BOSTON (CBS) – A ten-year-old boy from Cape Cod has just recently released a CD with two tracks that he had produced with his dad.

Scott Lubofsky says all the money he raises will be donated to help the homeless on the cape.

When Lubofsky was humming an original tune, his father mentioned he should do something with that tune.

So he did.  He wrote, produced and cut the song, with his six-year-older sister doing the artwork for the CD.

The title of the song is “Sweet Dreams.”

Who knows maybe he’ll be the Taylor Swift of the rock ‘n’ roll world in a few years.

It’s nice that he is donating the money to a good cause and here’s hoping you make a bunch.

  1. Italo says:

    Good going, Scott! You are one talented guy, and that is a very generous and important contribution that you are making. Wishing you much success. It is nice to hear great stories in the news like this. Thank you to you and your family for inspiring the rest of us to do something good to try to help others, just like you did!

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