The Patriots are Super Bowl bound after a 23-20 win over over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game on Sunday. The Pats learned later in the night that they would face off against Eli Manning and the Giants in Indianapolis. The Giants beat the Patriots last they met in the Super Bowl and crushed the Pats dreams of a perfect season.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin spoke with Toucher & Rich about the Pats heading to the Super Bowl, Indianapolis, Rob Gronkowski’s ankle and the extra time off.

Many Patriots fans are probably trying to plan a trip to Indianapolis now that the Patriots are headed there. As someone who lives in Indianapolis does Colvin have and advice for people planning to make the trip West?

“I think what people will find when they come to Indianapolis is that it’s not a major, major city when it comes to being large and spread out. You can be in another city maybe just to name a city like Avon or Brownsburg or even Muncie, Indiana and get to Indianapolis in 30 minutes, 35 minutes.”

Has this Patriots team really suffered by comparison from the 2007 team and the other Patriots Super Bowl teams?

“At the end of the day those teams that they’re trying to compare them to…they won the game, but I don’t think people are looking back and seeing how the team performed during the year. The only team that was just really bananas was the ’07 team that end up losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl.”

Rob Gronkowski twisted his foot when he was tackled by Ravens safety Bernard Pollard in the third quarter of the game. He limped off the field and went to the locker room, but returned later in the fourth. After the game the tight end could be seen wearing a walking boot. How much does this injury hurt the offense in the Super Bowl if he’s not 100 percent?

“Well I think it takes one option away especially one of the major options that Tom uses all the time, but I do think they have the ability to insert someone in to sort of pick up the slack. The good thing was that he came back out and played a little bit. Ankles, if it is just an ankle, they tend to change overnight and give you a different reaction. The other positive part of that is you don’t have to play for two weeks.”

A lot of these guys have not been through a media onslaught as big as the Super Bowl before. How difficult is it to deal with as a young player?

“I think if you’re immature and you don’t have mature people around, I think the Patriots try to do a good job of addressing those issues early allowing the kids to understand.”

Find out if Colvin think it’s good that the Patriots are facing the Giants once again.


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