With the Patriots heading to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl many fans might be trying to plan a trip to Indy for the big game. It’s no surprise that lodging could be an issue with so many making the trip.

Toucher & Rich thought it might be nice to help fans that are still looking to make the trip by researching some of the local hotels that still have rooms available close to Lucas Oil Stadium.

The hotels that they found have ratings of around one or two and are charging crazy rates. The guys jump in and read some reviews of people who have stayed there and find that these might not be the best choices.


Comments (2)
  1. Rex Montana says:

    “Apolis” is weak suffix, like Bostonapolis in Michigan, retarded and not like Boston at all, not the least bit. And it stinks, smells like Subway in Walmart, stinky cheese.

  2. Rock'em Sock'em Sexy Robots. says:

    Motel 6 in Nashua was nice because the heroin addicts would stage a concert by the dumpster in the evening. Seriously, it was pretty good.

    Wonder why they put me out back with the heroin addicts?

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