Woman Arrested 2 Years After Fatal Saugus Hit & Run

SAUGUS (CBS) – Two years after an 81-year-old man was hit and killed in Saugus, police say they have caught the driver.

Steffany Barbanti was charged Monday in the death of Christo Agganis.

Agganis was hit and killed on Central Street in Saugus on his way to his favorite restaurant.

Acting on a tip, police say a friend told officers Barbanti was texting when she hit Agganis.

Barbanti’s lawyer insists his client is innocent.

Forensic testing on glass fragments found on Barbanti’s dashboard is not yet complete.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker reports

  • Ron

    It must have taken a lot of soul searching for whomever provided the key link in this unsolved hit and run case. Thanls are due to all who worked this case. I cant understand how someone can live from day to day with the knowledge of the hurt caused by their action.

    • shotime

      Ron, I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Saugusmom22

    I hope the passanger that was in her car that night gets prosecuted too!

    • dan

      if you understand.. their was no passenger in the car with her she taxted a friend …so the friend informed the police

  • Saugus

    She never owned a SUV….

    • dan

      where did the suv come from antway

  • Wackness

    People these days have ZERO accountability for anything.

    Remember the Saugus high kid who killed a lady and then tried to flee the scene after getting loaded at the prom?! Yeah he got six months!

    People are unbelievable.

  • dan

    how do you have glass fragments in your car after two years? doesn’t anyone clean thier car

    • gramps

      Like a ‘Princess’, she was waiting for ‘Daddy or Mummy’ to do it….


  • DoverDavid

    I hope she gets an additional 2 years added to any sentance she receives for being free for the past 2 years to walk around knowing she killed someone with her selfish texting actions.

  • Dave_D

    …or maybe she is innocent…

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