BOSTON (CBS) – The Phantom Gourmet recently purchased four brands of mozzarella string cheese at a local supermarket.

The snack-sized contenders were Frigo Cheese Heads, Polly-O, Sargento, and Sorrento Stringsters.

Polly-O finished at the bottom of the barrel. This cheese stick was too firm and chewy, reminding Phantom of rubber. Even worse, there was virtually no flavor whatsoever.

Watch video:

A big step up from there is Sorrento Stringsters. With a nice texture and flavor that’s not too tangy and not too salty, this brand had more of what Phantom was looking for. But when it came to stringiness, Sorrento just didn’t peel as well as the other contenders.

The runner-up is Sargento. Firm and flavorful, this snack actually tasted like real cheese. It had a salty earthiness that might not appeal to kids, but should keep adults full until dinner.

At the top of the food chain is Frigo Cheese Heads. The package boasts that this cheese is ‘America’s Favorite’ and Phantom has to agree. Softer, tangier, and much creamier than any of the other competitors, this fresh-tasting cheese was a satisfyingly stringy snack.

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  1. Cheesehead says:

    You should give Organic Valley a try. Best cheese sticks I’ve ever had.

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