FOXBORO (CBS) — Aerosmith lead singer and American Idol judge Steven Tyler isn’t getting much praise for his performance of the National Anthem at the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

The Gillette Stadium crowd roared after he was done, but some online reviews weren’t as sparkling as the Patriots scarf he wore to the game.

Deadspin called it one of the worst anthems of all time.

Radar Online said he got all the words right and that’s about it.

Several others complained on Twitter, including one person who said it sounded like someone putting “a raccoon out of its misery.”

A New England Patriots fan, the 63-year-old Aerosmith frontman warbled “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the New England Patriots played the Baltimore Ravens. He missed the high note and butchered some of the lyrics (“oh the land of the free”). Heckling began before his performance ended.

On Twitter, it’s being described with terms like screech and mangle.’s “American Idol” blogger, Chris Matyszczyk, described it like this: “It was that Steven Tyler had sung the national anthem at the AFC Championship game in a manner that might have frightened the Alien back into John Hurt’s intestines.”

Some defended the performance, saying it was only what could be expected. “I knew ‘the scream’ was coming!,” tweeted country singer Jason Michael Carroll.

What did you think?

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  1. FireGuyFrank says:

    Tyler is not Placido Domingo. Tyler does hard rock and sang the anthem the way he sings. If you wanted something different, that’s okay. Personally, I could find fault (if I wanted to) with Kristin Chenowyth’s performance in San Francisco.

    1. Rocky says:

      I was there, he did a great job!

      1. Jsmith says:

        I agree. I wasn’t there, and despite his singing not being the best, it was the best I’ve heard all season — or during baseball season, too.

      2. J Michael says:

        Just how plastered were you before the tailgate party ended?

      3. Rick says:

        He sucked

    2. Larry LaRousse says:

      It was the worse performance since Roseanne Barr .Fortunately for Tyler i dont believe anyone could be worse there her.

      1. JT says:

        Larry, are you from another country or something? Your grammar sucks!

      2. TomB says:

        I suppose you would have preferred someone like Christina Aguilera yodeling her way through it? First time in a while at a major sporting event that I didn’t cringe at least once like someone had scratched a blackboard. He wasn’t the best, but there have been thousands of worse anthems and thousands of better anthems.

      3. Jim Dea says:

        Larry, if your French is as bad as your English, try Chinese!!!

    3. michael says:

      It sucked…plain and simple. His voice is terrible and he had no business being out there singing out national anthem. he looked like a total jackass out there.

    4. Karla says:

      I agree. If you hire a rocker to do the job, you are going to get a rocker. He sang the anthem the way he always sings and I love him and his performance!

      1. RagnarB says:

        100% agree. AND so did the crowd at the game. They all dug it.

      2. tubaman says:

        he sucked!!!!!!!!!

      3. SunnyJ says:

        I’m in my 60’s and as conservative as they come…I loved it…it was Aerosmith straight up…when Uncle Ted Nugent plays it on his guitar it’s the same…love it.

      4. Eric Hanner says:

        I agree completely. Great job sung the way he sings.

      5. Mike says:

        Karla, so wrong! Then get a rocker that can sing, Steven is waaay past the age of retirement, ANYONE that has the honor and privilege to sing the national anthem needs to make sure they have the ABILITY to do a good enough job to honor it, and our proud and wonderful country. Sorry, his performance was HORRIBLE!

    5. Weird Al says:

      The NFL tries too hard to be hip and cool. Who exactly are they trying to attract with Steven Tyler, Madonna or the Rolling “Bones”? Stop with the hype and trying to be “Hollywood” and just play football.

      1. lewr2 says:

        Excellent Al. That’s exactly what they’re doing. That was the worse performance period. That includes Roseanne Barr because she purposely did what she did. He didn’t. Find some high school chorus singer to sing it.

        The fact is… don’t ask ‘superstars’ to scream the banner. Ask people who can actually SING to sing the banner. It’s a disgrace to America. And, I’m a Aerosmith fan.

      2. Scudbuster says:

        Can’t wait until the Super Bowl halftime show!

        So I can turn the channel for 20 minutes, or at least hit the mute button.

      3. Seriously?! says:

        Autotune the NEWS???!!!
        NO! Autotune the ANTHEM!!!

        PS. IF you want a PATRIOT to sing it, ask Ron Paul.

    6. Lucky says:

      I thought it was fine, lighten up America.

      Jay Z is up next…..

    7. Bella says:

      Why would anyone complain about Stephen Tyler singing the anthem as Stephen Tyler would. He isn’t Michael Buble” or Placido Domingo. I said the same thing when Roseane did her thing. Why would anyone ask someone to do something like that and then complain when they are themselves. Now, I do have a problem with Christina forgetting the words. That was despicable.

      1. lewr2 says:

        I was never asked if I WANTED Steve Tyler to sing the banner. It’s all about ratings and Idol. I love Aerosmith, been to concert, had their albums, etc..etc..etc…

        HE should NEVER sing a national anthem again on tv. He wants to sing it in his shower, go for it.

    8. TheAcaciaStrain says:

      Hard rock?? hahahahaha you wouldn’t know hard rock if it ripped out your insides and fed them to you. Steven Tyler is about as “hard rock” as a box of Sunmaid raisins. Get the eff out of here with that.

      1. Casper says:

        Excuse me Mr. Stain, your juvenile ‘complaint’ concerning a ridiculous topic explains why you live in one of the most God-forsaken spots on earth. You can recue your April Wine record now.

  2. gramps says:

    Kristin Chenoweth = Music

    Steven Tyler = ‘NOISE’!


    1. P MCEVOY says:

      YOU ARE 100% CORRECT

    2. Russ in OR says:

      Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) 150 MILLION album sales worldwide.

      Kristen Chenowith: WHO?

      1. Bob says:

        All that means,Russ,is that a whole lot of people enjoy rock singer mediocrity over classically trained talent. Aerosmith appeals to people who mostly don’t have a trained ear. Chenowith sang perfectly in key and with obvious training. Tyler doesn’t even do that on some of his recorded albums. I love Aerosmith, But Gramps is exactly right – he’s more noise than music. If that’s what sells 150 million albums worldwide, fine. But it doesn’t mean he’s more talented. Look at Britney Spears. HORRIBLE singer. Lots of albums. Reflection on what most people really value in show business – looks and raunchiness over actual talent. BTW, Chenowyth has won 2 Emmys and has a pretty impressive resume.

      2. Greg says:


        No offense pal, but your response shows your own lack of true musical talent and understanding. Steven Tyler, although not one of my favorites (not even close), is a an extremely talented singer. Tyler is known for singing his own harmony vocals on many of Aerosmith records. He sings harmonies in 3rds, 5ths, 7ths, and 9ths just to name a few. This demonstrates an understanding of music and pitch that far exceeds most popular music singers. To call him a horrible singer is erroneous. Musical preference is a matter of taste. Just like any other art form. Your taste of what is “good” or “bad” is only applicable to you. Also note that Steven Tyler has performed with numerous other artists, including a vocal performance on contemporary jazz recording/performing artist Chris Botti’s “Live in Boston” CD/video. It takes a talented singer to be able to hold their own in the jazz world. Mr Tyler isn’t your ordinary rocker.

      3. Scott says:


      4. ThE ARBITER says:

        Actually it just means that SATAN, the driving force behind Aerosmith, was amplifying their effect in that bowl full of mush you call a brain! See the documentary called “They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll” you can get it on google video for free or watch sections on Youtube. It will be an eye opening experience as it is the artists themselves that admit their satanism!

      5. Sans says:

        Record Sales are an economic indicator, not a talent indicator.

      6. suzette says:

        Yeah I get that he has the album sales. I just thought he had a better voice than what we heard at the game.

      7. Otto Zeit says:

        @Russ in OR —
        So . . . the VoxPop speaks, and says it prefers noise to music. Actually, I figured that one out a while ago, but thanks for the statement of public confirmation.

      8. lewr2 says:

        Kim Kardashian multiple millions of dollars…. so what. he can’t sing. I wouldn’t want Springsteen to do it either.

      9. Joseph D. Shiller says:

        The only purpose of this post is garner internet traffic off the key words “Steven Tyler” Actually I am surprised, they left out a football reference in the title. Of course he was not perfect, but there are not many who can sing that tune perfectly. I liked the emotion he put into it, That’s the talent, and what one should be appreciating. It brought a tear to my eye.

    3. zorki1c says:

      Chenoweth sang one of the best renditions I’ve ever heard and really seemed to be enjoying herself. The fans loved it.

    4. P3 says:

      I think Billy Cundiff may have preferred Kristen

      1. Jay says:

        Lay off the poor guy. I’m a Ravens fan and I’m sure Cundiff feels bad enough.

    5. MedicineBowCO says:

      I think Tyler did great. I am sick of performers who forget the words and those who go up and down the scales so that the basic tune is nearly lost in their displays of their hubris. Just give me the song; no B.S. from the performer. Tyler’s was a refreshingly simple rendition of a beautiful momentous occasion that warrants attention to itself; not some performer who wants us to admire them.

      1. Scott says:

        He screwed up a couple of words too.

    6. Bella says:

      But, they got what they asked for.

    7. JC says:

      Both are “noise” neither are “music”

  3. fred says:

    He got the words right. He always sounds like he gargles with razor blades.

  4. donny says:

    Well said, FireGuyFrank.

    What a bunch of critics we’ve become.

  5. Eppie says:

    After seeing all of the news about how awful Tyler preformed National Anthem at the AFC game, I had to check it out. Are people NUTS? I personally think he did great! It was sang with in his range, at least he did not try something extravagant! That’s his voice and that’s what should be expected of it. I have heard waaaaay worse and seen way worse. I for one am grateful he didn’t attempt to “sing” the high notes, for I have heard those DESTORYED by these called best; and being compared as one of the worst attempts, what about Rosanne Barr? People need to get a life or try it themselves, that’s a Difficult song for anyone! Good Job Tyler, I think u did Great! I know I could not have done better!

    1. moe says:

      I agree-i also had to listen after reading the reports and I thought he did a fine job!

    2. MrNiceGuy says:

      Yea, it was sang within his range, and the National Anthem far exceeds his range. He is nothing more than the latest singer to butcher it, I just can’t wait to see who they get for the Super Blow.

    3. elmo says:

      . . . was sang ?????

    4. Bob says:

      He was NOT in his range. He started in a key that was too high and it caused him to strain and be flat on most of the high notes. He screamed his way through those parts. My ear is pretty well trained and I thought the only time he was actually “on’ was during the low parts. But even then he had almost zero vibrato and he didn’t have enough breath to hold out the notes in key. He’s in his sixties. Time to get a haircut, dress his age and avoid singing unless he can do the song justice. This is coming from an Aerosmith fan who is also big on performers not performing unless they are doing the profession justice.

      1. cinmatzo says:

        Does anyone else thing Tyler’s look is reminiscent of Capt. Jack Sparrow?

  6. Pwally says:

    Stevie Tyler did AWESOME!!! He’s from Mass. and he did his thing for his team! Way to go Stevie….we all love you xoxo

  7. Linda (A Singer) says:

    That wasn’t singing, it was screaming. If you can’t hit the high notes or sing don’t do it!

    1. Renee (a less pretentious singer) says:

      This is rock n roll, baby! The man is what, 60!? Voices age, and in rock n roll they don’t age like fine wine but he’s still got it.

      1. Sans says:

        No Renee, the National Anthem is NOT rock -n- Roll “baby”! How about a little respect “baby”.

  8. dan says:

    gramps and fred.. i want to see you better…tyler has paid his dues what is your claim to fame????

    1. fred says:

      He sang it like Steven Tyler. That’s all. I did not have a problem with it I just didn’t expect it to be any different sounding than his normal screetching which i still like (One Way Street & Walking the Dog are some of my favorites). Probably the best rendition of the national anthem that I ve heard was done by Meatloaf at the All-Star game in Chicago back in the 1990’s. Very powerful.

      1. NikW says:


        I loved It!

    2. Sans says:

      Americans don’t need a “claim to fame” to demand respect for their National Anthem. Tyler has paid no more dues than any other American, in fact, he’s paid less if he hasn’t served his country in one form or another. It appears that Tyler has only served himself thus far.

    3. Casper says:

      You probably are into ‘American Idol’, too. Dan, you sounde like a petty little person.

  9. Mark Scanlon says:

    I would’ve timed the fly over while he was singing. It could’ve been worse….no big deal.

  10. dan says:


  11. Rae says:

    I think he did a great job. They asked an old rocker to sing it and that’s exactly what they got. He remembered all the words unlike some others who have sung it, and he put his heart in it. Go Steven!!

  12. Ruff Ryder says:

    OMG….just horrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don’t blame him…he’s loooooong over the hill with a burnt-out voice. I blame the pea brain(s) who decided to have him sing it ! ” White men can’t jump “….now ” White men can’t sing”, either !!

  13. M.P. says:

    He did exactly as I expected, and I think he did a fantastic job. He in NO way disrespected our anthem. He just sang it with his own inimitable style.

    Was it my favorite version? No. I’m not a fan of rock versions of the anthem. Nor am I a fan of C/W versions. But it was a true American version, nonetheless.

  14. susan zachary says:

    Please sing our National Anthem as it was written. Many men and women have lost their lives defending our riight to sing that song. Thank you Ms. Chenoweth.

    1. Phil M says:

      Many died defending our right to sing a song? You’re a clueless one aren’t you?

      People like you make me so glad to have left the states.

      Phil Martin
      Corporal USMC

      1. LtCol USMC (Ret.) says:

        Glad to have left the states? You’re a disgrace to the Corps.

      2. Donna says:

        Why bother “staining” your name with “Corporal USMC” if you are “so glad to have left the states”? For so many reasons, I find it hard to believe that you were ever a Marine.

  15. Mark says:

    This still is America is it not? Get over your single minded prejudices.

  16. Jef says:

    Steven Tyler nailed it,although his very typical “screech” was involed,but what did you ecpect,it’s STEVEN TYLER!!!! He didn’t mess up the words,he didn’t spit on the ground he was being himself,no more no less. Thank you Steven Tyler.

  17. maggier says:

    After the brouhaha about Tyler, I went online to watch him sing it. It was Tyler being Tyler — I’ve heard much worse

  18. Reeves' Army says:

    I did not think it was that bad of a National Anthem. Do most of the lefties in Boston even know what the National Anthem is supposed to sound like? They knew what they were getting with Steven Tyler.

  19. John Kvastner says:

    He was far better singing the anthem than Obama was at throwing out the first pitch at the ’09 All-Star Game. Tyler probably remembers players on his favorite teams, too.

  20. Dave says:

    It was…bad. Did not do a good job. He did NOT get the words right…he blew the bombs bursting in air line. Very flat uninspiring performance.

  21. wlkelly says:

    Bringing on misfits like this guy to sing our national anthem is an absolute disgrace and spit in the face to all the men and women who have gone to battle to protect the rights of scoundrels like this creep. Hold the NFL responsible along with liberal nuts in Boston.

  22. Ed says:

    He was a rocker and sings like a rocker. Get over it!

  23. Jeff says:

    At least he didn’t grab his crotch during the performance.

    1. Geno says:

      He should have grabbed them. Helped with the high notes.

  24. BigBoa says:

    Bad? Perhaps? Awful? Not really……

    Worse than Roseann? That is unlikely to happen unless someone burns a US flag while singing…….

    If you’re going to have Tyler sing the anthem, you pretty much know what you’re going to get. Personally the mighty Boa thought is beat some of the “divas” that sing it and bellow and squeal their way through most of it…..

  25. Andy says:

    I cringed when I heard he would be delivering the National Anthem. I was greatly surprised by how well of a job he did. I think the critics on this page couldn’t get passed the person to actually hear the delivery. I’m no Steven Tyler fan, so I started out thinking it would be on par with Roanne Barr, but was wrong. Great job, Steven!

  26. Chicago Jack says:

    I’m pretty choosy on the way this song is sung and frankly having missed the opening of the game I heard the uproar and went to hear it and thought it wasn’t that bad at all.

    he’s a rock and roll singer, not Placido Domingo..

  27. G. Garcia says:

    Liked it. Would have been better with a Joe Perry guitar riff supporting him.

  28. Bob H says:

    he sounds terrible…and he looks like the crypt keeper. That’s two strikes.

    Oh!….he’s a judge on american idol…..strike three.

  29. LarryD says:

    This is a typical example of rock singers’ attempts to sing traditional songs. Without a loud, dynamic band behind them, they sound strained and abandoned. They are famous for being part of an emotional, exciting musical concert experience, and lose their exceptionalism when they have to go it alone.

    If Aerosmith had been part of it, the anthem would have been awesome, although not to my liking. I, like others, prefer my nation’s traditional song to be sung in a traditional way by a traditional voiced singer.

  30. Teri says:

    Oh for pity’s sakes y’all… With everything else going on in the world and you have to sit and criticize this ?… Ugh.. I didn’t see it – looked it up and listened. My goodness… Try another topic and learn something… He did fine.

    1. Sans says:

      “He did fine”.

      Hypocrite much Teri?

      You chastise others for “criticizing” him and then you finish your excoriation with a judgmental comment yourself.

  31. Stevie the K says:

    The anthem is a very challenging song, technically, to sing. Some very successful entertainers are less than technically gifted, or otherwise not equipped to do it justice. Steven Tyler, for all his abilities, is one of those who should not attempt to sing it.

  32. Eric says:

    Not his fault. That’s what Steven Tyler sounds like. He’s made a very comfortable living sounding like that. If it was inappropriate then blame the people who hired him.

    I like Aerosmith, but the Anthem was an atrocity. Somebody wasn’t thinking straight. I also wouldn’t hire a world class Italian tenor to sing “Walk This Way.”

    1. Russ in OR says:

      What were they thinking? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because Steven Tyler and Aerosmith are FROM Boston?

      At least he didn’t yodel it like too many of the divas we’ve seen attempt it in the past.

  33. Timothy says:

    The Emperor has no clothes!

  34. Greg says:

    I immediately thought of Leslie Neilson as Enrique Paluzzo in the Nake Gun it was that darn funny. Maybe they are making another Naked Gun movie that with some actor pretending to be a drugged up washed up ancient fossel rock star – would be great. Ya! Ya! Ya! it was that funny.

  35. Barry Levy says:

    How about we stop with the performers changing our National Anthem, and have them sing it the way it was written.

    As to athletes, can you imagine you are hyped to play, and then the singer takes forever to sing, and you are left cooling off prior to the game.

    I see it more and more that the anthem is being sung while teams, (basketball) are off the court. Then when it is game time, the players are announced and the game starts.

    But I am at the point where I will sit or ignore the singing as it is no longer the anthem, sung with respect and reverence, but a vehicle for an egocentric performer to get 2 minutes of recognition.

    1. Casper says:

      It was written as a poem- not intended to be sung, and then put to the notes of an old drinking song.

  36. UnPCdMom says:

    I was not a fan of his rendition but since it was done entirely iin his style and he got all the words correct I do not believe any disrespect was intended unlike the still remembered horrid version by Roseanne Barr!

  37. Knife says:

    It was just fine. That’s how he sings, and he’s made millions with that voice. Granted, his voice sounds better with his band behind him, rather than acapella, but it sounded OK.

  38. GiantFrog says:

    Bottom line is that for whoever made the selection he probably performed exactly as expected. I don’t blame Mr. Tyler. I question the choice. The performance did not make me proud and did not convey honor as it should have.

  39. Gail Spencer Choate says:

    It was Steven Tyler sounding like Steven Tyler, and to sound like Steven Tyler, there has to be at least one scream. Now in his 60s, he sounds as good as he ever did, compared to Whitney Houston, who arguably did the best version ever, but now sounds like…Steven Tyler. Go figure.

  40. Josh says:

    I thought he did fine. That’s what a rock n roll voice sounds like without autotune, kids.

  41. Gail Spencer Choate says:

    It was Steven Tyler sounding like Steven Tyler. He is not Whitney Houston, who arguably did the best version ever, but now sounds sort of like…Steven Tyler. Go figure.

  42. nomad674 says:

    this just shows that in the computer age you do not have to be a great singer just look at that crazy person in atlanta who had a hit single with a horrible voice. we just lost etta james in their era talent got you to the top now its computer inhancement and advertising. most of the young people nowadays
    have not heard great music so this dribble sounds excellent. its a shame

  43. MAJack says:

    What do you expect from a spent has been? It was HORRIBLE.

  44. paul says:

    I don’t know him, but have been fortunate to meet him several times. You may not like his rendition….But I believe that he took the HONOR to sing the national anthem seriously. He would not disrespect himself, the team or his country. He is a famous Massachusetts resident who loves his State and his Team……GET OVER IT!!!!

    1. Sans says:

      Where he hails from is irrelevant when singing the National Anthem. It belongs to all Americans – Boston doesn’t get special possession of the National Anthem. YOU get over it.

  45. Dave@MI says:

    Classic Steven Tyler … wouldn’t have/want it any other way.

  46. John says:

    KISS Keep it simple stupid. It Stunk

  47. dooky says:

    I’ve heard ally cats in heat with better harmony than that old dood.

  48. JimG says:

    Steven Tyler did a Steven Tyler rendition. What did you expect? If that’s not what was wanted, they should have asked someone else.

  49. Cranky Old Fart says:

    Yeah, what we really needed was another black singer trying to yodel out the anthem as some kind of soul number. (Why do they do that? It sounds terrible!) It’s a difficult song to sing correctly, and people who cannot do it should not even try. Sing it straight, as written, or let someone elso who is able.

  50. Paul V says:

    Why blame the geriatric, has been, punk rocker who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket?? How bout blaming the imbeciles that thought he could..

  51. dudefromdixie says:

    Since Aerosmith stopped using drugs, their music sucks. The old stuff was much better, recorded when they couldn’t hardly find the studio doors. Tyler never could sing but at least the music and melodies were good. No longer.

  52. andyme says:

    Please PATS, the next time borrow Rene Rancour from the Bruins.

  53. LoL says:

    What did you expect… Really??? Love Aerosmith but had to laugh when they did the introduction, I looked at my wife and said I bet he is gonna scream the high note LMAO.

  54. Tom says:

    He deserves an ass-kicking from every American, not just football fans. That ancient fool can’t sing a lick.

    1. No American Idol for You says:

      You’re an idiot. Of course the dude can sing. He just didn’t sing the way you wanted him to sing! Get over it. The world didn’t come to an end.

  55. Mark Matis says:

    Look, this event was held in Massachusetts. Be glad they even sang anything that sounded REMOTELY like the National Anthem. If you complain, their games next year will start with “A hymn to the UN” instead.

  56. sfcmac says:

    You know what was really bad? The boorish, classless 49er fans who booed at Giants players and cheered at San Fran players throughout the national anthem. That’s what should get your panties in a wad.

    1. brad says:

      Fans are fans and run the spectrum of extremes with bad behavior. Some twits tweeted death threats to Williams after the game. As a Niner fan I am disappointed because my team did not play well all around. Too many Giant third and longs were given up and all Niner third and shorts were not made. Then there was the two punt fumbles by the backup punt returner who only returned two punts this year. You have to tip you hat to the Giants who as a 9-7 team got hot at the right time. It is amazing that NY fans were yelling to fire Coughlin a couple of months ago and questioning Manning’s play call.

  57. No American Idol for You says:

    I guess the dude is “NOT going to be going to Hollywood”. .. lol

  58. Bad Choice says:

    Roseanne Barr has that title locked up. There is no way anyone could do a better job at dissing America than she did.

  59. Al Phresceaux says:

    I’ve heard a lot worse, all those so-called pop divas who go out there and screech and wail. It is best to use someone who can sing.

  60. Paul says:

    He is known for his raspy rock voice. He sang it the way he sings everything. I think if you know what to expect you were cool with it. BTW he has made millions with that voice

  61. LoL says:

    Oh… and with a net worth of over $130m somebody likes his music… maybe he just needed his band… 8))))))

    1. Damean says:

      So your only a true American if you have a great singing voice and can sing the Anthem. Bullsnot……any and every American with love of their country in their heart can sing that anthem, people have died to give us that privilege.

  62. lily says:

    awful screeching noise a cappella no less what a nightmare- was giving this to him to butcher really necessary?

  63. Tom says:

    Steven Tyler sang like Steven Tyler. Who else would he sing like?

  64. Krk says:

    I think we are all missing the point… have some respect… with all of his experience live on stage and recording in the studio, he could have chosen to put a brazillion effects on his voice; instead he came out and did it “naked”. Did it make me cringe? At points, yes, honestly. But I love and respect the fact that he didn’t lip synch it, double it, or laden it with effects. It was natural and thus it was impassioned. Much respect.

  65. Robert H says:

    never have understood why they don’t get a normal looking military member in full dress uniform, who has a great voice to sing the national anthem; you ask a piece of trash like steven tyler to sing it and then complain? perfect example of what you see is what you get…

    1. Damean says:

      What makes him trash Sir.

  66. sharonkateri says:

    He flubbed 1 WORD. As mentioned previously, instead of “the bombs bursting in air,” he sang “as bomb bursting in air.” I think I can forgive that…everybody has a slip of the tongue once in a while. I mean, it’s not like he replaced entire lines of the song, or had to run off stage and get a cheat-sheet. 1 word…

    As for singing — look, it’s Steven Tyler. Not Placido Domingo. Not Alan Jackson. Not Milli Vanilli. Steven Tyler. He has a unique way of singing, and he sang it as he sings. Like Whitney “Crack-is-Whack” Houston sang it the way she sings – yet she got praised for it. A) She played with the notes of the anthem, making it to her style (which is now why Mariah Carey, Christina Aguillera, etc…all do that). B) She recorded it previously, THEN lip-synched to the recording. Tyler sang live. C) She ended up making a PROFIT off the anthem, as it was recorded and sold. Do you really think it’s appropriate for ANYONE (other than, say, Francis Scott Key) to profit from our national song?

  67. Ohmaar says:

    What do you suppose would happen to ANY American Idol performer who turned in that performance at their initial tryout?

  68. Damean says:

    Pavoratti… Lead man for one of the greatest American rock bands ever….yes. All you critics hush it, it is what it is>

  69. Jerry Powell says:

    If it looks like a pig, acts like a pig and screams like a pig, then it’s a pig! Steven Tyler is clearly a pig!

    1. Casper says:

      I’m certain that he would prefer to be a pig instead of an idiot such as yourself.

  70. BaronVonAwesome says:

    Yea, it really wasn’t very good. Then again, who cares? I don’t watch the game for the singing of the nat. anthem. If you want to provide some in depth analysis of that, or you become offended by simple accurate critiicsm maybe you should be watching trash TV like “The Voice” etc.

  71. brad says:

    Tyler = free-spirited rock version, Republican and guest in Kraft’s box suite
    Chenoweth = classical style version, Democrat

  72. ann says:

    I thought it was fantastic – real…. no auto tune there!

  73. Peter says:

    C’mon guys it wasn’t that bad. Though it would have sounded better with Joe along to play lead.

  74. Vtsense says:

    Another example of what Americans have to endure when a no talent butchers the National Anthem. The average American thinks screaming into a mike is music.
    The Pat’s organization can take much of the blame. What were they thinking?

  75. Adam Smith says:

    Horrible rendition of the American national anthem. Just butchered it. Does get points for getting the words right. Perhaps his voice is just shot after years of rock singing. The contrast with the on key, hitting all the notes, clear as a bell rendition by Chenoweth was all to her favor. (Actually she did one of the best jobs I have heard on this difficult song.)

  76. Not that bad says:

    Sheesh. From the build up in the article, I thought it was going to be horrible, but honestly, it wasn’t so bad at all. It’s the song itself that’s the problem. A very wide range of notes that is difficult for 95 percent of Americans to sing.

  77. mada says:

    everyone is a flipping critic. At least the man agreed to sing it. How many out there refusing to do so because they love our country so? Truth in his voice. Now let’s hear you experts give it a try. I probably would be crying after the first three notes.

  78. DHicks says:

    I didn’t think it was great, but he is a rock singer not classically trained. As anyone with training knows, The Star Spangled Banner is a HARD song to sing. I prefer it be performed in the traditional way. I don’t appreciate Whitney Houston or other such warbling either. Look, Steven Tyler sang the song with feeling at least. i will not find fault with that.

  79. Grumpy Dude says:

    They knew what they were getting when they signed him up. Each person who is to sing gets a run through prior to being chosen. That’s been NFL policy since Rosanne ruined it years ago. They heard it and obviously figured it’ll appeal to both the teeny boppers as well as the metalheads.

  80. Jay says:

    Anybody who knows anything knows that that’s the way Tyler sings, he’s never sung any other way. He’s a hard rock voice with nothing to hide. I heard it and I knew it wasn’t going to be your run of the mill anthem, but he did it in his own true style and for that I can respect him.

  81. Vtsense says:

    Peter, it was pathetic

  82. Ken says:

    Can’t wait for the Duet with Rosanne Barr

  83. mongo says:

    He did just fine, for a burned out, stoned old rocker we got what we paid for.

  84. ODIrony says:

    At least Mr Tyler was approximately following the melody, which is more than many of the more stylish soulfull singers do these days.

  85. RagnarB says:

    At first I said, oh God. But he sang in a straight forward manner, no crazy scat or whatever. He hit the high notes in his indomitable rock and roll way and the crowd cheered, and started singing with him. It was GREAT.

  86. mel says:

    By jjove I actually recognized “it” for a change!

  87. AnnyMsMm says:

    Worst performance EVER? Nope. Not even close. He followed the correct melody, and knew the words. Worst song EVER? Two words…Christina Aguilera.

  88. Mannie says:

    Meh! Rosie O’Donnell was infinitely worse. She even flipped the bird doing it.

    It’s a damned hard piece to sing, and he doesn’t have a voice anymore. Too much good weed, maybe. It really needs to be sung by someone with a very conventional singing style, or by the whole stadium singing out of tune.

    1. Mannie says:

      Oops. It was Roseanne Barr. Sorry, Rosie.

  89. Ken Puck says:

    Simply disrespectful. This drugged-out leftover from the ’70s thinks he’s a world unto himself, and screw the rest of you. Amazing he could get through the lyrics.

  90. lc says:

    I had no problem with his performance.

  91. Nurse Snow says:

    Could hardly watch the game. don’t these singers submit an audition tape? It sounded like I expected…but really?

  92. bert says:

    although flat in some spots and getting the ” banner” wrong at least he sang the thing the way it is written and not the rhythm and blues version which is not the national anthem and not the country music version which is not the national anthem!!!

  93. Raymond Benne says:

    He is a rock singer, not a real singer, in other words, if he isn’t screaming he can not sing a note. i am sure it was not intentional and he tried his best, he just can not sing a Capella

  94. kup says:

    Did the organizers not make him audition, you know, kind of like on Idol??? That was a mess and a disgrace.

  95. freecheese says:

    I don’t like the guy. Rosie by far did the most disgusting singing. The fact that MILLIONS are hooked on American Idol is an indication of the decline of our cultre.
    How can a guy that looks EXACTLY like a monkey make millions screaming into a mike? Duh!

  96. Mike Steiner says:

    Steven Tyler is so freakin cool that it sounded cool. I hated the lack of quality coming from a guy who not only sold around 15 mil albums but judges singers on a television show. But… Tyler is a cool dude and he can get away with it.
    He also should have pitched the starting notes much lower so he could hit the high notes

  97. Mayor McCheese says:

    He sings better than I do so no criticism here. I can’t remember what company is using Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle” for a commercial but it reminded me of how great the rock was in the 70’s.

  98. Martin says:

    He was out of tune for sure but at least he didn’t grab his crotch and spit after he finished.

  99. robert b says:

    only the same left wing liberal idiots are complaaining about this are the same numbnuts that thought roseann did a good job………… enough said.
    just shut up

  100. Carl says:

    Stop saying he got the words right. He made no fewer than three mistakes.

    1. Its “o’er the land of the free”, not “oh the land….”

    2. It’s “the bombs bursting….”, not “as bombs bursting….”

    3. It’s “o’er the land of the free…”, not “oh the land of….”

  101. Johnfn says:

    Steven Tyler sang just as I expected he would. I wasn’t expecting Pavarotti. I thought he was Great!!

  102. GAry says:

    Is your comment based upon his singing or was it the Patriots’ scarf Steven was wearing? Noise or not, his was his interpretation.

  103. L. Hollinger says:

    I do believe it is about time that people (young and old) in this country wake up to the fact that our National Anthem is not to be toyed with and should be sung in a respectful manner. Some of the renditions that I have heard in recent years leave much to be desired and I am more and more amazed at the total lack of respect we have for this country, the national anthem, and the flag just to mention a few items. Perhaps this performance was an accident, but it surely was horrible and I have to say the only rendition other than that disaster of Roseanne Barr’s attempt or lack of attempt that was worse.

    1. Carl says:

      OK, I’ll get off your lawn now Mr. Hollinger.

  104. Jeff says:

    It was perfectly OK. In two places, he ended a phrase with a brief raspy scream effect which if he had done more of, I would have considered it to be disrespectful. It is a hard song to sing, especially live in a reverberating stadium and he is 63. The pipes probably aren’t as tuned and toned as they once were. Won’t go down in history as one of the best but an acceptable effort.

  105. Jay says:

    I think it is unfair to relate his singing to Rosanne Barr. She disrespected the banner. Steven sang it with respect. He sang it as well as he sings any of his other music. He is a rocker and he sang it like a rocker. Did you expect him to croon like Michael Buble? By these standards you might say that Ray Charles butchered “America the Beautiful”. Losers would. I can’t believe people bother to complain about someone’s respectful rendition of the banner.

  106. gagmewithaspoon says:

    shocker… bosoms gold drawers on beach gross , this isnt news.

  107. Steven says:

    There are many college music/voice students who could sing our National Anthem beautifully. Instead they bring in this disgusting drug addict.

  108. Fred Derf says:

    hey, it’s Tyler, they got what they asked for

  109. Simple Analysis says:

    It’s not so much a difference of opinion, taste or preference. What we’re actually dealing with here is a lot of genuinely stupid people. Tyler is a favorite son of Boston, good friends with the Pats owner and big fan of the team. He’s 63 years old. He did a pretty good job singing the Anthem, all things considered. Not the least of which that it was pretty freaking cold out there. Nobody said he should be given a Grammy for what he did yesterday. But the babbling idiots criticizing him are the biggest fools I’ve seen in a while.

  110. D.h Flynn says:

    Steven Tyler would make a fine butcher. He’s a good Idol judge, but I was not a big fan of his Banner rendition. Maybe he was thinking more about himself than about the Banner.

  111. James Brenner says:

    It sounded like Steven Tyler – what did they expect?

  112. Alice Ramirez says:

    I didn’t detect disrespect, just a voice that wasn’t up to the demands of the anthem (which is extremely challenging to sing well). I think he did his best. The worst ever was bellowed bt that pig, Rosanne Barr.

  113. jerrykregle says:

    Rocco Scotti probably the BEST at singing the National Anthem

  114. Earl says:

    That was not Tyler, it was one of the huge mouthed apes from Planet of the Apes. That side profile is a dead giveaway. Only a highland gorilla has a jaw like that. They screech about the same way too. More proof.

  115. Geoff says:

    Al is completely correct……… I’m 64 and the last thing I want to see is has beens
    that look even older than they really are……… I hatethe NFL half time show…..
    is it because the majority of attendess are over 50………….. just give it up to the younger generation……… I remember being forced to listen music before the Beatlesl…… it’s exactly the same for the kids now ……let it go for goodness sakes!!

  116. Jack says:

    It’s a total disgrace Don’t the producers or the teams ever hold an audition?

  117. chris says:

    Worst ever? Apparently nobody remembers his rendition at the Indy 500. That was the worst ever, At least this time he got most of the words right.

  118. TANKETTE says:

    Ummm…HE SUCKED!

  119. dolores n says:

    Hello!!!!! He’s a Rock Singer!
    Clearly SOMEONE approved him to perform and sing the Anthem, RIGHT?


  120. Stevesdull says:

    LMAO, what did they EXPECT asking Steve Tyler to sing ANYTHING — let alone something with such a range as the Star Spangled Banner? That was a proposition doomed to failure from the start.

  121. SCDAD says:

    I’m sick of people criticizing Steven Tyler. He is a friggin ROCK STAR and he sounded as great as he has for years.

    He sang with pride, he didn’t grab his crotch or forget the words and I believe all those being critical have way too much time on their hands.

    Get a life and get off Steven Tyler’s ass. He’s a national icon.

  122. circle8 says:

    Maybe he was in need of a little pick me up of coke or meth.

  123. Dave Hill says:

    Funny. I thought Tyler was OK, given his natural voice isn’t suited to the Anthem. And I’m not an Aerosmith or Tyler fan. On te other hand I thought Chenowith’s phrasing was completely off and detracted from the Anthem. Good voice, bad rendition. That, plus her “on stage” use of the arms was hokey… like a “Miss Smallltown” contestant.

  124. Chris says:

    Im not a Steven Tyler fan; in fact I would say his voice has never been a great one. Aerosmith’s success as a rock band is not because Steven Tyler has an opera singer’s voice.

    When I started watching the game I wasnt actually able to see the screen; just heard him singing. Honestly, I thought some fan pulled out of the stands or some wounded vet with no musical experience was singing the Anthem.

    In contract, the lady who did the Anthem at the NFC game was a total class act and sang it beautifully.

  125. Beenaroundyaknow says:

    Who ever booked him as the “singer” should be collecting unemployment today.

  126. USMCSniper says:

    Scudbuster: The best way I found to do the super bowl is Turn on the TV and mute the sound, turn on your radio and listen to the broadcast. You see the game and don’t have to listen to the moronic announcers on TV. During half time go make a sandwich. The radio will let you know when to return. The radio guys don’t talk gibberish just to stay on their mikes.

  127. ramon says:

    Thank God for my mute button. I hit it early.

  128. Tara says:

    Newsflash: The national anthem is NOT a rock song. They should have asked someone else. To me, it’s not respectful to “sing” it like that (i.e. scream). I have friends who would have done a better job.

  129. circle8 says:

    Maybe he needed a little pick me up before his scream the anthem.

  130. Christopher Casey says:

    I’d take Tyler’s rendition over someone committing Mariah Carey on the National Anthem anyday.

  131. RLG says:

    He was great. Pure Steven Tyler – raspy voice and all – and sung from the heart. What the hell is everyone so judgemental for???? He did nothing to disgrace himself – or the country. The National Anthem belongs to all Americans… sing it loud and sing it proud – whatever your musical preference is, is irrelevant.

  132. Jimbo96 says:

    In the same category as Rosanne Barr at Jack Murphy Stadium…if compared I bet that they are equally disgusting…

    1. Em Spearing says:

      Jimbo, not even close. Really.

  133. Jim Sherer says:

    Hes 63 years old and his voice is going just like Sinatra and many others.

  134. Em Spearing says:

    It wasn’t bad because he tried to “improve” it, or because the high notes crucified him — as they always do me — or because he was disrespectful, as was the insufferably disgusting Roseanne Barr. He appeared to me to make a reasonable effort and managed an acceptable rendition of the anthem. He failed to make it as a full-throated operatic tenor. This is much ado over nothing. In comparison to many others, Steven Tyler is fine, for crying out loud.

  135. Tom says:

    Jimi Hendrix would have approved.

  136. Steve Haigh says:

    Surprisingly, I don’t have a major complaint with Tyler’s rendition. He sang it in his style. Isn’t that what every singer does? I was surprised he did as well as he did. LIghten up.

  137. comprof says:

    Absolutely ridiculous!

  138. Old Hippie says:

    At least he got the words RIGHT, not like the recent “LOSERS” who couldn’t remember the words to THEIR National Anthem. And, yes he BELTED out his rendition. Personally, I’d love to hear someone complain about Jimi Hendrix’ version (Woodstock) of the anthem.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Not quite, Old Hippie. He got MOST of the words right. Even this article notes that he “butchered some of the lyrics”. And this is CBS for cripes sake! If even THEY noticed that he didn’t know the words…

      Well, I guess there wouldn’t have been much hope for him on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!”

  139. Joe in OK says:

    His performance as a Rock Star voice was fine.

    He did mangle some words; however, he didn’t pause or appear to be searching for words. He sang through it.

    While I’m disappointed that he didn’t know and deadpan the words, it was not even in the top ten of worst performance. It was mediocre at worst.

  140. Balloon Boy says:

    Reminded me of Enrico Palazzo.

  141. Scottdc says:

    I kept waiting for him to say “and the home of the….New England Patriots” and completely botch the ending, like he did at the Indy 500.

  142. Dennis B says:

    It was not the worst by far but it still $uc3ed. 68 year old rockers should never sing in public.

  143. frank says:

    he sucks big time

  144. DS says:

    Steven Tyler sounded just like Steven Tyler! He delivered the song just as one would expect. Why all the complaining?

    1. Oto Zeit says:

      “Steven Tyler sounded just like Steven Tyler! He delivered the song just as one would expect. Why all the complaining?”

      Because singing the National Anthem “just like Steven Tyler” is not honoring or inspirational, it is aggravating and depressing.– inappropriate at best. I mostly blame the people who thought that having Steven Tyler do his thing on the National Anthem was a good idea — but keep in mind that one of those people was Steven Tyler himself.

      1. One guy says:

        What good is a national anthem if it can only be sung by a classically trained singer. The common man should be able to sing the National Anthem. It’s supposed to be inspiring to every person. We should all sing it. With your short-sighted comment, I hope you never so much as whisper the words, because that would be wholly inappropriate.

  145. Eldon says:

    It didn’t bother me; I hit the mute after the second word. Not sorry I did

  146. yves says:

    it’s steven tyler….he always sound like that… get over it!!!

  147. William Gipson says:

    Look Steven Tyler has one great voice if the song is in his range and pitch, but for a pop singer to sing it is very difficult to sing our National Anthlem. I am not a singer but I have a voice which would sing the National Anthlem with no issues what so ever but for talent I am no Steven Tyler and I think he should be given a honest view of how he sang our brloved song we all respect he did poor but his fame and recognition out weighs his performance. The one to blame is the person who selected him to sing. Tyler has his rock style and he sang as I would have expected him to sing it as this song is difficult for many rock singers reguardless. In all next time ask me to sing for a free seat.

  148. William Gipson says:

    Steven tyler is who he is reguardless the star off rock didn`t make his no 1 record singing our National Anthem. I could see who ever selected the rock singer to be the blame as he definately needed a rehearsal before going on national tv and standing in the center of Gillette Stadium with his girl fried. Non the less Steven Tyler his range and pitch is no where`s near the beat and sound pitch of our national anthlem and I would have selected the AirForce or Armed service branches to sing and play our historical anthlem with out placing it at a risky performance because this song is difficult for many people who aregreat singers.

  149. Jim Hampton says:

    They need to change that song since the “land of the free and home of the brave” is past tense!

  150. Jim Hampton says:

    “land of the free and home of the brave” = past tense!

  151. davo says:

    I saw it, I heard it in 5 channel dd suround sound. He did a fine job.
    Wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad.
    How can anyone say the worst ever? How about Rosan Barr back in the 80’s

  152. Jolie says:

    LOL….people, Steve *screeches* when he performs in his band, nothing is different. The synthesizers and all save a lot of musicians….hence a lot of rock musicians sound horrible in concert. Not everyone sings like Placido without the *sound enhancers*. I did hear a bit of Steve on a news replay, and I have to admit, I did wince…LOL. But aside from that, he is an awesome musician and is akin to his music. He did what he was asked to do given his singing style.

  153. ikefriday says:

    Maybe I missed something. Wasn’t it STEVEN TYLER who sang the National Anthem? As in the lead singer of Aerosmith? As in “Walk this way, love in an elevator, dude looks like a lady” Steven Tyler? He sang it exactly how I expected he would. It would be like expecting Bob Dylan to sing on key, or Mick Jaggert to not strut around like a chicken.

  154. Aerosucks says:

    The rock star BS excuse doesn’t fly. Get Robert Plant up there once and he’ll show Aerosuck boy how it’s done.

  155. Aceriter says:

    The poor guy doesn’t know the first thing about singing. He has no voice at all. In fact he just plain stunk. He’s al;most as bad as Springsteen.

  156. JoeB says:

    Who is Jason Michael Carroll and why should I care what he thinks of ANYTHING???

  157. Bob says:

    I’d rather hear a good fart

  158. Robin Markowski says:

    REALLY?? If you ask a rocker like Steven to sing then expect a rocker to sing it the way he knows best! LIKE a rocker. What were you all expecting Oprah, country??

  159. mrsharfer says:

    Screw you critics. Anybody that sings or attempts to sing our National Anthem is a patriot! That is one hard song to hit all the notes. Isn’t anybody appreciative of anything anymore? Oh, I get it, Tyler has right leanings. No wonder you bash him.

  160. walter12 says:

    What is this guy, a traitor, a communist, a nutcase? My God, it was awful. The person who put this wacko on the spot should be tied to a tree and beaten .

  161. David Christensen says:

    Who is Steven Tyler?

  162. Jock McDonald says:

    I liked his rendition as much as I admire his hair style. BEWUUICK!

  163. Timq says:

    ” Steven Tyler isn’t getting much praise for his performance of the National Anthem” and “The Gillette Stadium crowd roared after he was done” pretty much sums up how the non-elite people viewed his performance. Great Job Stephen, keep up the good work. The person who wrote this article is a bozo.

  164. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    It sure wasn’t great but I’ve heard a LOT worse.

  165. TexasForever says:

    Steven Tyler was painfully HORRIBLE!
    What is really sad is this guy as made MILLIONS of $$$$ being HORRIBLE.
    Thye guy cannot sing a note. His forte is drugs, makeup, plastic surgery, drugs, sex and feathered bolas. If he is the best Boston as to offer what does it say about culture in Boston?

    1. One guy says:

      It says we have no taste at all. What do your typos say about the people and education level of Texans?

  166. jock McDonald says:

    his rendition reflects where our beautiful culture has gone to. What emptiness and lack of talent that knows no bounds. Love the hair style. What a wonderful role model.

  167. martypatrick says:

    He doesn’t have a great voice, so the vocal wasn’t great but He got the words right and didn’t try to stylize it. If you want to listen to a butchering of our anthem try listening to Christina Aguilera. Now that was horrid.

  168. Mot says:

    Vintage Steven Tyler! Good Job, Steven!!!! Rock On! (For eveyone else who disagrees, this is what a rock and roll singer sounds like a capella!! Deal with it. Good Job, Steven! Enjoy it!

  169. Dernon Ruton says:

    I never liked his music or his style, but I don’t see what the big problem was. He was essentially in tune; the scream after “land of the free” …… yeeeeoooooaaaahhhhh …. was certainly no more an idle affectation than so much of the trilling, wailing, gratuitous, multisyllabic, cadenza-length, vocalise nonsense common in so much of today’s “popular” modern song style; and he didn’t grab his crotch, spit, or give anybody the finger. It’s Steven Tyler, not Bryn Terfel. You wanna go after somebody for dissing the Star Bangled Banner? Try Obama, who by his imposture as eligible to hold office, and by his every unpatriotic action, traduces it every day.

  170. jeffkphin says:

    Sheesh….what a tough crowd. Been singing for 30 years…thought his version was fine. He didn’t try to squeeze 1000 notes into one phrase as many so called “singers” do. Actually did it pretty straight. It’s not a vocal exercise…it’s a song to honor a great nation. Lighten up!

  171. MReeder says:

    For what it’s worth, I thought he sounded like someone torturing a bag of alley cats. My bigger complaint, though, is all the people on this site saying, “At least he got all fhe words right!” He – did – NOT – get -all -the — words -right!!!!
    If you don’t know the lyrics to anything else, at least memorize the national anthem. You might even read about its history, so that you would know why the words are important.

  172. Jeff says:

    I’m surprised some of htese singers don’t spend some time in the studio and get it right there and just lip sync it

  173. BK Beringer says:

    What a bunch of whiners and complainers….gees!
    Frankly, I thought it was perfect for Steve. That is how he sings and he has made a good living doing so. I’d like to see any of you get up there and give it a shot in front of millions. it brought a tear to my eye actually.

  174. Bill Russo says:

    H O R R E N D O U S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! is too mild of a word to describe his attempt at singing. I would use a worse word, but I cannot think of one.

  175. JustMe says:

    While it certainly wasn’t the best redition I’ve ever heard it doesn’t warrant the title as the worst. Want to bet if Tyler was black this comment would never have been made? How many tmies have we all suffered through a black *artist* screeching and wailing their way through our anthem?

    1. One guy says:

      How many times have we all suffered through some moron’s comments. Want to bet if you were educated and a true American you wouldn’t write such rubbish?

  176. gholdenboy says:

    has anyone noticed that journalists are so amazingly lazy now that they report the comments of the worldwide digital peanut gallery as if it is news, yet at the same time they disparage breitbart and others for being on the internet?

  177. Doug says:

    What did they expect?

  178. Matt Power says:

    Come on, it wasn’t that bad. It was vintage Steven Tyler.

  179. Bryan Eddy says:

    i was expecting something worse than what i heard.Maybe you missed him almost being drowned out by the Arena SINGING ALONG.Thats his voice/style.If youre not a singer ,maybe you dont know its a TERRIBLE song to sing- the first line spans an octave.He was careful to know where to start ,and the high notes were the top of his range.Hes a senior citizen rock legend.cut him some slack

  180. Sally says:

    Who can be surprised. He sang the Anthem at the Indy 500 a couple of years ago. He sounded the same.

  181. Richard Ochsner says:

    Who was the dumb*** that hired him?

  182. Bernie Bouck says:

    Gimmee Roseanne any day ! . . . . It has to be betta’ !

  183. Bernie Bouck says:

    Roseanne . . . . once again !

  184. Wilhelm Da Sad says:

    Can you just imagine this…Tyler goes on American Idol and sings like he sang the National Anthem…


  185. mydogbill says:

    Stop the Hate jealous beachhheeesssss

  186. Willy B. Willy says:

    Not only does he look like an old white woman, he ‘sings’ like one too.

  187. sagi says:

    Let the audience sing it together, the way it used to be.

    It is OUR song.

    No reason whatsoever to hire some quirky soloist who can mess it up it at their will.

  188. Simon Cowell says:

    “…including one person who said it sounded like someone putting “a raccoon out of its misery.”

    I heard Tyler’s performance, and I can tell you that the above criticism is highly insulting — to raccoons.

  189. Socrates says:

    He was horrible. Who decided to let him do it?

  190. Blackcurry says:

    If you ask Steve Tyler to sing the national anthem, that’s what you get…..Steve Tyler singing the national anthem. The guy is a rock star not an opera singer. Personally, I love Steve Tyler. He gave it his best shot. No worse than a lot of other renditions I’ve heard.

  191. Dilbert says:

    I THOUGHT IT WAS FANTASTIC. With all the things to complain about THIS is what you people choose? Aerosmith has a sound all it’s own thanks to Steven Tyler and I LOVE IT. Seriously people, pick up the pieces of your shattered lives and move on…

  192. Jim from Boston says:

    Without passing judgement on whether it was good or bad, I can say it was definitely better than I expected. What I expected was a total train wreck, but since Rosanne Barr already set the standard for the worst ever rendition of the National Anthem, Tyler’s performance was clearly an improvement on Barr’s sorry endeavor.

    But really, what else could anybody have expected? Tyler is a rock screamer, not a singer. It was just a terrible, terrible choice by the show’s producers. Shame on them, that choice was an insult to the whole country.

  193. tdrag says:

    Surely they could have found a local high school student to sing the Anthem. This guy made a mockery of our National Anthem with his awful voice and drag queen costume.

  194. gordon says:

    Nothing more than noise pollution.

  195. American Idol Judge? says:

    An American Idol judge should be able to do a performance that everyone respects. That clearly didn’t happen. If he can dish out critiques, he should be well and open to receiving them, as well.

  196. Fenway 12 says:

    Ab Fab. It was a wonderful performance. Just what I expected!

  197. Mark says:

    Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people.

  198. riccie says:

    I liked his interpretation. As many have said before me, he IS a rock star.

  199. Gord says:

    If this was some unknown guy who sang the US anthem, everybody would be saying how bad it was. But because it was a famous singer from a famous rock/pop band, it must be good, right? The guy can sing rock songs fine, but he’s not an anthem singer at all. Any time he has to reach any high notes, you hear him screaming like crazy. It might sound fine for a rock song, but not for your country’s anthem. Plus, he should stop trying to look like a 20 year old, when he’s almost a senior citizen.

  200. Linedancer says:

    He can’t sing and he looks like a homeless person. What a disgrace.

    1. Sterling Headset says:

      Buttrockes 1 ……… Hall Monitors 0

  201. Stephanie says:

    Well I do like Aerosmith and Steven Tyler is his own person. He is fun to watch on American Idol. But I did like the way he sang the Anthem, it was his way. That’s the way we know him sounding.
    I hope I didn’t hear you right Dan early in the show while talking about Steven Tyler, I think you said he was washed up…..I think FAR from it. I was in shock and gasped in the car. But that is your opinion.
    He is a local guy and a HUGE game, so I think it pumped everyone up knowing he was going to sing the National Anthem. If you liked it, that is fine, and if you didn’t that is okay too…..We are a free country–Thank God.

  202. Diana J. says:

    I didn’t think it was that bad (I disliked the all-instrumental one a few weeks ago more). Was actually impressed that a 63-year-old could reach some of those high notes. His performance style and physical presentation on Sunday were pretty much what I would expect from him.

  203. Bill Caldwell says:

    Geez, advertising is a cost of reading, but at least it should go away at some point. I even clicked on the danged Full Fail University ad and it won’t go away… Tyler is what he is. The Banner is hard and you only get one take. Maybe he should stick to his own stuff in studio.

    1. 3Danalyst says:

      Try AdBlock…it’s a dream….and it’s free!

  204. Orenthal says:

    His performance was cringe-worthy, but it was honest. I’d much rather listen to him than to some screaming negro.

  205. 3Danalysit says:

    He was not disrespectful to the anthem…It’s Steven Tyler, what does one expect really? He sang it like an 80’s rock star. Mission Complete. They knew what it would sound like so they shouldn’t have chosen him if they didn’t appreciate it.

    He should have yelled – “Wake up everyone, get your life vests on! Our nation’s sinking into tyranny! Vote Ron Paul! “…or something to that effect, at the end. That’s the only negative thing I have to say about his performance.

  206. Laura says:

    If you wanted Tony Bennett, that’s who you should have hired. Steven Tyler sang the song like…..well…..Steven Tyler. I personally did not think he was disrespectful at all. I’m a fan of Steven Tyler and will continue to be!

  207. blackbear1 says:

    Why did they even ask him? Just because he is from here! You are supposed to honor America, not dishonor it!

  208. Rickey Caruso says:

    I was surprized that Tyler, lead singer of a very successful band, has such a limited vocal range. I would expect at least one octave.

    Absent a four note song and an autotune box to fix the pitch what you got is about what you’d expect from an untrained voice.

  209. joshua says:

    This so-called “performance” was a TRAVESTY, but as pointed out in the comments above, only one travesty among many travesties.

    Our National Anthem is not meant be sung by self-affected pop stars using their inimitable pop style. It should be sung AS IT WAS WRITTEN, without a lot of add-ins, ad-libs, melisma, and screeching. The purpose of singing the Anthem is to honor our country, not to honor the singer or to show off wonderful he/she thinks their singing style is.

    Furthermore, 98% of those engaged to sing the Anthem at sporting events ought to give serious consideration to having an accompaniment; they aren’t good enough to sing “a cappella” and stay on-pitch.

    The only good news in all this is that I have a mute button on my TV remote…..

  210. man-o-wx says:

    Let us be sympathetic. After all, when he was born, “the Dead Sea was still sick.”

  211. Charles says:

    What a bunch of ahloles!

    Try singing when YOU are in your 60’s…and most all of you have NEVER sang before an audience much less a stadium – and you have nerve to criticize??

    If you want some bad singing and mangling of the National Anthem, try a NASCAR race. Some of the most horrific singing is done there….

    I was pleasantly surprised by both Tyler and Chenowith (cant stand Chenowith’s country singing voice).

    Get over yourselves.

    1. Donna says:

      and with no music to back you up. That, itself, is very hard and very unnerving.

  212. chic says:

    Yup. Sounded just like Steven Tyler. Only he subdued his more vocal style for the sake of the anthem.

    You folks need to get a life. He did 100% better the Roseann and at least 90% better than 45% of the singers of the anthem at NASCAR races.

    What do you expect from a Rock & Roller??? He gave exactly as advertised.

  213. Sterling Headset says:

    Just watched it… He sang it with soul and sang it Steven Tyler style… just as any fan would expect. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but if you know Aerosmith then then you know he delivered what was expected. Long Live Steven Tyler!!!

    My mom is 70, read his book…. and absolutely fell in love with the guy. He’s one of a kind.

    1. tsal says:

      I like your comment and I liked listening to Tyler. He sang it Tyler style – what more can you ask – and he seemed to feel it. I’m other than Methuselah and enjoyed every minute.

  214. Donna says:

    At least we know that Steven Tyler was honored to sing it, and not doing it for some free publicity like most people, AND he didn’t add 50 extra notes in there like many do. High notes and the low notes added for “show”.. He stuck to the original version, and I , for one, appreciated it.

  215. Jeff says:

    People are saying that because he is a rocker it is ok to butcher the national anthem. If you are one of those people, just you tube” Sully Erna singing the national anthem” and let me know if you feel the same way.

  216. Sue Browning says:

    Wow, that sucked. He’s a terrible singer, if that’s what he’s doing. Not sure how he can possibly judge American Idol when he has no clue how to sing. I guess there were no standards when he grew to stardom. Agree with TexasForever. Steven Tyler has made millions being horrible. Obviously his supporters have no standards either.

  217. Tex says:

    No one should be allowed to butcher our National Anthem like that. So unpatriotic.

  218. Rob Woodin says:

    Compared to the NFC game that followed, where Kristin Chenoweth’s trained graceful voice did our country’s National Anthem justice with panache, Steven Tyler’s AFC Championship performance left me scrambling for the mute button. What’s left of his voice is swiss cheese, even after his surgery in 2006 was to repair the “Demon of Screamin”. Perhaps he should go back on vocal rest.

  219. Columbo says:

    If he was auditioning for American Idol he would not have been going to Hollywood!

  220. Thank You Soldiers says:

    I was at the Indy 500 the year he sang it. Let me just say Sundays was far better than he did at Indy. He really butchered the lyrics even at the end. “and the home of the INDIANAPOLIS 500” (rather than brave). I am sorry but it was just piss poor the way he sang it then changing the last word. But this is just my opinion.

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