Tim Thomas Skips White House Ceremony

BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins goalie Tim Thomas declined to attend the team’s Stanley Cup celebration with President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday.

Thomas, who is known to support the Tea Party, told Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli months ago that he would not attend the event due to his political differences from the Obama administration.

“Everybody has their own opinions and political beliefs and he chose not to join us,” said Cam Neely.

Thomas released a statement on his Facebook page about his decision:

“I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.

This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.

This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic. TT”

Thomas, one of just two Americans on the Bruins team that won it all (along with defenseman Steven Kampfer), won the Conn Smythe and Vezina trophies to help the Bruins win their first Stanley Cup since 1972 last June.

Bruins President Cam Neely released the following statement:

“As an organization we were honored by President Obama’s invitation to the White House. It was a great day and a perfect way to cap our team’s achievement from last season. It was a day that none of us will soon forget. We are disappointed that Tim chose not to join us, and his views certainly do not reflect those of the Jacobs family or the Bruins organization. This will be the last public comment from the Bruins organization on this subject.”

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  • Dave_D

    Political differences or not,… just plain rude. Nuff said…


      Absolutely! The unprofessional comments from the ignorant haters shows why this country is in the shape we find ourselves. They were never schooled in professionalism. How Tragic !!!!

    • Julie the Jarhead

      No, it’s not ’nuff said’. You don’t have the last word on this or anything.

      Would you rather TT be a hypocrite?

      • gramps

        It’ll be interesting to see as Thomas’s name is is anounced @ the various NHL cities, like Detroit, Chicago, New York & LA……

        Will he be cheered?? or Booed?

        The answer will be ‘very telling’…


  • sean

    Good for TT!

  • http://bigperm33.wordpress.com bigperm33

    Thomas is an idiot. Play hockey, stop pucks, and shut up.

    • Justin B DiNero

      your the idiot! you have no idea or any common sense to know that OBAMA HATES AMERICA

      • elaw

        We all have the opportunity to choose to believe right-wing hyperbole or the facts. It’s pretty obvious which one you’ve chosen…

    • gramps

      Thomas told the the likes of yourself, liberal anchors, & to whomever else it applies to, to….

      “Go PUCK themselves”, well done Tim!

      A goalies ‘HAT-TRICK’!

      Well done Tim!


      • elaw

        Thomas didn’t tell anyone anything. Had he gone to the event, he might have been able to share his views with the president of the United States… an opportunity few get. Instead he chose to act like a child who pouts and refuses to engage in dialog. I guess some people stop acting like a 6-year-old when they turn 7 and others don’t…

  • Bruins Fan

    My opinion of Thomas just dropped dramatically. As one of the few US players on the team, he can’t summon decent enough manners to attend an event hosted by the President of the United States honoring his team?? Just plain rude is right.

    • ELaw

      Rude… you forgot “childish”, “selfish”, “petty” and several others. Problems don’t get solved by refusing to engage with those whose views differ from your own.

      • tsal

        firemanmark – having a bad day are you?

      • Enough

        AS IF anyone in Washington would have listened to anything he had to say? They would smile and nod for the cameras, while hearing “blah blah blah”. Washington has heard nothing the voters have said, nor do they care. Pelosi “let’s get this health care law passed so we can see what’s in it” no matter what the voters said about not passing it……. gridlock between the parties despite voters telling them to do their jobs……. etc etc etc. Yes, you do the team thing but to say he should have tried to tell Obama how he feels is a mute point, because Washington may hear but they don’t “LISTEN”

      • firemanmark

        You elitist liberals always think you’re smarter than everyone else. Let me guess…liberal arts degree..community organizer…aclu card holder…pro-bono defense atty…am I warm? Liberals have been drinking WAAAY to much of the Kool-aid.While you people are at it…give us back the Democratic party that you’ve hijacked.The Dems once stood for the working man now they stand for the non-working,illegals,no ID voting,EBT,free phones; ad nauseum. Tim Thomas is exercising his !st Amendment rights! Something that leftists think belomngs only to them.I hope he exercises his 2nd Amendment rights too before Adolph Obama and his brown shirts take that away!!

  • Jane Parker

    I always thought tea party supporters acted like they’d taken too many pucks to the head. Now I know it’s true.

  • Joe

    I love the bruins and Tim Thomas. However, this is the problem when athletes make political statements, on either side of the isle, while still playing their sport. Though I agree with some of his views and respect his right not to attend, I disagree with his decision to do so. This is about the team and ownership winning as a collective team.

    Also, It’s not about the president in the office who is honoring you. It’s about the honor of the office itself that is honoring you. Again, I’m not a supporter, but if Obama invited me to the White House I would ask what time would you like me to be there Mr. President..

    Just my .02

    • Italo

      Extremely well-said, IMHO, Joe. The event wasn’t about Tim, it was about the team. Another self-centered, spoiled brat, adult-sized little boy paid big money to not shave and play with a hockey puck.

  • allamerican

    I guess you can have great physical gifts and still be stupid with no class.

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  • Joey

    Get over it you fools!!! Kudos to Tim Thomas!!! I wouldn’t want to be in the presence of that no good Marxist, either!!

    • Jim_J

      Your IQ number must be about the same as the speed limit on the Mass. Pike.

  • D barendre

    Not a Boston fan but kudos to Tim Thomas for saying it like it is! If the train wreck of political ignorance continues unchecked hockey will be the last thing on anyones mind

  • Julie the Jarhead

    How dare TT make a political statement!!! /sarcasm

    I’m buying me a TT jersey!

  • America1

    Tim I agree with You and especially your statement. These “Sheeple” and purveyors of PC is what got this country into this mess. Thanks for standing your ground!

  • steve g

    What Tim Thomas did was bush league…No one said you had to vote for Obama…How about going to the White House to celebrate the fact that you live in a country where you are paid 5 millions dollars a year to play a freakin game..Yeah, like your freedoms have been compromised ..give me a break you bush leaguer… Go Tuukka

  • Yanni

    Why do idiots like this always assume that they matter. Some people go along with The President and some don’t, but that doesn’t have one darn thing to do with the President congratulating this team on their accomplishments. People today (esp. politicians) who claim they are so patriot and christian are always the one who don’t seem to have a problem with being disrespectful. But I’m glad he did what he did, because i wouldn’t want my President giving props to a turncoat fool like him. President Obama has far to much class for that. One thing this young man needs to know if the table were turned President Obama would never disrespect him or anyone else. Just remember that Mr.Joe Tea Partier!!

    • firemanmark

      Obama is the turncoat you dolt! Try looking up the meaning of the word.Obama wouldn’t disrespect anyone? He jumped all over the Cambridge Police Dept.for their supposed bigotry.The CPD were doing their jobs and this Socialist Marxist Liberal went and opened his big mouth before learning the facts.He will go down in history as the worst president ever to hold the office.How about his corrupt AG holder or his tax-evading Treasury Secretary? You Liberals make me puke!

  • timcan3atad1ck

    Tim Thomas is a racist

    • Joe

      Typical ignorant liberal tactic. When all else fails, or you have no clue what your talking about you just blindly throw the race card. Did you actually read his statement? He specifically stated that he wasn’t protesting the current president but rather both parties and the overall political system. I’m pretty sure that includes white politicians as well as black politicians.

      • tired of liberals

        Well said Joe. LIberals just shoot their mouths off and do not realize how foolish they truly sound.

    • firemanmark

      You must be a “minority”.Yeah,only us white folk can be racists! It has nothing to do with race.Tim Thomas,like many of us,doesn’t want to be in the presence of a man who ignores the Constitution that he swore to uphold;who lets the Black Panthers off the hook for voter intimidation;who kisses the butts of mid-east leaders and is trying to bury this great Republic with his Marxist rhetoric!! Stop playing the race card like those pimps Sharpton and Jackson!

    • gramps

      Morning timcan3atad1ck,

      America has become ‘The Picture of ‘Dorian Gray’…..!

      Now-a-days, if anyone disagrees with the likes of yourself or Smiley, Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Dyson, West, Jackson et al, they’re automatically trumped with the ‘R’ Card!……It use to ‘stifle’ people….

      “NOT ANY MORE”!…People like you & your ‘willy-nilly’ use of the word, have rendered the word ‘Benign’!

      The above all make their $$ by telling the people, that they’re allegedly trying to help…..they’re ‘victims’…..Creating a ‘poor me’, us against them, downtrodden give me more, mindset!

      The ‘Racism’ of the past is well on the wane/gone, those people I’ve mentioned & their followers, have become the ‘racists’ of ‘today’, dividing & destroying America….

      Here’s a ‘window view’, front row seat, ‘reality’ driven, picture of ‘America’ today….

      One only has to watch C-SPANS’ ‘National Journal’ (7 to10am) for a few weeks to see how ‘totally’ polarized, angry, disturbingly uninformed, screwed up & demographically divided this country is…..Regardless of which side wins in November, the other will feel ‘totally alone, scared & disenfranchised’, they’ve done their job well…..

      America’s current condition is the unintended result of Lyndon Johnsons ‘unfunded’ Great Society…..(the debt limit has been raised ’70+ times’ since 1965, to sustain it)….. She’s now ‘BANKRUPT’!…..Yet the people mentioned want more & more.



      If Obama wins,the uninformed, reality challenged, ‘Lemmings of the Left’ will continue ‘dragging’ America with them, as they flock to the sea.

  • Alan Ryan

    The Bruins are disappointed that Thomas didn’t attend the White House ceremony.

    Will this issue drive a wedge between Thomas and the organization? Will it be a deciding factor when it comes time to decide whether to keep Thomas or Rask?

  • felix

    I now have two Tim Thomas Stanley Cup Finals jerseys for sale to the highest bidder. How selfish to embarrass the Bruins like that. And how disrepctful of the United States of America. He better keep winning to keep his day job, since he obviously doesn’t have the brains to do anything else.

    • Justin B DiNero

      Obama disrespects AMERICA YOU FREAKING IDIOT!


  • firemanmark

    You Socialists need to get jobs and realize that the Pretender In Chief is a Marxist of the worst kind.He and his Chicago cronies are a bunch of ideological misfits! They wouldn’t know the truth if it fell on them.Go Tea Party…the real Americans!!

  • Justin

    Actually my respect for Thomas just rose a notch.

  • Scott

    Wow, this must be where the liberals hang out. I guarantee that the same people leaving anti Thomas comments and preaching about respect were the same one’s who were extatic about Bush getting a shoe thrown at him. He has every right not to show up and I applaud him for it. The real travesty is a Bruins jersey with that communist’s name on it.

  • Vincent Medici

    Well done Tim! We still have freedom of speech, and I respect you for exercising yours. I’m with you, both parties are ruining this once great nation (including the NeoCons who took over Ron Pauls Tea Party).

    • ELaw

      How exactly is hiding at home when you’ve been given an opportunity to present your views to a powerful person in government exercising free speech? It sounds more like being a coward to me.

  • Greg Vine

    What a chump! Take the teams’ day and make it all about “me.” Selfish nit-wit. Obviously been stopping too many pucks with his head. This hero is now a big, fat zero. Another person I can use as an example to my grandchildren of who NOT to be like.

    • timma

      guess your a nucks fan

  • Nate

    Big up to Tim Thomas. As a Bruins fan and a left-anarchist I support Thomas’ right to make his own decisions and not bow to pressure to hide his politics, and condemn him for standing strong in the face of oppressive comments from the center, liberals and conservatives. Even though I disagree with the reasons for which he disapproves of the president, I’m no fan of Barack Obama either, whom I find to be all too willing to exercise his force of arms to indiscriminately murder people overseas without due process, threaten people in the U.S. with indefinite detention by the military, and kowtow to large corporations in finance, health care, and defense. Kudos to Thomas.

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