For the Sweet Sassy Molassy Awards the guys find the best in announcing. Sometimes it’s folks trying to break into the big time or they might be on the big stage already. At times you might wonder why they are there.

First up is Charles Barkley on TNT’s NBA broadcast. Barkley along with other analysts on the broadcast chatted as they thought they were in commercial.

Unfortunately they were not and fans heard Barkley calling his shedding of 38 pounds in three months for a Weight Watchers campaign a “scam”. Although his comments sort of seemed to mean in a good way.

The guys also shared their honest thoughts on the game that they are working.

Next up was a horse track announcer calling a race. As you may have noticed if you have ever caught a race like the Kentucky Derby some of these horses have really ridiculous names. One horse owner wants everyone to know that he’s a Yankees fan, but what does it sound like when someone names their horse after a sound?

Take a listen and find out.


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