yankees series.

And after careful consideration, contemplation, cogitation, deliberation, meditation, reflection, rumination and, of course, reverie, I have come to some hard, fast and, I’m sure you’ll agree, profound conclusions about the big game on Sunday.

First of all, consider the comparison between the two cities.

New York is an international capital of finance, communications, design, and hubris.

Boston is the 21st century capital of sports championships.

Edge: Boston.

New York’s team is the Giants. You know, like the giant British army under the command of Lt. Col. Francis Smith that marched on Lexington.

Our team is the Patriots. We all know what the Patriots did to the Giants in 1775. It’s only 237 years later.

Edge: Patriots.

And in case you missed it, Madonna, who will inexplicably be the halftime entertainment on Sunday, said yesterday that if she had to choose who to hang out with Saturday night, she would choose Eli Manning over Tom Brady.

Edge: Patriots.

But now, to the game itself.

The Giants are a good team, well-coached, and on a roll.

But so are the Patriots.

The Giants have already exceeded their expectations by getting to the Super Bowl.

Under Coach Belichick, anything less than the title is failure.

And this morning, I told Buddy the Lab that if she thought the Pats would win, she should eat all her dog food.

That bowl is empty.

Pats win, 31 to 24.

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Comments (48)
  1. tsalnew says:

    Wait —— Buddy the Lab is a SHE??

    1. Jon Keller says:

      We named the dog before we got her, an homage to the late pet of a friend.

      1. tsalnew says:

        Now that is very nice – makes it both unusual and special – my type of name!!! and I like her prediction!

      2. The Owl says:

        Jon’s challenge to Buddy is flawed.

        I know of no dog–or cat, for that matter–that will pass up a food bowl with something in it for more than a few minutes.

      3. gramps says:

        Try putting medicine/pill in with the food & see what happens….

        Anyways, as Brady would say, “you can always count on a ‘best Buddy'”!


      4. Stephen Stein says:

        I used to think that a dog would always eat what they’re given.

        Then we got our present dog, Olivia, a Wheaten Terrier. Very stubborn. Unbelievably picky.

        She eats about 50% of the time.

        Buddy rules! Go Pats!

      5. Tsalnew says:

        Stephen ours is a Cairn Terrier. Didn’t name him rascal for nothing. Terriers are interesting He can eat every drop of food and leave even the smallest piece of medicine in the bowl. He’s the first dog we’ve ever had who is not a picky eater Perhaps Buddys prediction was not flawed. I’ll go with that

    2. mikey says:

      Pets don’t live long enough. Our 11 year-old Australian Sheperd is on her way out due to lymphoma, although pain free due to steriods and other medications. We turned down chemotherapy for her, quality of life not quantity. Wouldn’t put her through it to satisfy our craving to keep her. Looked into those big brown eyes of hers, while being examined by an oncologist, that screamed: get me back home! So home it is, at this moment stretched out in front of the woodstove sound asleep.

      1. gramps says:

        mikey, hang in there, so what’s your ‘Lady’s’ name?


      2. Tsalnew says:

        Mikey not all will do as you are and think of quality first. Your lady is a lucky gal. Aussie shepherds are lovely. Ive had dogs all my life and you are right there are never enough years. Our guy will be 12 this June

      3. mikey says:

        Thanks gramps. Her name is Katy. My wife’s birthday was the other day and she didn’t want a cake or any kind of celebration so I bought an egg custard pie and very small birthday cake – Katy enjoyed a generous slice of each. Tonight she finished off a calzone. Another(sort of)good day for us all.

      4. mikey says:

        Well put tsal. Thanks.

      5. Tsalnew says:

        Hugs to you and your wife and to Katy. My husband is giving me sideways glances but knows me well enough not to ask why I’m wiping my eyes.

      6. mikey says:

        Thanks again Tsal – you’re a peach! To gramps: you’re the wittiest guy around, thanks.

      7. gramps says:

        mikey, thank you for sharing ‘Katy’ with us….

        ‘Emma’ (16+ Siamese) is my roomie, she was my wife’s cat…..

        She still get’s very angry with me when, on occasion & inadvertently, I use ‘Janey’s bathroom. She ‘loudly’ let’s me know I don’t belong in there!…..

        Pet’s ‘know, greve, love & care’ all they ask is that we do the same….. You & yours have ‘more than passed’ that test with ‘Katy’….

        Hang tough & tomorrow don’t forget to put the ‘Puppy Bowl’ (Animal Planet) on the tube for ‘Katy’, she might enjoy it.


        For when the time comes……The last two times, we were able to find a ‘Doc’ to make a house call…..Well worth the couple of bucks.

      8. mikey says:

        So sorry to learn of your wife’s passing, please accept our sincere condolences.
        Thanks for the kind words and tip about a vet housecall for when the time comes, that’s a great idea.
        ‘Emma’ sounds like one smart cookie. Enjoy the game tommorrow!

      9. TsalnewNewemail says:

        Gramps Wonderfully said. Don’t know if you ever saw my post before Christmas but your wife and you shared the same Carpenter song my husband and I do as a favorite.

        We found a home vet when we lost our cat a few years ago. You are so right that it made a big difference.

  2. tsalnew says:

    Really that wasn’t all I took from your blog. Personally, I believe your evidence IS overwhelming!

    Can we exchange super bowl recipes and beverages suggestions here too :) After all, that’s a huge part of the entire experience!

  3. Stanley11 says:

    My Superbowl prediction — I will drop a lot of 4-letter words throughout the game. Other than that, I have no guarantees.

  4. dan says:

    well it is dan again tsalnew …i did cook for country clubs back in the 70 and chicken wings finger food..plenty of naps…..12 wings cut in half makes 24
    end tips cut off half cup of honey 2 tbsp worstershire ..1/3 cup soy sauce..1 clove of garic minced.. juice of 2 lemons…marinate overnight ..oven preheated to 350…1 hour..enjoy

    1. tsalnew says:

      Yum – Hi Dan and Thanks! (TSAL is fine. I added the new when tsal posts stopped appearing) I have copied and printed the recipe. As it happens we are having wings. I have a BBQ recipe we tried for New Years I want to redo and was looking for a second option. I now have it.

      We are having pulled pork sliders and potato skins along with a killer crab dip. Still working on other ideas.

    2. tsalnew says:

      Hi Dan – have the wings marinating using your recipe – thank you !

  5. Stephen Stein says:

    Pats 34, Giants 31. A pick by Edelman.

    Dan’s wings sound mighty tasty – great idea, and great recipe (though I’ll add some fire to mine).

    I think I’ll be drinking Clown Shoes – Supa Hero IPA, Vampire Slayer Stout.

    1. tsalnew says:

      Stephen – son knew what clown shoes is and thought your selection was great – won’t tell you where I was going with clown shoes. He asked if you’d tried Just Beer – local operation in Dartmouth, small but 100% green and growing popular in area He said not sure if you can find it where you are but also Marty’s in West Newton has great selection.

      1. Stephen Stein says:

        Nope, haven’t tried it, but I’ll be on the lookout.

        A store in West Concord is having an IPA tasting this afternoon – 3 IPAs from New England (Baxter IPA from Maine, White Birch IPA from NH, Mystic Bridge IPA from CT), 3 IPAs from NY (Southern Tier 2x, Bengali Tiger, Blue Point IPA).

        Gonna check that out.

      2. tsalnew says:

        cool – we’ll need to get a beer blog going

      3. Stephen Stein says:

        The tasting was excellent – the New England beers won, hands down. The Bengali Tiger, the highest touted NY challenger, tasted odd. The Beer Guy agreed, and thought it might have been a flawed batch.

        But – change of plans.

        They also had Indie Pale Ale from Cisco (the Whale Tail Pale Ale Nantucket folks). It’s a very nice bitter, so I got some of that. And I found some Ipswich Oatmeal Stout, my old go-to stout which has been inexplicably hard to find.

        So I’m doing that.

        And Dan’s wings, to be sure.

        Never tried the Peak Organic. But that’ll be next. (Research!)

    2. Jon Keller says:

      Peak Organic Pale Ale & IPA at my house….mmmmm

      1. tsalnew says:

        yum – address and time???

  6. foamy says:

    Excellent analysis Jon. Especially the Lexington part. Also keep in mind that if not for two muffed punts by the 49’ers special teams, Eli would be caddying for Peyton this weekend. The Patriots win this game because Tom Brady really did take 2007 personally. He’s going to play mad….not under pressure, but mad. Regarding the score…I was working on a spreadsheet at work today and had to insert some extra rows…the line I randomly clicked on to insert was 2721, so that’s my score. 27-21 Patriots.

  7. gramps says:

    It’ll be interesting to see, if the PAT’s win the coin toss will Belichick defer, as he normally does & give the ball to Eli?

    I think that the Giants Defense thinks that they’ll be on the bench no matter ‘who’ wins the coin toss @ the start of the game….puting them on the field 1st might be a curve ball for them!

    Does Brady want the ball 1ST?


    PAT’s, in a ‘blowout’….

    1. tsalnew says:

      interesting thought. I always like when they receive second half but if giants have planned as you say could be a great tactic

  8. tsalnew says:

    I’d bet with Gronk you will not see tackles at the waist. They will be shoestring or take him out at the feet. My feeling is they will do all they can to hurt him.

    1. gramps says:

      Hitting ‘any’ guy the size of Grong high is a ‘no-no’….Dosen’t work!

      Gotta go low…


      1. tsalnew says:

        that’s why I said you would not see a tackle at the waist, gramps. They can’t tackle higher – he’s too big. Waist – not a problem. My guess is you will see it as close to the ankle as they can get. They’ll want to take him out.

      2. TsalnewNewemail says:

        The upside is that the majority of tackles on gronkowski around his ankles are unsuccessful. Go to YouTube and search gronkowski highlights. Most tackles are around his waist. The one that injured him was as well. Disclaimer. I have a son in law who is a walking sports knowledge base. I’m learning only

      3. TsalnewNewemail says:

        The upside is that the majority of tackles on gronkowski around his ankles are unsuccessful. Go to YouTube and search gronkowski highlights. Most tackles are around his waist. The one that injured him was as well. Disclaimer. I have a son in law who is a walking sports knowledge base. I’m learning only

  9. tsalnew says:

    ok everyone – we have the beer down pat but unlike Stephen and Jon and my son, I’ll probably stick to martinis. How about the food recipes. We have one that sounds great. Others?

    Sorry, Jon, am I getting too controlling ——- must be the game that’s bringing it out – you know it’s not in my nature

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      Just guac and chips, and my brother-in-law’s family’s Chili.
      And Dan’s wings, if there are any wings to be had at the supermarket.

      Anxious to hear what others have planned.

  10. Stephen Stein says:

    Curious how much interaction with family there will be. Our kids and their SOs are hundreds of miles away and I anticipate a fair amount of ‘second-screen’ contact, or swapped phone calls.

    1. Tsalnew says:

      Out youngest and family will be here. SIL is sports fanatic. We will be lucky if we can comment on play:). I have a great crab dip. For any one who likes seafood will post tomorrow. Ita easy and have never known anyone not to like. Stephen I am now in panic mode since we do not have wings yet and will be at stores when they open to see if they have them. My husband says to tell you – gee thanks :)

      1. Jon Keller says:

        Y’all don’t have your wings yet? Shame! Then again, what is this, the Blizzard of ’78, with a wing-rationing panic instead of milk? If the stores didn’t stockpile a whaleload of wings, then someone slipped up.

      2. Stephen Stein says:

        Wings aplenty at the market.

        After on-line recipe perusal, I’m going to add sriracha to Dan’s recipe (just before cooking) for a portion of the wings to hotten them up. I figure that’ll match the oriental flavor better than vinegar-based pepper sauces.

        To the marinades!

      3. gramps says:

        “Holy Poultry, ‘Bat-Stein'”



      4. tsalnew says:

        no wings a plenty around here. I like the wingettes but even regular wings were gone. All the regular wings have feathers on them and ugh. Turns out Roche Bros in Wellesley had plenty. Had to go to meat market right down the street from there anyway for the pork to make pulled pork.

  11. tsalnew says:

    for anyone who likes crabmeat

    1 clove garlic chopped fine, 8 oz cream cheese softened (I use microwave for about 10-15 seconds), 2 tsp lemon juice
    1 tsp worcestershire sauce, 1 tin crabmeat (oddly doesn’t work well with fresh crab)

    Make at least 1/2 day ahead – 1 day best. Mix all together. You can add a bit of light cream if it needs softening — Serve with chips or crackers

  12. Tsalnew says:

    Buddy not to worry. We all were all supporting your prediction.

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