BOSTON (CBS) – Rep. Barney Frank is getting married, his office confirmed Thursday.

Frank plans to marry his partner Jim Ready in Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage in the U.S.

A date and location have not been set yet.

Frank, 71,  announced his retirement from Congress in November after serving 16 terms.

Ready is 42 and lives in Ogunquit, Maine.

They have been together since the spring of 2007.

Frank’s spokesman Harry Gural said Ready has a small business doing custom awnings, carpentry, painting, welding and other general handyman services.

jimready Barney Frank To Marry Partner Jim Ready

Jim Ready, seen here photographing a Sean Bielat event in 2010. (Courtesy: Boston Herald)

He’s also a photographer.

That hobby got Ready into some trouble during Frank’s last campaign against Republican challenger Sean Bielat in 2010.

Ready brought his camera to a debate and afterwards taunted Bielat as he took pictures of him.

Comments (19)
  1. James Lawson says:

    Congratulations Congressman Frank! I would like to wish you and your partner many many happy years togther.

  2. Jimbo says:

    disgusting life role model.

  3. Rocky Stallone says:

    Barney evidently thinks that Jim is…………Ready. Sick.

  4. Thomas Hood says:

    Why hate? You not get enough hugs as a child or something? Grow up.

  5. scowman says:

    Congratulations !! Thank you for your Government Service Mr. Frank!!

  6. Don says:

    who the hell cares????

  7. sdfsdgsfdgd says:

    Seeing as husbands can’t testify against their wives. Is this to protect his boyfriend from having to testify against barney for his role in the mortgage fiasco, or to protect barney so he doesn’t have to testify against his boyfriend for his marijuana arrest, or is it just to shove their deviant lifestyle in peoples faces?

  8. Susan says:

    The newlyweds should expect a nice wedding gift from Angelo Mozillo.

  9. tjb says:

    congrats grooms…now on to barneys scam with fannie mae and mac …. hopefully a jail house wedding…. we need accountabilty, times like this i wish he was a repub….. then theyd be an investigation………

  10. 6969696969 says:

    I wonder if Elton John would look any worst than Barney Frank at that age of 71..?

    They both deserve each other..!

  11. response says:

    “Say yes to the dress” will have the upcoming special.
    Wonder if he’ll wear white.

  12. Dave_D says:

    This is a real threat to my (and everyone’s) marriage! Just wait until my wife finds out that, in the US, people are allowed to think and act as they see fit. Horrors!

  13. Willow says:

    I don’t care what Frank does with his personal life, but he should have to answer for the mortgage mess. I wonder how long it would take for me to get arrested if I had done something similar. Too many pals in government.

    1. Enough says:

      He’s a Liberal Democrat from Mass, he’ll never be held accountable

      1. donny says:

        Yeah – Unlike Compassionate Conservatives from Texas who’ve REALLY been called to account?… LOL

  14. The Batman says:

    And this made the new WHY?

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