By Lisa van der Pool, Boston Business Journal

BOSTON (CBS) – It could be the end for Boston’s most famous eyesore.

After three years, a developer is taking charge of the hole in Downtown Crossing.

The former Filene’s Basement site has been a hole in the ground since Vornado’s plan to build a 39-story building fell apart when their funding ran out.

The mayor’s office tells us the firm Millennium Partners is taking over.

They’ll let the city know within 60 days what they’re going to do with the site.

But it’s too late to save Filene’s Basement, which was supposed to move in way back in 2008.

Back in November, Filene’s Basement announced it was closing all of its stores.


All the excitement of the Patriots in the Super Bowl probably won’t translate to a huge boom in the local economy.

Economists tells us, if there’s any impact at all, it’s more likely to be negative.

You think about all the food that goes into Super Bowl parties,

but that just means one less meal gets made at home.

But, as you can imagine, food joints like Domino’s Pizza and brewers like Sam Adams are expecting huge spikes.

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Comments (3)
  1. Terry says:

    Downtown Crossing is like a ghost town after 5. This used to be my hangout place when I was in high school when Jordan Marsh was there. I liked to go to the food court and the shops at the Lafayette Place Mall (closed in 1992) where it was attached to Jordan Marsh. It is sad to see many local stores and big retailers closed down in recent years.

  2. Ivanov says:

    He sings I’ll have you naked by the end of this song and then he strips off the cover and then the song ends. How can this not be what the choeeographrr intended?

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