WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) — Some of the blood found in a Maine home where a missing toddler was last seen six weeks ago belonged to the little girl, an official said Sunday.

State Police spokesman Steve McCausland would not say how much of Ayla Reynolds‘ blood was found in her father’s home in Waterville, where exactly it was found or how long it might have been there.

But investigators told Ayla’s mother’s family that the amount of blood was “more blood than a small cut would produce,” according to a family-run website.

“Even in light of this evidence we are more determined than ever to find out what has happened to Ayla and we still cling to the hope that she is alive and will be returned to us,” the website said.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk

“We urge anyone that has information about Ayla to come forward now and unburden yourself of the truth.”

Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro, reported her missing Dec. 17.

He had put her to bed the night before and said she wasn’t there the next morning.

DiPietro told police she was wearing green pajamas with polka dots and the words “Daddy’s Princess” on them and had a soft cast on her broken left arm.

DiPietro could not immediately be reached for comment Sunday; his cellphone voicemail was full and unable to accept messages.

Ayla was 20 months old when she disappeared.

She had been staying with her father at the time in the house where DiPietro lives with his mother. Her mother, Trista Reynolds, lives in Portland.

The blood was among hundreds of pieces of potential evidence that were removed from the Waterville home as part of a criminal investigation into the girl’s disappearance.

Trista Reynolds’ father said the family was told late Saturday by McCausland that blood found in the home was determined to be Ayla’s.

“It was a surprise,” Ronald Reynolds said.

He said police did not give any indication what the discovery means.

Ronald Reynolds said he is convinced the family in DiPietro’s house has more information than they have shared.

“Every day, it gets hotter and hotter,” he said.

“I hope they pull them back in, set them down and give them the opportunity to say something.”

DiPietro, his mother and a third adult were home the night of Dec. 16, and police have questioned all three, McCausland said Saturday.

“We believe they have not given us the full story,” he said.

DiPietro has said he took a polygraph test, but has declined to say what the results were.

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Comments (5)
  1. blackbear1 says:

    This is absolutely the darndest, slowest moving , most frustrating case imaginable. Is it poor Police work? Appears that the principal parties are not cooperative or forthcoming. Are the local/State Police up to this task?

    1. annoyed says:

      Are you serious? I hate it when people blame the police for a frustrating investigation. What are they supposed to do? Torture the people until they tell us something? If the “principal parties” are not cooperating then that makes the investigation harder. Doesn’t mean that the case is over or that they aren’t doing their jobs. It just means that it’ll take more time. Unfortunately, that makes it harder on the families and if Ayla is still alive then it doesn’t help her chances of being found alive. Blame the father, if you will, but not the police.

  2. 2 cents says:

    It should be standard that if a child is reported missing, the last place they were reported being at SHOULD be treated like a crime scene regardless of how trust worthy the parents seem. THIS IS A CRIME IN ITSELF THAT THIS PD DIDN’T SEARCH AND QUESTION THE PEOPLE IN THIS HOME WHILE ANOTHER TEAM WENT “SEARCHING” FOR HER

    1. dan says:


  3. Jessy says:

    Mainers are highly educated and in the top of the country and around the globe for many positive aspects such as renewable energy. I would like to see where you feel replying about Maine in such a derogatory way on a missing toddler’s page is appropriate or intelligent. Furthermore, I would like to understand how one problem such as this is cause to call all Mainers such a name? If you look up missing children rates, Boston is among the highest listed areas. So where do you get across saying this?

    Even more so this is about an innocent toddler who is missing by the devils hands. Why are you posting such horrible things on this!?!

    What if the toddler is found alive? What if when she is older she reads about your comment on her ‘amber’ page?!

    Furthermore if you ever take some time to study real criminal law (not CSI where cases are solved in 15 minutes) and real criminal cases you will discover that it does take a long time in many instances. In addition, the FBI is involved. The entire state of Maine (NH, VT and parts of Canada) are looking for her daily and clearly some are too busy posting horrible comments to give a darn for her. Game wardens, Police, Dive Teams, volunteers, and the works. Everyone is looking for her. When the case is as hush hush as this usually they are engulfed with a massive volume of substantial evidence. The list will go on and on and on of the level of manpower that is being put into this. Everyone knows someone with a toddler. Everyone has their entire being and supernatural energy into finding her.

    May God forgive you for your ignorance on this matter, you are not just insulting the state but this little innocent angel as well (who I pray is a living angel in a safe place).

    As for the rest of these comments we are just as angry that she has yet to be found. But rather than being angry we are using this surge of energy to keep looking for her. Maybe you could all put posters up as you honestly seem to care a lot just like the majority of us. Maybe you could inform those who may not know of this. Maybe you could take the time to inform your facebook friends and spread the word around.

    DAN: Helping (or staying silent) would be a much better use of your time than dogging a state that clearly you seem to know nothing about. FYI 70% of the population in southern portion of Maine are native Bostonian’s! They moved to Maine because they hate Boston…and they never move back. A little education on the matter will go far for you Dan. Even using google and searching the info would benefit you greatly.

    best of luck little one. we all hope you are safe and sound. some people simply don’t know how to express their inner feelings appropriately. learn to love and not hate like this. XOXOXOXO

    I pray that God has His hands around you to keep you warm, sheltered, fed and loved.

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