BOSTON (CBS) – A local restaurant is upping the ante on the whole ‘sign a waiver’ challenge (Hell Week at the East Coast Grill in Cambridge is already famous for food so hot, it requires a waiver).

The Rattlesnake Bar and Grill in Boston has stirred up a Ghost Chili Margarita and they’re daring people to drink it.

Here’s the catch – you aren’t allowed to wash it down with a chaser.

This “glass of fire” is filled up with ghost chilies, Trinidad Scorpion chili sauce, habanero powder and red pepper flakes.

Starting February 2nd, anyone bold enough to give it a try will have an hour to finish the entire drink without the assistance of any heat-dulling aids.

Win or lose, you’ll get a bowl of Brooklyn Chocolate Stout Ice Cream at the end, a t-shirt, and a photo on the Rattlesnake’s Facebook Page.

The difference is, the winners get a T-Shirt that says “Champion,” while the losers’ shirt says “loser.”

The challenge costs $16 per person.


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