John Kerry Breaks Nose Playing Hockey

BOSTON (CBS) – Senator John Kerry surprised a few people at the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup ceremony at the White House Monday afternoon.

The 68-year-old senator had two black eyes and a swollen nose.

His spokeswoman Whitney Smith told WBZ-TV Kerry broke his nose playing ice hockey recently.

Watch Kerry at the event:

Smith would not elaborate.

There has been no comment from Kerry yet.

Last year, Senator Kerry participated in the annual lawmakers versus lobbyists hockey game which raised over $100,000 for the Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club and the Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Arena.

This year’s game will be held Sunday March 4.

Kerry played hockey throughout high school and college.

  • Jay

    Is that what they call getting bet up now?

    • unsheepled1

      that’s what I figured… Remember Bush’s black eye? Skull & Bones for sure!

    • Steven


    • Paul

      Is this where I get me a Hockey Stick?

    • 311

      i agree

    • Soonerdiver

      With a face like his… anything is an improvement! Would you like some 57 Sauce with that??

    • Leslie

      He did not get that playing hockey. No way.

    • ironage

      I think his wife threw a bottle of ketchup at him.

    • demsvoteblindly

      When Ted Kennedy showed up like this, the first concern was did the Dem party need to send anyone out to pick up the dead body out of the lake and to hide him till he could pass a breath test.

    • Dee Molter

      Let’s give him a purple heart.

    • Josh Biggs

      There is no word yet on whether Kerry plans to put himself in for another Purple Heart.

      • lgroebe

        When did he put in for those purple eyes?

    • Dave Barry

      Did he get a purple heart for this too?

    • notalib

      Thumbs up!! Funny.

    • Abilene

      He probably mentioned Teresa’s wide butt.

    • mrunpc

      Not sure about that…she’s even worse than HE is on every count, as hard as that sounds to believe.

      Never buy Heinz ANYthing, especially Ketchup…Hunts or any other that’s available.*
      ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

    • farmgirl1976

      Can anyone say Theresa Heinz Kerry?
      Where has she been since the campaign failed?
      REHAB??? MMM?

    • xiphos

      Would loved to have been playing in that “hockey game”.
      Game Misconduct!

    • Dave Turner

      Nah, he can’t dodge ketchup bottles like he used to be able to.

    • bikertrash

      Maybe it was little,sweet Theresa having enough of this pompous ass and beating the crap out of him.that’s more like it.

    • farmgirl1976

      “Bet up?” Do you mean “Beat Up?”
      I think he had a face lift!
      No shame in that….not after the Swift Boaters!

    • gussier

      i was SO going to say that!

    • trevieze

      Wife caught him drinking out of the toilet and slammed the lid on his head.

    • Who Cares

      You soooo beat me to that comment. Great one.

    • Dave

      Lord knows there’s a lot of us out here that would like to assault him or his ole lady with a ketchup bottle….nice they’re saving us the trouble.

    • jim masterson

      another liberal wussy, couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. Just like JFK, another Mass. guy who spent 6 months in a combat zone, came home with all his limbs, what’s up with that crap?? Plus he throws a baseball like a wussy, any wonder he’s such a ligh-weigth, same with the big-earred clown in the WH, if you can’t throw a baseball you’re not an American.

      • Skyshoes

        The Swift Skaters for Teabgger “truth” will not let this stand.

    • David Lanham

      Hockey, my a**.

    • tomas

      about time someone beat the crap out of him!

      • Marine72

        Thank you.

    • Whackamole

      I like it !

    • Frank Johnson

      He will probably write himself up for another Purple Heart like he did in Vietnam

    • Frank Johnson

      He will probably write himself up for another Purple Heart likehe did in Vietnam

    • John F'ing Kerry

      Then he would be walking funny too, Aaayyy yi yi.
      Oh my sphincter!!!

    • lcs

      With a hockey stick.

    • CA Dolfan


    • Rocco

      “I bet the old lady finally had enough of his BS and clocked him”

      For some reason this conjecture sounds reasonable to me. Several years back we were in South Africa when I became ill and had to call a local doctor who came to the hotel where we were staying. While he was treating me He mentioned that a couple of months prior he had treated John Kerry at the same hotel. I asked what he was like, and the doctor proclaimed John Kerry to be very quiet…”his wife did all the talking”, he said.

    • Pat F.


      Anything else is a lie.

      • grnma

        you are right…he also got a chin reduction a couple of years ago…

      • Abilene

        Probably true. Pelosi has good contacts.

      • james polecat

        plastic surgery, no doubt

    • Christie Restore America

      PLEASE, this is obvious post plastic surgery bruising. Hilarious.

      • unsheepled1

        But nothing improved on that face…

      • freecheese

        No. No plastic surgery. He’s still has that Gloria “All-Red-In-Face” Allred ‘turkey neck.’ Should have worn a turtle neck sweater, and Charlie Scheen shades, and walked around chanting, “Dig it, Man?”
        Looks like Mrs. Ketchup threw a whole bunch of tomato cans at him.

      • Wolfman Jones

        Yeah, he’s already tried botox!!! :-)

      • Larson

        BINGO. One black eye = fight or accident. Two black eyes = plastic surgery.

      • Freedomhawk

        I bet your right. How many 68 year old people play hockey? They think we are stupid.

      • John Max


        You are right. Reality must have hit him in the face.

      • Rachel

        Absolutely is plastic surgery bruising. Look at the SIDES of his eyes. Swollen from a bad Botox injection. Someone ought to tell him….Botox won’t help you when you look like Lurch on your best day.

      • mrsharfer

        Good call, The massive bags he usually sports aren’t there any more.

      • jon

        Everything that can be done is being done…

      • edmiller

        old war wounds that never healed

    • Alice Ramirez


    • Matt in Austin

      Maybe a visit from Soros’ goons?

    • Daddy Molech

      The Skull and Bones ceremony got a little rough last time, lol.

    • Gary N

      Will he ask for another Purple Heart for these injuries?

  • JJ

    Bet he says he got that in Viet Nam.

    • Greyshost

      LOL! Maybe he can claim a national medal for HOCKEY BRAVERY!!

      • muddahen

        Only thing I’ve seen Lurch play well is horse hockey.

    • Welcome Black Carter

      He was” swift boated”

      • Joe

        Since it was while he was playing hockey, he was “Swift Boarded”!

      • Rod Anders

        That would be “swift bloated.”

    • jimonthebeach

      No, I think he fell on his yacht. You know the one he keeps in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes in his home state of Mass. Too bad he didn’t crack his thick skull.

    • Mike Florey

      Nah, someone finally did what I’ve always wanted to do.

    • Brent

      at least he served in the war and wasn’t a chickenhawk like bush jr. and newt.

      by the way, i served in the air force for 4 years and will NEVER vote for a chickenhawk.

      i’m sure you would.

      • rangerrebew

        So you voted for that honorable veteran Barack Obama? He isn’t a chickenhaw, he’s just a chicken just like that honorable veteran Bile Clinton.

    • David Foran

      His secretary is already filling out the forms for another purple heart

      • US Senator Kerry

        US Senator Teddy here. Cheer (hic up) up, Kerry, why the long face? Where did you (hic up) sleep after the stupor?

    • nifongnation

      I am sure this injury is much worse.

    • Gigglez the Clown

      He suited up with the Bruins and played for the missing goalie in a pickup game. And Mr. Kerry, btw, served in Viet Nam.

      • notalib

        Your kidding! John Kerry served in Vietnam? Jeez–I never knew. Did he ever mention it? [tongue in cheek & stuck after this comment.]

      • fred flintstone

        kerry is a lousy traitor. he served the enemy.

      • Maxed

        Actually he shot an enemy with a rocket in the back and fox whined about the poor 15 year olds. Much like Hannity whining about Somali Pirates being sniped. Meantime I’ve heard of one of our famous snipers from the Vietnam era being a hero and he took out a 12 year old that had an AK. Of course he wasn’t a dem against a national guard hero. Kerry is a HUGE rich, hypocritical liberal tool but you really win no one over making up stuff. Those that cheer you on are probably the same clowns that had a problem with Clinton cheating and having sex with a subordinate but now say with Newt…Nothing wrong with that. No one is perfect. Said he was sorry!

    • les

      was he in Viet Nam? Oh yes he was!!! Seems like I remember him mentioned that a few million times. CHe will seek the congressional medal of honor for a nose job.

      • maxed

        Bush kept the Vietnamese out of Texas and Quayle kept them out of Arizona. Don’t know what Rush did. Probably took out 50 of them along with super patriot Ted Nugent.

    • Michael

      Actually, it was on a secret mission that Nixon forced him to go on in Cambodia….

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Yup, the month BEFORE Nixon took office. :-)

    • Tom

      He’ll be putting in for his Purple Heart soon!

      • Cathy

        Liberal John Kerry, fell over his butler, how silly of him, on his yacht moored in Rhode Island, so he wouldn’t have to pay more taxes in Massachusetts. One of those millionaires radical liberal Obama is demonizing.

    • Jerry Irwin

      He has already put in for a medal and purple heart. I’m sure he deserved the
      black eyes.

      • maxed

        Should have stayed home like Shrub.

  • John

    His wife beat him up.

    • A Son of Liberty

      She really did beat him up!

    • Dulaney Glen

      Most likely.

  • jasperddbgghost

    Ketchup queen has a mean left hook.

    Yeah, it’s a “left” hook….get it?

    • Bhola

      Cha Ching, good for an open hall pass

    • Alice Ramirez

      VERY good, jasperddbgghost!

    • Scudbuster

      She found out he was with a hot tomato!

      • sebassh

        Maybe Del Monte’s ketchup sales caused him to faint, face first.

    • Danny

      Kinda lame.

      • ChasM1

        Not unless he walksl with his nose.

  • Crimson L

    This is another lie from a politician on something that no one cares about. This is a nose job. Who cares.

  • Connie

    Lol, maybe Teresa hit him in the schnozz with a bottle of Heinz ketchup!

    • Scudbuster

      After she found him with a bottle of Hunts!

      • sebassh

        After she found with another bottle of Del Monte catsup ;)

  • Wil Whipple

    Lovey….the riff-raff have don it again….this time BOTH eyes…..LOVEY!!!!

  • Brian Titus

    Youu Raanngg???

    • hgrmd

      Hey Senator Kerry, why the long face?

      • Doug N

        That face is long because every time he lies, it grows outward, finally grew so large when he rolled over in bed his nose hit the floor.

    • Dawn West

      By far the best comment! So True! can not stop laughing; thanks needed it!

  • Boston Bob

    Sure it wasn’t a wind surfing accident?

  • Pat F

    Quick, order another Purple Heart!

    This guy is so full of it. He is pathological.

  • Ophilo Obarbo

    Someone got the honor of administering due revenge.

  • Robert

    His wife is a tough old bird.

  • Aaron

    Looks like the teamsters finally got to him.

    • harleyrider1978

      Lets hope another HOFFA story is comming LOL!

  • SamIAm

    Yeah, now he’ll want the Medal of Honor or something.

  • Janice N.

    I bet he got that wind surfing off of the coast of France.

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    Whoever done, give em a medal!

  • yeahright

    more like botched Botox treatment

  • Prorkba

    Only comment I want to hear from kerry is that he’s resigning.

  • Johnny B.

    I’d like to know who did it so I can offer to buy him a steak dinner.

    • Moogly

      His plastic surgeon’s already quite highly paid.

    • gooddayguy

      i sure wish i had done it , but thanks to whoever got it done.

  • informedvoteryoubetcha

    Looks like a good “poster boy” image for the Demorat elitist, “the American people’s paychecks belong to the Government” jackass party!

  • andyme

    He plays hockey? Does someone tie his skates?

  • Mike

    Someone finally whooped his ass. Good. He needed it. hehe

  • betsp

    He tripped over his wife’s money.

    • gussier

      another excellent observation

  • andyme

    Did someone tie his skates?

    • Stanley11

      They put scotch tape on his blades and when he took that first step….BAM!

    • gfy2734


  • Bill Forquer

    Bet he gets another purple heart.

    • cayotedog

      My My aren’t we just full of ourselves. You and the others don’t personaly know this man and you talk trash? Says alot about who you are. If you don’t have anything nice to say perhaps you should not speak because there’s enough polution in the air. What have you contributed that’s positive in someone else’s life lately. Bet you can’t even stand next to this man and his many contributions to society, Shame on you Jim Masterson.

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