BOSTON (CBS) – We are inundated by TV programs and commercials for dieting, dieting supplements, gym membership and exercise equipment.

Two-thirds of adults are overweight. Thirty-four percent are obese. That is scary! And a study published in the AMA Journal found that only 25% of dieters stuck to their diets for over a year. It’s hard to diet.

We are being tempted every day to over indulge. We human beings are wired to eat when food is plentiful and it is always plentiful.

So I thought I would research some of the more popular diets and their costs. Do not expect to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week. The Biggest Loser losses are unattainable for the average person.

Weight Watchers has a new program, Points Plus, with lots of local meetings and a very active website. Weight Watchers has been around for over 45 years. You can go to as many meetings in a week as you need (sort of like AA).

They promote learning to survive in the real world with real food and real temptations and the people who work for Weight Watchers must be Weight Watchers graduates, meaning they have lost weight on the program. Jennifer Hudson is their new spokesperson and she has lost 85 pounds.

Registration fee is $30 but there are always specials getting you free membership. The weekly meeting fees are $10 to $13. Or you can deal just with their website for $5 a week. Then there is the cost of food.

Jenny Craig has a program where they provide one on one counseling, usually 20 minutes a week. Their new spokesperson is Mariah Carey, who lost her baby weight.

Membership fees vary with free introductory offers to $399. Then you must purchase your foods thru their Center, which is where they make their money.

Their prepackaged food costs on average $12 a day, which is about $350 for four weeks. Plus the cost of fresh fruit and veggies and milk.

NutriSystem is also a prepared food program which is being advertised a lot on TV. Janet Jackson is their new spokesperson. You need to purchase all of your meals from them. Cost about $330 for 4 weeks of their food. Plus the fresh fruit and veggies and anything else you purchase.

Caveat here: All of these celebrities look great but remember they had trainers working with them during their weight loss program.

And for the record I’m back at Weight Watchers.  I am determined to lose those 15 pounds that are following me around.

One more thing:  A weight watcher tip: use a journal to keep track of what you are eating. If you bite it, you write it! If you nibble, you scribble! And do not bother trying the cabbage soup diet. I know it’s cheap but it is boring! And unappetizing. I made my soup with purple cabbage and it looked gross.


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